Teen Mom: The Most Insane Feuds in Franchise History! Ranked!

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From on-camera brawls to social media feuds and legal threats, the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 sure know how to go hard.

Engagements. Breakups. Marriages. Babies. 

Moments that made you cringe 'cause they were so painful, or smile ear-to-ear. Scenes that were fights, or made you fight back tears.

The franchise really does have it all, and as such, it's become one of the most entertaining in the history of the reality TV genre.

Below, we look back at some of the MTV gang's most explosive feuds, and however you might rank them, this much is undeniable:

Way back then. Not so way back then. Last year. Last month. Last week. Probably right now. There is no shortage of beef.

NOTE: We’ve saved the craziest for last, so we suggest that you a deep breath, sit back, grab a hat and hold the f--k onto it …

37. Briana DeJesus vs. Leah Messer (and Others)

Briana DeJesus vs. Leah Messer (and Others)
When Briana DeJesus joined the Teen Mom 2 cast in 2017, she was not welcomed with open arms. In fact, she quickly became persona non grata at her first get-together with the cast - with one exception. Jenelle Evans, Briana said, “is the only one who was acting like her s--t ain’t stink. Plus she was the only one who wasn’t acting fake and choosing sides.” Leah Messer’s response was to “pay no attention to those who try to bring you down … they’re just envious of where you are and how well you’re doing.” As we'll get to in a bit, relations haven't exactly gotten more amicable since.

36. Maci Bookout vs. Taylor McKinney

Maci Bookout vs. Taylor McKinney
Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney's relationship has produced three kids, and they seem very happily married ... most of the time. Like, 85 percent of the time. Bookout alarmed fans with the confession a few years ago that revealed some trouble in paradise: “Eighty-five percent of the time we’re good to go … Fifteen percent is hell. All of our stress and emotions, we take out on each other. When the cameras leave, we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always literally the smallest things. It’s such small stuff but it blows up. It’s not going to go away.” Yikes ... but at least they've had plenty of time to work on things?

35. Jenelle Evans vs. Chelsea Houska

Jenelle Evans vs. Chelsea Houska
So Jenelle has this weird thing about Chelsea -- she accused her of copying her because she made a website for herself after she'd already made her own, because making a website is something totally special and unique. She also kind of accused Chelsea of copying her when she gave birth to Watson the day after Jenelle gave birth to Ensley, which is just wild. On another occasion, Jenelle went off about Chelsea ignoring her older daughter, Aubree, after having Watson, insinuating that she's a bad mother. Chelsea liked a tweet from someone who called Jenelle "pathetic" for bringing up Aubree, which is pretty much the most she's ever participated in this feud.

34. Kailyn Lowry vs. Barbara Evans

Kailyn Lowry vs. Barbara Evans
This one is pretty weird -- one time Babs "jokingly" threatening to "kill Kail" during an Instagram Live session with Jenelle. Lowry was understandably not amused and threatened to quit the show over Barbara's threats. That didn't happen, of course, and it's no longer an issue since Jenelle and her family are no longer on the show, but how bizarre, right?

33. Jeremy Calvert vs. Brooke Wehr

Jeremy Calvert vs. Brooke Wehr
Brooke Wehr was never a Teen Mom 2 cast member, but due to her mercurial relationship with Jeremy Calvert, her impact was felt just the same. A few years ago, the couple's engagement ended after Brooke accused Jeremy of cheating on her with multiple women, one being a Teen Mom 2 producer, another being her best friend, and a third possibly being his ex-wife Leah Messer. Brooke even shared a screen shot of a text message conversation between Jeremy and the best friend as proof, while Calvert responded in a drunken stupor that yes, maybe he did sleep with Brooke's best friend, but ... only because Wehr slept with some other guy first. Or, as he put it, Brooke was "f-cking his brains out, every day," and he was single, so "my dick was happy to do whatever the f-ck it wanted to do, and it did." Shocking that these two didn't work out ... but neither party was completely off base with their allegations. Just saying. Jeremy and Leah did hook up.

