Leah Messer Responds to Cult Allegations, Is Totally Still In a Cult

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Members of religious cults are often the last to know that they're involved in a cult.

Even in the absence of tell-tale signs like flowing white robes, frightened goats, and large punch bowls full of suspicious Kool-Aid, it's usually pretty obvious to outsiders.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult for those on the outside to make those on the inside see the truth.

For months now, rumors that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has joined a cult have been circulating non-stop on social media.

Even those closest to Messer are concerned about her involvement in this strange new organization, and now Leah has decided to speak publicly on the matter.

And those who are worried about her well-being probably won't be too happy about her response.

Take a look:

1. Cult Following

Cult Following
Leah Messer's involvement in a strange organization has led to fears that she's being manipulated. But the Teen Mom 2 star says there's no cause for concern.

2. Big Promises

Big Promises
Since at least October, Leah has been involved with an organization known as Mastery In Transformational Training, which promises its followers greater success in their relationships, health, and careers.

3. Kept In the Dark?

Kept In the Dark?
MITT doesn't identify as a cult, but of course, cults almost never self-identify.

4. The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle
Leah first advertised her involvement with MITT back on October first, when she posted this photo of herself and a group of her fellow believers on Instagram.

5. Strong Feelings

Strong Feelings
“A powerful, strong, trusting force we are! I love each and every single one of you!!" Messer captioned the picture, already evangelizing the brand. "You can count on my word!"

6. A Little Over the Top

A Little Over the Top
"Each one of you have changed my life and we will forever be connected!!," she went on. "I AM A POWERFUL, CONNECTED, INSPIRATIONAL LEADER! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!”

7. The Evangelizer

The Evangelizer
Yes, Leah is really, really, really into her new group of friends. And unfortunately, that's not the only reason to believe something is amiss here.

8. Pitching In

Pitching In
Leah has also been participating in the recruitment process, tagging celebrities in her weird, cult-y Twitter tirades, which she identifies with weird, cult-y hashtags, like “MITT16Heaven" and “mitttransformation”.

9. Brainwashed People Brainwash People

Brainwashed People Brainwash People
Recently, Leah shifted her focus away from celebs and began recruiting her Instagram followers -- and that's when her BFF Kailyn Lowry decided to step in.

10. Recruiting Rachel

Recruiting Rachel
In November, Leah began calling and texting fans of hers who had expressed an interest in MITT. Near the top of her list was a single mother of two named Rachel Chitwood.

11. Show Leah the Money

Show Leah the Money
“She would tell me there was training and they train you to be the best person you could be, but she wasn’t telling me how," Chitwood said of Leah's recruitment process. "She wasn’t going in depth with anything. It was about $600.”

12. Some Things Are More Important Than Friendship

Some Things Are More Important Than Friendship
When Leah started posting about Rachel's reluctant involvement, Kail stepped in to save the day. “Kail tried warning me and I kind of blew her off about the whole thing. But then I had to apologize when I realized this is serious," she added.

13. A Narrow Escape

A Narrow Escape
Kail informed Rachel of MITT's sketchy history. When Rachel told Leah she likely wouldn't be able to attend the group's January session Leah "became really mad and mean."

14. Undeterred

Obviously, the apparent dissolution of her relationship with Kail has resulted in some negative publicity, but Leah remains unwavering in her commitment to MITT.

15. Nothing to See Here!

Earlier this week, Leah shared this very strange video, along with a very strange caption.

16. Troubling Stuff

Troubling Stuff
"In a world full of division we GET TO bring LOVE, PEACE, and UNITY! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to open up and connect with each beautiful, strong, and loving person at this #2020vision event!" she wrote.

17. What a Messer

What a Messer
"I’m so excited to share my story tonight with soooo many of you! Each of you are a blessing. THANK YOU!" she continued.

18. Signs of Trouble

Signs of Trouble
Needless to say, the content drew quite a mixed response from fans, many of whom expressed concerns for Leah's well-being.

19. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
"EVERY. SINGLE. NEGATIVE comment on this post can UNFOLLOW ME !!!! IF YOU DONT SUPPORT ME NOW, then you NEVER will! Soooooo #unfollowme," she wrote.

20. Bad Vibes

Bad Vibes
"I don’t deserve this energy, I don’t deserve this hate! && I’ll continue to stand for what I believe in and share my truth," Messer continued.

21. The Rant Continues

The Rant Continues
"You can appreciate me for who I am or you can unfollow me," she fumed. "I will attract an audience that believes in my vision for my life and the world or you never supported me to begin with, you just ‘follow’ me for your own social media satisfaction," she added.

22. The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond
"I’m beyond social media, I’m beyond JUDGMENT, I’m beyond CRITICISM and the NEED TO MEET ‘your expectations! I’m going to live a beautiful life of JOY, PEACE, and UNITY!! With or without your support," Messer continued. "I love every single one of you but I CHOOSE to be in alignment with my core values and what I stand for. You’re either with me or your not."

23. The Diehards

The Diehards
Despite the bonkers nature of that tirade, Leah did receive support from some of her most ardent fans. "Whatever happened to if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all?" one such follower asked. "Lol happy that you are doing things that bring you happiness and joy!"

24. It's That Easy!

It's That Easy!
"Thank you! It’s that easy! Allow me to embrace my journey & passion by supporting me only if you choose to," Messer replied.

25. The Travel Agent

The Travel Agent
Something tells us that Leah's fans would be more willing to keep their opinions to themselves if she weren't so relentless in her efforts to get other people to join her "journey."

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