Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau: Lookin' Hot AF, Rubbing Mexican Vacation in Our Faces [UPDATED!]

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It can be stressful planning a wedding.

And it can be REALLY stressful taking care of a small human being.

So, for a couple such as Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau -- who are both planning a wedding and taking care of a small human being -- we can totally understand the need to get away for a little bit.

This is exactly what the reality stars have donw, jetting down to Mexico on their own this week for some rest and relaxation...

... while rubbing their sexy, flirty fun directly in all of our faces!

The nerve of these people, right?!? Sheesh.

Check out photos from Lauren and Javi's Mexican adventure below...

1. Having Fun Down South

Having Fun Down South
Javi and Lauren shared a number of social media photos of this special, pre-wedding trip to Mexico.

2. Totally Tubular!

Totally Tubular!
Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are clearly having a blast in Mexico, as you can see in this fun photo.

3. Hi Hot Stuff!

Hi Hot Stuff!
Lauren didn't hide her attraction to her fiance in this snapshot of Javi enjoying his time off.

4. A Much-Needed Break

A Much-Needed Break
Any parent of a young child can relate, right? Sometimes it's just nice to get away for a bit.

5. Vacay Mode

Vacay Mode
Okay, fine. We're officially jealous.

6. ATV Rider

ATV Rider
"Today we went swimming in cenotes (sinkholes), and rode atv’s through the jungle. All thanks to @otulumhotel for having the best hospitality. If you want a getaway to Mexico, this place is definitely the place to be," wrote Javi as a caption to this image.

7. Should We Do It?

Should We Do It?
Luaren looks down here and seems a bit hesitant to actually jump off the cliff.

8. Yes, We Should

Yes, We Should
But there they go! What a very cool, action-packed photo of the couple.

9. He Made It!

He Made It!
Javi is safe and sound, folks.

10. That's a Nice View

That's a Nice View
We're pretty sure Javi and Lauren got their hotel comped in exchange for promotional photos such as this -- which is a pretty amazing deal.

11. No Bad Days

No Bad Days

12. Good Vacation?

Good Vacation?
Sure looks that way! Tiring vacation, at least.

13. Under the Sea

Under the Sea
The couple also took the advice of Sebastian the Crab, as you can see here.

14. The Friends They Made Along the Way

The Friends They Made Along the Way
Wrote Javi as a caption for this one: "Your vibe attracts your tribe #otulum shoutout @otulumhotel for introducing us to new friends @lauren3elizabeth @misserikagray @mtvtev."

15. Javi and Lauren Got Engaged a Month Ago

Javi and Lauren Got Engaged a Month Ago
Javi actually talked exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip about his proposal.

16. So Many Nice Words

So Many Nice Words
“June 17th I asked my best friend to marry me," Javi said at the time. "Our sleepless (mainly yours) nights… our endless laughs… and our countless jokes to each other now can be forever. Without you, our gym wouldn’t be possible."

17. Even More Nice Words

Even More Nice Words
Continued Javi: "Without you we wouldn’t have a place to call home. Most importantly, without you, we wouldn’t be complete. Thank you for being the greatest mom to Eli and now (soon to be) stepmom to Lincoln. I feared not finding someone that would love me and linc the way you do. Never have I questioned that with you."

18. Concluded Marroquin in This Statement:

Concluded Marroquin in This Statement:
"Thank you for everything you do for this family. I can’t believe I’m this lucky.”

19. Missing Mexico

Missing Mexico
At this point, Javi and Lauren are back stateside -- which means it's time for a bunch of posts about how much they miss Mexico. "Wish I was back in Mexico, scuba diving with panchito, hanging with friends, and eating all the foods! @otulumhotel really made it a trip we’ll never forget," he captioned this one.

20. Back to Work

Back to Work
Shortly after returning to the US, Lauren was back to getting that green by posting sponsored content on Instagram. "After a week in Mexico with endless quesadillas and daiquiris (followed by a week home with panda and cold stone) you can imagine how I’m feeling...#bloatcity," she captioned this pic. We hear you!

21. Happy Eli

Happy Eli
Obviously, returning from vacation is never easy, but we're sure this smiling face made Javi and Lauren's homecoming much more tolerable.

22. Javi's Romantic History

Javi's Romantic History
Prior to his relationship with Comeau, the Marroquin was married to Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry. They share five-year old son Lincoln and finalized their divorce in 2016 after four years of marriage.

23. The Vacationers

The Vacationers
Kail's been taking some tropical trips of her own lately -- but it's a safe bet she won't be joining Javi and Lauren on any of their excursions.

24. Not a Fan

Not a Fan
Kail has made it clear that she's not crazy about Lauren and that she resents Javi's fiancee for so quickly cashing in on her Teen Mom 2 fame with sponsored social media content.

25. Get Used To It!

Get Used To It!
But it seems that Kail might want to come to grips with Lauren being a presence in her life. It doesn't look like the girl is going anywhere!

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