32. Briana DeJesus vs. Luis Miguel

Briana DeJesus vs. Luis Miguel
Briana hooked up with Luis in a bathroom while she was drunk, and she got pregnant. They tried to make a relationship work, but he cheated on her and was generally just not great. He's never really been around for their daughter, Stella, but he did come back around a couple of years ago for a bit. Briana even decided to give him another shot -- except this time, she got the clap. So yeah, they're not on the best terms.

31. Briana DeJesus vs. Devoin Austin

Briana DeJesus vs. Devoin Austin
Devoin is the father of Nova, Briana's first child, and it really feels like they've never gotten along. She complains about everything he says and does, and he gets back at her by doing things like posting her private phone number on Instagram. Sometimes they seem to get along OK for the sake of the kids, but she'll probably always have something negative to say about him.

30. Kailyn Lowry vs. Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry vs. Javi Marroquin
This feud has been going on for years, but has taken on many new forms due to ever-changing circumstances and new tensions. The main point of contention for a while was Javi's relationship with Briana DeJesus, who came on board the cast of Teen Mom 2 in 2017 amid a lot of controversy. Bri and Kail are bitter rivals (more on that later), so it's not surprising that Ms. Lowry would take issue with DeJesus hooking up with her ex ... or proposing to her. Kail was so salty over Javi's new relationship that she even canceled plans to collaborate on a pair of memoirs with Marroquin. Despite all of that, these two were doing OK with coparenting for a while, but then she revealed that he'd asked her several times to hook up, which led to Javi's fiancée leaving him, which wasn't great for their friendship. They were rumored to be hooking up for a bit, but that seems to be over. Very hot and cold, these two.

29. Jenelle Evans vs. Leah Messer

Jenelle Evans vs. Leah Messer
Jenelle and Leah used to be friendly, but then things changed -- possibly because Leah became so close with Jenelle's mortal enemy, Kailyn Lowry. Jenelle has thrown plenty of jabs at Leah on social media, like the time she claimed CPS removed the twins from Leah's care and that there were more shocking details about all that that no one knows about. She's also criticized Leah for allowing her daughter to wear makeup and short skirts for cheerleading, and most recently, she made some shady tweets about Leah's recent reveal of her past drug addiction. As for Leah, she doesn't really seem to pay too much attention to anything Jenelle's ever said about her, although she did speak out after David killed Nugget, Jenelle's dog.

28. Jenelle Evans vs. Farrah Abraham

Jenelle Evans vs. Farrah Abraham
There was a time when Jenelle and Farrah were friends, but no more -- to be honest, both ladies seem to have trouble maintaining friendships with anyone. Jenelle has made remarks about Farrah's plastic surgery and her adult entertainment ventures, and Farrah has called Jenelle out on her bad parenting and her horrific taste in men. After Jenelle left David last year, Farrah offered her support, then ultimately decided to block her on social media because it's none of her business.

27. Cheyenne Floyd vs. Jenelle Evans

Cheyenne Floyd vs. Jenelle Evans
Jenelle didn't like Cheyenne from the moment MTV announced she was joining the cast of Teen Mom OG because of some tweets she'd made about white people several years ago. But the feud really started last year when Jenelle made a comment about Amber Portwood's assault charges -- Cheyenne tweeted that Jenelle "should be the last person throwing shade." Jenelle told her that she had no clue what she was talking about, then Cheyenne hit back with "Coming from the real racist, dog killer, abuser and honestly the most unstable individual I’ve witnessed.. GREAT STATEMENT.. get custody of ALL your kids and stay out of court before you talk about me." Jenelle tried to come back from that by calling her a "replacement," but Cheyenne said "And you're fired... soooo?" Beautiful.

26. Mackenzie Standifer vs. MTV

Mackenzie Standifer vs. MTV
Mackenzie has often criticized the network that made her a D-list star -- she once blasted both MTV itself and Teen Mom viewers who have been critical of her relationship with Ryan, particularly her decision to let him drive to their wedding while he was so high that he lost consciousness behind the wheel. "It’s easy to show the ‘half truth’ and portray it as a whole," Mackenzie wrote in a lengthy social media tirade. "But that’s ok because regardless of what happens, whether right or wrong, you’re considered scum.” She's also accused MTV of making her and her husband look bad with editing, but we'd argue that Ryan has always made himself look bad just because of who he is as a person. As of now they're no longer filming, so this shouldn't be an issue anymore, but we're sure she still has a lot to say about it all!

