Jeremy Calvert Just Gave His 4-Year Old Daughter a Gun. Yes, a Real Gun.

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Jeremy Calvert did not give his four-year old daughter a Queen Else doll for Christmas.

He did not get little Adalynn a play kitchen or a few board games, either.


Instead, the Teen Mom 2 star presented the toddler with an actual rifle, the sort of weapon that one points at things and then pulls the trigger to shoot real bullets at those things.

Was this wildly inappropriate? Or actually very responsible?

See the weapon in question and join the debate below...

1. Jeremy is No Longer with Leah Messer

Jeremy is No Longer with Leah Messer
We don't believe so, at least, despite a few rumors to the contrary. Still, to his credit, the reality star remains pretty close to his daughter.

2. What Do You Get a Girl Who Has Everything?

What Do You Get a Girl Who Has Everything?
Well, we're not sure if Addie does have everything. But we do know she now owns a gun, courtesy of her dad this Christmas.

3. And She Loves It!

And She Loves It!
Addie is clearly happy about the gift, but does that mean it was an appropriate gift? It's the job of a parent to decide what his child ought to own, right, not to just base everything on what might make her happy?

4. Wrote Jeremy as a Caption:

Wrote Jeremy as a Caption:
"My baby dolls 1st 22 cal crickett...... and yes @leahdawn92mtv is aware of this..... @nationalrifleassociation @nratv @nrawomen gun safety 100% #daddiescountrygirl #muddygirlcamo #22crickett #adalynnfaith." So... Leah approved of the gift and Jeremy thinks he's being responsible by teaching his toddler gun safety at an early age.

5. I Have More to Say!

I Have More to Say!
Added Jeremy in a second Instagram caption: "And here is the other one...... all pinkkkk @nationalrifleassociation @nratv @nrawomen @nrafamily #countrygirl #adalynnfaith #daddiescountrygirl @leahdawn92mtv."

6. What Do You Think, Twitter?

What Do You Think, Twitter?
Not surprisingly, plenty of users were/are aghast over Jeremy thinking this gift was remotely a good idea.

7. Let the Gun Debate Commence!

Let the Gun Debate Commence!
Is this an example of all that plagues the country? Should all guns be banned? Many folks out there believe so.

8. Team Jeremy

Team Jeremy
Not everyone was against this gift. As mentioned many times before, the gun control debate is an intense one throughout America.

9. In Fact...

In Fact...
... this was responsible of Calvert, some argue, because the sooner Addie can understand how to properly handle a weapon, the safer she will be.

10. LOL

Some social media users decided to quote A Christmas Story and have some fun with this posting instead of getting all worked up over it.

11. Triggered

The gun as a gift is fine, some are saying. But Jeremy isn't doing a great job teaching if her finger is sitting on the trigger.

12. It's Not the First Time...

It's Not the First Time...
... that Jeremy's parenting has been called into question. Though usually, the complaints have to do with something far less dangerous, like the amount of time he spends away from home.

13. Stirring Up Trouble

Stirring Up Trouble
It's also not the first time that Jeremy has angered fans in recent months. In fact, it seems he's rebranded himself as Teen Mom 2's resident rebel...

14. Talking Trash

Talking Trash
Jeremy's rants targeted at MTV, his cast mates, and even TM2 fans have made him a popular figure on social media. But some believe he's gone too far...

15. Priorities!

Many fans wish Jeremy would focus on what's important--namely, his career and his daughter.

16. Standing Up For Himself

Standing Up For Himself
Jeremy, of course, isn't one to take criticism lying down. He says he's a thoroughly devoted dad who gives his all to his daughter. In fact, he points out that he's done something few others in the Teen Mom world have managed...

17. Co-Parents For Life

Co-Parents For Life
Jeremy and Leah Messer have managed to form what appears to be a genuinely amicable and healthy co-parenting relationship. So when it comes to the gun issue, many fans are left wondering...

18. Where Does Leah Stand?

Where Does Leah Stand?
She apparently knew about the present and was cool with it. But there's no mention of this debate on Instagram... just some ugly Christmas sweater wearing.

19. Where Do YOU Stand?

Where Do YOU Stand?
Should we even be talking about this? Or, as this Instagram user suggests, should we just mind our own business and go be with our loved ones, especially during the holiday season?

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