Javi Marroquin PROPOSES to Briana DeJesus, Gets Brutally Rejected!

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This is about to get very awkward.

On the June 25, 2018 episode of Teen Mom 2, Javi Marroquin proposed to Briana DeJesus.

This is especially weird to read right now, considering Javi is expecting a baby with Lauren Comeau and his relationship with Briana has been over for months.

But the installment was filmed a long time ago and it's worth revisiting exactly how this shocking proposal came to be.

Note that we wrote shocking and not romantic because... well... you're about to find out why. This may not have been Javi's finest moment.

Scroll down for a recap of these unexpected events...

1. What Is It About This Guy?!?

What Is It About This Guy?!?
We don't know if it says more about Javi or the women he chooses, but the dude has slept with Briana, Kailyn Lowry AND Comeau over the course of about six months. (Some) women just can't resist him for some reason.

2. RIP, Javi and Briana

RIP, Javi and Briana
Their relationship burned hard and bright for a few months toward the end of 2017, but then it fizzled out. Briana has hinted that Javi wanted another kid, which was never on her mind, and has also said she never would have considered moving to his home state of Delaware.

3. But Wait a Second...

But Wait a Second...
... let's go back in time. Marroquin and DeJesus have been hot and heavy for the duration of this new Teen Mom 2 season, culiminating in a proposal that no one really saw coming this past Monday evening.

4. Check Out This Rock!

Check Out This Rock!
Ahead of possibly being deployed by the Air Force, Javi bought an engagement for his short-time girlfriend, telling his sister, who said it was too soon to pop the question.

5. A Surprise, Ruined

A Surprise, Ruined
On this new episode, Javi asked for the blessing of Briana's mother, Roxanne, which was guess was a noble and nice thing for him to do. But it backfired on him.

6. In What Way?

In What Way?
In this way: Roxanne told her daughter of Marroquin's plans! She then asked Briana if she would say yes, to which DeJesus replied "I don't know" and then simply added "it's nobody's business really." (NOTE: This is not true, Bri. You literally said this in front of MTV cameras. It's the business of anyone watching.)

7. I'm No Longer Getting Deployed, But Still...

I'm No Longer Getting Deployed, But Still...
Marroquin revealed on air that he had been let out of his deployment due to a "loophole," yet he was still planning to go forward with the proposal. Did he have something especially profound and romantic planned for the occasion? Nope!

8. So, What Did Javi Do?

So, What Did Javi Do?
It's more like, what did he NOT do. According go Briana, Javi did not get down on one knee to propose. There were no flowers or balloons. There wasn't even a question really posed by her controversial co-star.

9. "Here."

That's basically all Javi said, Briana told her sister after her awkward chat with her then-boyfriend. He showed her the ring and said "here" and then just waited for a repli.

10. And What Was This Reply?

And What Was This Reply?
"It wasn't my ideal proposal, and I wasn't going to accept the ring," DeJesus explained very simply to a friend.

11. What Else Did They Discuss?

What Else Did They Discuss?
"He wants to marry me, he wants me to have his children, he wants me to move in with him, there's a lot of things that he wants," Briana said to her sister. "I told him, 'We have some time to think about it, we don't have to rush.'" This is a very salient point, don't you think?

12. Slow Your Roll, Dude

Slow Your Roll, Dude
Briana added that the two hadn't even spoken much about marriage beforehand: "I don't know why he wants to propose right now," she said on air. "We've had a conversation about what we want for our lives, like what we want for the future, but it wasn't like I want to get married with you, I want to have your kids right now. We spoke about it like, 'Yeah, maybe one day.' We've only been together for a few months, so it's super fast."

13. We're Just Different

We're Just Different
"Javi is a person that wants things down yesterday," Briana said during this episode. "That's the military life. I get it. But that's not how I live my life."

14. Crying all the Tears

Crying all the Tears
Briana's mother actually broke down upon learning how Javi had gone about the proposal, crying that he took away the "value" of this once-in-a-lifetime situation by just thrusting the ring at her daughter and doing little else.

15. And That Was Pretty Much That

And That Was Pretty Much That
Not long after this failed proposal, Javi and Briana called it quits. "Javi and I are not together anymore," DeJesus told Blasting News in January. "Our future just doesn’t line up. ... I don’t plan on moving in with him in the summer and for these reasons, he broke up with me.”"

16. We Think It Was for the Best

We Think It Was for the Best
As you must know by now, Javi is expecting a baby with Lauren Comeau. We somehow doubt he considered Briana his one true love and soulmate if he moved on so very quickly with someone else.

17. Heck, He Maybe Even Knocked Up Comeau While Still Dating Briana

Heck, He Maybe Even Knocked Up Comeau While Still Dating Briana
There's some logic to THIS THEORY, don't you think? Like we said, it's for the best these two split.

18. Taking the High Road

Taking the High Road
"I'm happy for them. I wish them nothing but the best," Briana said upon learning of Javi and Lauren's baby news, coming across as surprisingly mature.

19. Well, Except...

Well, Except...
"I don't wish it was my baby." Fair enough. We understand this reaction. And it all comes back to the same thing: It's a good thing these two didn't get engaged!

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