25. Jenelle Evans vs. David Eason's Sister

Jenelle Evans vs. David Eason's Sister
Jenelle Evans' relationship with David Eason has been suspect from the start, even to members of their inner circle - and their own families. One of the loudest voices of disapproval of Jenelle is David Eason's sister. Her complaints were nothing new - Jenelle's a bad mom, a violent criminal, a drug addict, etc. But just because Jenelle's heard these criticisms before, that doesn't mean she took them lying down. In a public Facebook exchange that was at once amusing and horrifying, Jenelle tore into Jessica Eason Miller, accusing her of child abuse and hard drug addiction. Jess shot back by accusing Jenelle of going to great lengths to keep her numerous abortions a secret. Needless to say, these sisters-in-law won't be meeting up for cosmos anytime soon.

24. Jenelle Evans and Jenelle Evans' Lawyers vs. Literally Everyone Else

Jenelle Evans and Jenelle Evans' Lawyers vs. Literally Everyone Else
Following a slew of gossip stories shared by her co-stars a few years ago that she deemed unflattering, the Carolina Hurricane unleased her legal fury ... to widespread mockery. Jenelle sent cease-and-desist letters to a number of her co-stars, including Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Chelsea's father, Randy Houska. She also took legal action against peripheral friends such as Ryan Dolph, and even her own mother, Barbara Evans. It's yet another reminder that Jenelle is not someone you want to mess with. Not because there's any legal merit to what she was alleging, but just because she's certifiably bonkers and when you kick a hornets' nest of that size, you open yourself up to all kinds of mayhem, bedlam and chaos.

23. Farrah Abraham vs. Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell

Farrah Abraham vs. Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell
Farrah hasn't gotten along with her former co-stars for years, but on one memorable occasion, she hopped on Instagram to allege that Lowell is a closeted pothead and Baltierra is secretly gay. Yes, for real. Catelynn was unable to defend herself as she was in rehab at the time being treated for various emotional issues; Tyler simply dismissed Farrah's claims as the ravings of seriously unstable woman. Probably the best way to conduct one's self in that situation, but they don't always brush it off. Tyler later stirred the pot once more when he said MTV was right to fire Farrah for her porn career, to which Abraham responded with an iconic word salad in the third person.

22. Catelynn Lowell vs. Farrah Abraham

Catelynn Lowell vs. Farrah Abraham
Catelynn has also attacked Farrah over the years - who could forget when she called her fellow Teen Mom a "hoe bag," or when she pretended not to know who Farrah was and instead started talking about Farrah Fawcett? What about the time that she charged out during Farrah's reunion fight with Amber yelling "TRASHY BITCH"? And then there was the time that Catelynn posted this just before Farrah's canceled boxing match with Hoopz. Stay classy, everyone!

21. Mackenzie Standifer vs. Ryan Edwards' Tinder Girl

Mackenzie Standifer vs. Ryan Edwards' Tinder Girl
This was a feud no one saw coming. Apparently Ryan was active on the dating app Tinder, despite the fact that he's, ya know ... married. When Mackenzie found out about this RIGHT AFTER they tied the knot, she was understandably not pleased. Catching your husband swiping and chatting with other chicks after you married him days earlier? Insane. But, instead of taking out her frustrations on Edwards himself, she decided to let loose on a random girl he was chatting with online. Edwards' Tinder Girl was the undisputed victor in this one, destroying Mackenzie's argument simply by stating, “Your husband is the one on Tinder.” Enough said, really. Incredibly, they stayed married, Mackenzie got pregnant ... TWICE. To quote the legendary Kieffer Delp, "You know how choices be."

20. Jeremy Calvert vs. David Eason and Jenelle Evans

Jeremy Calvert vs. David Eason and Jenelle Evans
Jeremy has never been a fan of David and Jenelle -- he spoke out against the homophobic remarks that got David fired, and he got into a spat with Jenelle after she was shown pulling a gun on that guy (he called her a "dumb bitch" in case you forgot). Later, David commented on a photo that Jeremy shared to tell him that he looked "like a bitch," and Jeremy went off on him in a long rant that concluded with "keep f-cking with me and I'll fly my ass to nc and I'll show u what kind of bitch I am pretty boy." So yeah, they don't like each other.

