Jen Harley Posts Disturbing New Pics, Accuses Ronnie of Abuse, Possibly Cheating with Effing Snooki

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Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro appear to finally be broken up for good.

Maybe. Possibly. You never really know with the Jersey Shore twosome.

Either way, however, their ugly saga doesn't appear to be over.

Not by a long shot, and especially not after this latest mess.

Not after Harley, the mother of Rahn's daughter, used her Instagram Story over the weekend to accuse her ex-boyfriend of assault ...

... and also to drag effing Snooki into this whole situation.

In what way? And what do these photos depict? Scroll down as we break down how we got here and where we go from here.

1. We Really Thought the Drama Was Over

We Really Thought the Drama Was Over
Well, maybe not, but we were at least a little optimistic that the worst was behind us. We hadn't heard talk of Ronnie and Jen getting back together or beating each other in several weeks now! Meanwhile, each half of the gruesome twosome had shared social media messages that made appear, at least outwardly, had moved on. For real and for good, finally.

2. It Was About Time, Too

It Was About Time, Too
Seriously. These reality stars have been breaking up, making up and allegedly putting each other in mortal physical danger for like two years at this point. If you thought that welcoming their daughter, Ariana, into the world in April 2018 might have marked a turning point for the couple, you were wrong. Unless you meant a negative turning point that is.

3. Parenthood Didn't Change Them?

Parenthood Didn't Change Them?
Not for the better at least, no. Within weeks of becoming a mother and father, Jen and Ronnie were engaging in an ugly online feud that involved the former trashing the latter as a deadbeat dad and the latter trashing the former as a "cum dumpster." Vile.

4. That's Gross

That's Gross
It's extremely gross to say that. But sadly that was the least of their problems. In the ensuing time as an off-again/on-again couple, Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie down the street by her car. And hurled a glass ashtray at his face. No saint himself, Ronnie was arrested this fall after allegedly threatening Jen and then stealing Ariana out of her arms while the two were on vacation in Los Angeles.

5. Is He Headed to Prison?

Is He Headed to Prison?
It doesn't sound that way, no. At least not if he can hire a decent lawyer and do/say the right things as this plays out in the courts. But this awful incident may have been Jen's final straw.

6. I've Seen the Light!

I've Seen the Light!
“A break from someone will either make you realize how much you truly miss/love them or how much peace you have without them,” Harley shared in early December, seemingly telling Instagram followers she was happy to be done with the Jersey Shore star.

7. But Now?

But Now?
Harley has once again brought up the ex-couple's very ugly past, seemingly accusing Ronnie of inflicting bodily harm.

8. Look at this Black Eye

Look at this Black Eye
Yikes. There's nothing to LOL about in our opinion, based on this photo. Jen just posted it online and seems to be claiming it was a result of Ronnie's violent night in Los Angeles.

9. Bruised and Beaten

Bruised and Beaten
“My body bruised and beat,” Jen added along with this snapshot, before throwing out a date that may be their next court date. “#Dec20.”

10. And Snooki Sucks, Too!

And Snooki Sucks, Too!
Harley then posted screenshots of private messages that seem to be between her and Nicole Polizzi, better known as effing Snooki. In these messages, Jen calls out Snook for being a bully. “And thanks for victimizing me after he beat my ass in front of my daughter!” Jen wrote to Nicole. “You are a real bully. Honestly I did nothing to you.”

11. How Did Snooki Get Dragged Into This?

How Did Snooki Get Dragged Into This?
Go back a couple months: After TMZ posted paparazzi photos of Jen with large bruises on both her shoulder and thigh, Snooki said on her podcast that she thought Jen was purposely being photographed that way in order to get attention.

12. Here is What Snooki Said at the Time:

Here is What Snooki Said at the Time:
" … She’s out to lunch with Ariana, she’s wearing a tank top and shorts and she has bruises everywhere. I feel like she went out intentionally to get a photo of her… You don't have to be wearing a tank top, showing off your bruises and the bruise on your leg. She’s wearing booty shorts to show it off. Like, ‘Girl, you can go out with your daughter and have lunch but cover those up so it’s not a thing.’ She wants it to be a thing."

13. Spiral Squad Forever

Spiral Squad Forever
Snooki and Ron, of course, were part of the famous Jersey Shore spiral squad -- which basically means they would get abominably hammered together, particularly when one of them was going through a tough time. Snooks might be an uber-responsible mom at home, but that all goes out the window when she's chugging Ron-Ron juice.

14. Snooki Just Quit Jersey Shore, Remember

Snooki Just Quit Jersey Shore, Remember
Because she didn't want to be a part of this ongoing drama? That's not what she said, but it seems plausible, doesn't it? We're just speculating here, but there's a non-zero change that Snooki quit because believed this stuff would get blasted by Jen and didnt want to deal with it.

15. But Back to Ronnie, Folks...

But Back to Ronnie, Folks...
The veteran reality star is currently facing seven misdemeanors: one count of domestic violence, one count of brandishing a weapon, one count of child endangerment, one count of criminal threats, one count of false imprisonment (of Jen), and two counts of resisting arrest.

16. Did He Also Cheat on Harley?

Did He Also Cheat on Harley?
Yes, according to Harley. She recently posted this message, which accused Ronnie of being disloyal and also of sleeping with her friend right now as an act of revenge. Is she referring to Snooki? Again, it's unclear, but Nicole peacing out of Seaside and "retiring" so abruptly makes us wonder.

17. Has Ronnie Said Anything in Response?

Has Ronnie Said Anything in Response?
“I forgive you but stay the f–k out of my life,” read a meme that Ronnie posted on his Instagram account in November. Very likely a reference to his baby mama. That or he just posts random memes to make Us Weekly magazine write stories about his "cryptic" comments.

18. Let's Not Forget His Accusations, Either

Let's Not Forget His Accusations, Either
The disturbing allegations have hardly been one-sided here. Ronnie posted this photo in January 2019, implying that Jen gave him these facial wounds after throwing an ashtray at him on New Year's Eve.

19. Ronnie Has Now Been Restrained

Ronnie Has Now Been Restrained
He must stay at least 150 feet away from Harley and Ariana, per a court order, which was based on his October 2019 arrest and Harley subsequent filing for an order of protection.

20. Can't We Just Get Aong?

Can't We Just Get Aong?
"All I ever wanted was a family for our daughter," Harley has told followers in the past, trying to explain why she kept taking Ronnie back. "The toxic part was sweeping everything under the rug and trying to look past all the cheating just didn’t work for me. I’m heartbroken from it all and just want to coparent peacefully."

21. Drying Out

Drying Out
Booze was a factor in many of Ronnie and Jen's worst fights, and thankfully, that shouldn't be the case going forward.

22. An Overdue Decision

An Overdue Decision
After several years of alcohol abuse, Ron decided to get sober with the help of his Jersey Shore co-star and former rival, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

23. Here We Go Again?

Here We Go Again?
Sadly, there's reason to believe Ron has already fallen off the wagon. Witnesses say he's was drinking at this year's VMAs, and Jen claims he's been getting drunk regularly.

24. Just Keep Your Distance, Rahn

Just Keep Your Distance, Rahn
Of course, even if Ronnie is able to stay away from the sauce for the rest of his days, that still doesn't mean it would be okay for him to try and save his relationship with Jen.

25. Is There Hope for These Two?

Is There Hope for These Two?
To be a couple again? There better not be. God, that would be a friggen disaster. Someone may seriously get killed if this keeps up another year or two. But to simply act like mature adult who need to keep their daughter's well-being in mind and behave accordingly? We can hope against hope that there is hope there. (But probably not. Sad.)

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