Javi Marroquin Teases Proposal to Lauren Comeau: It's Gonna Happen, Folks!

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Javi Marroquin is ready to walk down the aisle once again.

The former Teen Mom cast member has made it clear. He's said it in no uncertain terms. He's come right out and admitted in a new interview:

A proposal is coming!

Javi shares a son with girlfriend Lauren Comeau, of course, but he now tells Radar Online that he's prepared to take yet another life step with this loyal and loving baby mama.

When might the proposal take place? How will Javi do it?

Scroll down to read excerpts from his revealing interview with Radar...

1. So, This Relationship is Serious, huh?

So, This Relationship is Serious, huh?
LOL, yes. Marroquin and Lauren have been together for over a year now.

2. They Have a Son!

They Have a Son!
His name is Eli. He was born in November -- and he's a cutie!

3. Javi Sounds Very Committed

Javi Sounds Very Committed
This is what he wrote on their one-year anniversary in mid-March: "Happy anniversary to this smoking momma @lauren3elizabeth you inspire me to be better everyday. No one said it would be easy, but we continue to push through and make a great team. I love you."

4. What's He Saying Now?

What's He Saying Now?
All the right things about the future, that's for sure.

5. Javi Marroquin and His Fam

Javi Marroquin and His Fam
On the RadarOnline.com podcast titled "Teen Mom Time," Marroquin winced nary a word: He totes plans on proposing.

6. Tell Us More...

Tell Us More...
“Her dad did come visit and we had a good talk,” Javi said of Lauren’s father, who resides in Australia. “The approval is stamped, sealed and mailed off!”

7. Wow. Well, Okay Then!

Wow. Well, Okay Then!
Once the father has offered his blessing, it's just a matter of time. But how much time?

8. Out with It, Javi!

Out with It, Javi!
“I have a plan,” he tells Radar. “Hopefully we stick to the plan. Everything is right on track. I do plan on it being this year.”

9. This Year?!?

This Year?!?
The year isn't even halfway over yet, dude. Can't you tell us anything more?

10. About the Ring, Possibly?

About the Ring, Possibly?
Marroquin says ring shopping is “in the works, adding: “I know what type of ring she likes. I’m creating a custom piece.”

11. And Here's Another Detail:

And Here's Another Detail:
Javi revealed he “might” propose during a trip to New York City. That sounds romantic, right?

12. For the Record?

For the Record?
The couple lives in Delaware, so it isn't that hard to get to The Big Apple, although we don't know when/if any trip is actually scheduled.

13. What About a Second Child?

What About a Second Child?
A third overall for Javi, we mean, as he already shares a son with Kailyn Lowry.

14. But Have He and Lauren Discussed Expanding Their Own Immediate Family?

But Have He and Lauren Discussed Expanding Their Own Immediate Family?
Yes. "We’re looking at November, December or January," he said. We presume he means this is when they would start actively trying.

15. What's the Background Here?

What's the Background Here?
Lauren and Javi dated from July 2017 to September 2017. They then broke up and got back together last March.

16. In Between?

In Between?
Javi dated Brianna DeJesus and also slept with Lowry again, but his live has been quite drama-free since he reunited with Comeau in the spring of 2018.

17. Javi Has Been Thinking About Marriage for Awhile

Javi Has Been Thinking About Marriage for Awhile
He actually Radar way back in July that he will definitely propose “in the future," expounding: “The focus is on the baby first. She's officially moved into my house. We got a new place and we'll be moving there in two weeks. It's nice to have her here. We've been traveling non-stop so it's nice that she doesn't have to travel."

18. What Would Kailyn Say About a Proposal?

What Would Kailyn Say About a Proposal?
She's had a baby with another guy since she and Javi got divorced, so we're pretty sure she'd be fine with it.

19. Javi Even Says All is Fine with His Ex

Javi Even Says All is Fine with His Ex
We're "good," he said simply in a recent interview, adding overall: “There’s not really any beef" between himself and Lowry.

20. Good Luck, You Two!

Good Luck, You Two!
We do love when Javi stirs up controversy, due to all the content it provides our website, but he and Lauren seem legitimately happy and we wish them the best of luck moving forward.

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