19. Mackenzie McKee vs. Cheyenne Floyd

Mackenzie McKee vs. Cheyenne Floyd
The two newest cast members of Teen Mom OG were friendly enough until January of 2021 when Mackenzie referred to Kamala Harris as a "colored woman" then insisted on getting forgiveness from Cheyenne, the only Black mom on the show. They both have different stories about what happened next, but they had a phone call that did not go well, and now Mackenzie feels like Cheyenne has turned the rest of the cast and the entire network against her.

18. Mackenzie Standifer (and Ryan Edwards) vs. Maci Bookout

Mackenzie Standifer (and Ryan Edwards) vs. Maci Bookout
Where do you even start with these three? Ryan and Maci have experienced their share of rough patches over the years as they've struggled to peaceably co-parent their son, Bentley, but in the past, they've always been able to sort out their differences eventually. But then Ryan started doing heroin and brought Mackenzie into the picture, and that's not really the case anymore. Maci thinks that Mackenzie enables Ryan, Mackenzie thinks that Maci stresses Ryan out -- it's a mess. The two ladies have said plenty of nasty things about each other over the years, while Ryan went in and out of jail and rehab. This year, Maci insisted that MTV fire Ryan and his entire family from the show, which they did, so we imagine tensions are higher than ever between them.

17. Farrah Abraham vs. MTV

Farrah Abraham vs. MTV
Farrah has said a lot of things about the network that made her famous, like that time that she bizarrely claimed that MTV forces stars of the Teen Mom franchise to continue having children, even when they'd prefer not to. Abraham also accused the producers of encouraging Amber Portwood to attack her during their reunion show melee (more on that later), and even claimed she was fired from the network for partaking in "adult" pursuits on the side. Even more amazingly than the fact that she threw around the term "hate crimes" to describe how MTV treated her? The apparent fact that the folks who made her famous are actually willing to continue working with Farrah. Or were, until she finally got fired or quit, depending who you believe. With Farrah, every day is another day in the Post-Truth Era.

16. Javi Marroquin vs. Lauren Comeau ... and Kail!!

Javi Marroquin vs. Lauren Comeau ... and Kail!!
Where do we even begin with this? In late summer 2019, a 911 call was placed from Javi's home, following a dispute there. No charges were filed, but the truth came out. You see, Javi had recently gotten engaged to Lauren, with whom he welcomed his second son. Not long after that, he got busted cheating on her, banging one of the members of his CrossFit gym ... IN HIS BATHROOM while Lauren was asleep (or so he thought) IN THEIR HOME. As if that weren't crazy enough, he then called Kailyn to mediate; Kail later put him on blast, claiming he'd been cheating on Lauren back when she was pregnant and chastising him for wanting her to "clean up their mess." Don't worry, Javi posted a cheesy apology on Instagram, for everyone to see, and it was all good with Lauren after like 12 minutes ... until almost the exact same thing happened all over again. As we mentioned earlier, Kail revealed on a recent season of Teen Mom 2 that Javi had been trying to hook up with her, and after that episode aired, Lauren removed the photos of Javi from her Instagram and went home to Maine with their son. Later, Javi claimed that she had assaulted him and then she got a restraining order against him, but it kind of seems like they've made up for now?

15. Jenelle Evans and David Eason vs. Olivia Leedham

Jenelle Evans and David Eason vs. Olivia Leedham
Olivia is David's ex and the mother of his son, Kaden -- the one that once had a restraining order against him and that he doesn't seem to ever see. Things ended very badly between them, with Olivia accusing David of being abusive, even while she was pregnant. They tried to smooth things over for the sake of their son, but once Olivia realized what a nightmare life on the Eason swamp was, that came to an end. They've been in and out of court for the past few years to deal with custody and because David often fails to pay child support, and after Olivia started a GoFundMe for help with the court fees, Jenelle and David publicly shared an old nude photo of her that David had held onto like a total creep. Olivia has since sued them, and we're still waiting to see how that turns out.

