Jenelle Evans Accused of Neglecting Son Kaiser

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Another day, another Jenelle Evans parenting controversy.

This time, Jenelle is once again being accused of neglect.

In the past, fans believed that her eldest son, Jace, was getting overshadowed by his siblings and overlooked by his parents.

Now, many believe that it's Jenelle's middle child, Kaiser, who's getting the short end of the stick.

And they've been pointing out some pretty compelling evidence to support their case.

Take a look:


1. Poor Kaiser?

Poor Kaiser?
Fans think Jenelle isn't properly caring for her son Kaiser. And it's not hard to see how they might have come to that conclusion.

2. Middle Child, Stepson

Middle Child, Stepson
There have long been rumors that David Eason takes a negligent attitude toward Kaiser because he's the son of David's rival, Nathan Griffith.

3. Not the Kid's Fault

Not the Kid's Fault
And of course, Jenelle generally takes her behavioral cues from David these days.

4. Carolina Hurricane

Carolina Hurricane
Fans began to grow concerned for Kaiser when his parents refused to follow evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Florence.

5. Kaiser vs. Florence

Kaiser vs. Florence
It didn't help that Jenelle frequently posted photos in which Kaiser was barefoot and shirtless in areas that were scattered with debris and affected by flooding.

6. Sounding the Alarm

Sounding the Alarm
Kaiser's father, Nathan, has repeatedly claimed that he feels Kaiser is being neglected and abused by Jenelle and David.

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