14. Farrah Abraham vs. Debra Danielsen

Farrah Abraham vs. Debra Danielsen
There's always been some seriously bad blood between Farrah and Debra -- remember that time that she hit her in the early days of Teen Mom OG? Deb forced Farrah to become a mother when she insisted she wasn't ready, she didn't support her after Sophia's father passed away, and she was just generally awful towards her. Things got so bad between them that at one point, Farrah said that she'd wished that her mother would "just f-cking die already." They've been estranged for a long time now, although Farrah does sometimes allow Deb to see Sophia.

13. Jenelle Evans vs. Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans vs. Barbara Evans
Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have always had a tumultuous relationship, with Babs unafraid to dish it out as much as she's forced to take it. In previous years, they would fight a lot and trade zingers (such as this classic image), then eventually put it behind them. For a good long while, Jenelle and Babs were at each other's throats more often than not, and the stakes couldn't have been higher. Barbara now has permanent custody of Jenelle's oldest son, Jace, and while Jenelle was cool with it for a while, she's back to the old "I'm going to get Jace back" routine. She's also made several comments recently about how terrible her childhood was, and how once the custody case is over, she'll reveal more. Can't wait!

12. Matt Baier vs. Amber Portwood

Matt Baier vs. Amber Portwood
A while back, some random guy from Boston hit up a bunch of Teen Mom cast members on Twitter and Amber Portwood was the first one to reply, and that's how this love story began. Amber and Matt's relationship was always terrible -- he had all those kids that he didn't pay child support for and that he lied to her about, she was, you know, herself. She's claimed that he was abusive, and we definitely saw him be manipulative. Ultimately the relationship ended when he took a lie detector test and failed some questions about talking to other women ... but little did we know, Amber's most horrific relationship was yet to come.

11. Chelsea Houska vs. Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska vs. Adam Lind
Perhaps the longest-running feud of the franchise, Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind face off mostly through their lawyers these days, because the derelict of society can't stay out of trouble or pay child support. In recent years, he's failed drug tests with meth in his system, and he's also been arrested more than once for domestic violence. Because of all of that, he's only allowed to see his daughter with Chelsea at a visitation center or for lunch dates at her school (which he rarely seems to do), and he gave up his parental rights completely for his other daughter, Paislee.

10. Amber Portwood vs. Jenelle Evans

Amber Portwood vs. Jenelle Evans
Amber and Jenelle have never interacted all that much since they were on different shows, but still, Amber felt the need to speak out after one of David's many abuse scandals -- she ranted about it on Instagram, calling him names like "bitch" and "disgusting clown." Jenelle told her to leave her family alone, and she also said "You’re the one who went to jail for domestic violence but you’re sitting here pointing fingers at my husband?" Amber then threatened to beat her up, because of course she did. Their feud was reignited months later when Jenelle started saying that it was unfair that she got fired when Amber got to keep her spot on the show. Amber never responded, but a source did report that “She doesn’t feel the need to get into a feud with Jenelle with everything going on in the world right now."

9. Jenelle Evans vs. Kailyn Lowry

This feud has been going on for a long, long time, and it started back in the day when Jenelle needed Kailyn to post bail for her, but then she never paid her back. These two have traded insults over the years, and Jenelle was actually low enough to leak the news of Kail's pregnancy with Lux. Since then, they've been making snide remarks about each other on social media, with David even joining in to insult her about things like her weight and her sexuality. More recently, Jenelle took a break from her newfound body positivity to call Kail "a giant compared to me," and Kailyn hit back by saying that at least she has custody of all of her children. Then, just a few weeks ago, Jenelle admitted to looking up dirt on Kail and tipping of tabloids about what she'd found. Totally normal stuff, right?

8. Jenelle Evans (and David Eason) vs. Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans (and David Eason) vs. Nathan Griffith
Nathan and Jenelle were terrible together, and things didn't change after they broke up. The big issue was that she didn't waste any time in getting with David, and David has always hated Nathan. Like, a lot. The feeling became mutual after a while, and Nathan started claiming that Kaiser had told him that David was abusive. Nathan once even tweeted photos of some suspicious bruises on Kaiser that he said were from David hitting him with a stick, but Jenelle turned it around, suggesting that Nathan was the abusive one. Nathan talked about getting custody of Kaiser for while, but out of nowhere, they settled out of court and then Nathan gifted David a Trump flag, so now they're all friends. Weird ending, huh?

7. Farrah Abraham vs. Amber Portwood: Reunion Beatdown Style!

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham’s iconic beef may never be topped, at least in terms of how it came to a head on an MTV reunion special with the cameras rolling. It was pretty standard - or at least it was until Farrah said that Amber's then-boyfriend, Matt Baier, looks like a pedophile. With Farrah and her then-boyfriend, Simon Saran, just trolling Matt incessantly, Portwood hit her breaking point off camera. She stormed the stage, trying to fight Farrah, hurling insult after insult at her rival, and even throwing a punch that missed. Baier and Farrah's father, Michael, then got into it physically, forcing security to break it up. Crew members stormed the stage to pull Amber away from Farrah and it was all a mess. An epic, chaotic and glorious mess.

6. Farrah Abraham vs. Amber Portwood: The Aftermath

Farrah Abraham vs. Amber Portwood: The Aftermath
The bad blood from their epic reunion fight lingered long after the dust settled and only worsened in the years since.. Farrah said Gary Shirley should have full custody of Amber’s daughter, and that Amber needs to stop "using me to get attention … I want nothing to do with [her] criminal behavior or lying evil groups of people [she associates] with.” Fast forward to 2019, in the wake of Amber's arrest for assaulting Andrew Glennon (below), Farrah said again: "I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive. I haven’t spoken to her. I feel that children, adults, family members, everyone associated should be treated with care, love. And that’s where the society and the world is going. I really hope that, not only Amber, but I hope Catelynn, I hope Maci… gets some help. They seriously need it." Vintage Farrah word salad.

5. Kailyn vs. Javi vs. Briana

Kailyn vs. Javi vs. Briana
This feud never really stops, but boy does it take more twists and turns than we can even count. Most notably, Javi started dating Briana, and even proposed to her in 2018, resulting in a lot of bitter feelings from Kailyn. THEN, he broke up with Briana and started dating Lauren Comeau ... who quickly became pregnant with his child, prompting more feelings from both Kailyn and Briana. THEN Kailyn revealed that after his split from Briana, but prior to him impregnating Lauren, Javi tried to bang Kailyn repeatedly. After that, it came out that Javi was actually juggling all three women at the same time. Who has the energy?

4. Kailyn Lowry vs. Briana DeJesus

Kailyn Lowry vs. Briana DeJesus
One of the best, for obvious reasons. As we mentioned, Bri's was dating Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, a move that effectively drove a dagger into the heart of their friendship - whatever that consisted of. They had a very heated argument at one reunion, and at the next, they wanted to physically fight each other. First, Kail invited Briana for a private chat in a room backstage, but Briana left before things could get bad. Later, when it was time for all the girls to to onstage together, Briana tried to attack Kailyn, but security guards were able to keep them away from each other. They don't do reunions together anymore, but they do get sassy about each other on social media!

3. Kailyn Lowry vs. Chris Lopez

Kailyn Lowry vs. Chris Lopez
There's a lot here, so let's just breeze through, all right? Kailyn met Chris at college, she slept with him when she was still married to Javi, and he ended up impregnating her when the marriage was over. He was never around throughout the pregnancy, and she even said he had another girlfriend, though he did show up for the birth and for a little while after. Kail has said that things went bad a few months later, and she's even claimed that he broke into her house and broke a window in her bedroom at that time. Still, she had a big thing for them, and they hooked up every now and then. Eventually, he got her pregnant again, and she soon got an order of protection against him. She had the baby, Chris came around for a bit, then last September she was arrested for allegedly assaulting him after he chopped off their older son's hair. Chris is currently expecting another child with a different woman, so things still aren't going well between them.

2. Amber Portwood vs. Andrew Glennon

Nothing funny about this one. On July 5, 2019, Portwood was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon after she struck her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, in the neck as Glennon held their son James in his arms. She then threatened to commit suicide by overdosing on pills, and used a machete to attempt and break into the room where Glennon was hiding with their son. She was convicted on felony charges of domestic battery and intimdation, and she's currently on probation. Later, audio recordings were released in which Amber could be heard verbally abusing Andrew, and in one she even admitted to punching him in the face. There's no contact between them now, and Amber has been allowed visits with their son. They're still in court battling for custody, and there are still definitely a lot of hard feelings, to say the least.

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