Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer: Uhh, Whoops! This Baby Was a Total Friggen Mistake!

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer dropped a bombshell on Teen Mom fans and their general followers this month:

The couple is expecting another child together!

This news came as a shock for a number of reasons.

ONE, Mackenzie only just gave birth to a son named Jagger this past October.

TWO, Ryan only recently got out of both rehab and jail and isn't exactly considered a stable father... by either Mackenzie or his ex, Maci Bookout.

So, is this really the best time for the couple to have another kid?

We'll soon find out -- because it's happening!

Scroll down to learn the latest on the surprising situation, including a few quotes from an insider who alleges that fans around the Internet weren't the only ones taken aback by this pregnancy...

1. Before We Delve Into This Mess, Let's Do a Quick Family Reset, Shall We?

Before We Delve Into This Mess, Let's Do a Quick Family Reset, Shall We?
Mackenzie and long-troubled Teen Mom OG bad boy Ryan share little Jagger, a baby boy who was born to the couple in October 2018. Edwards, of course, has already been a parent for a decade, which is the reason he's on anybody's radar.

2. Ryan Also Has a Son, Obviously

Ryan Also Has a Son, Obviously
He is 10 years old. His name is Bentley. And he is cared for primarily by his mother, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout. Ryan and Maci were a couple once, but their relationship has been tumultuous, to put it mildly, over that 10-year span.

3. Mackenzie Also Has a Son!

Mackenzie Also Has a Son!
What some people may not realize, since no one knew Mackenzie at the time she first became a mother, is that she has a child of her own. His name is Hudson. He is around four years old. And his father is her ex, Zachary Stephens.

4. The Party of 5

The Party of 5
Here's a cute photo of Ryan, Mackenzie and their three total children. Jagger and his two half-siblings, one from each parent. Everyone looks happy and content and this comes across like a very normal and steady family, right?

5. Yes, But ...

Yes, But ...
... things have been anything except for steady. As an example? Ryan was seemingly high at his own bizarre, parking lot wedding to Mackenzie. Then immediately went on Tinder afterward. Then, after she somehow remained by his side, missed the birth of his son, Jagger, because he was in rehab at the time.

6. Fast Forward Just a Couple Months ...

Fast Forward Just a Couple Months ...
... and it somehow gets even worse. Ryan got arrested in January 2019 for theft and also for an outstanding warrant, which stemmed from a previous drug possession charge.

7. From There?

From There?
Edwards spent three months in jail in Tennessee before returning home in April. Yes, dude was locked up, full stop. That requires a long history of trouble with the law to pull off.

8. So... After Ryan Got Out of Jail, at Least Everything Was Fine Between the Couple Then?

So... After Ryan Got Out of Jail, at Least Everything Was Fine Between the Couple Then?
LOL. Have you been paying any attention at all? NO! There were rumors late last year that Edwards was on Tinder, AGAIN, hitting on women and hitting them up for cocaine.

9. Divorce Rumors Have Followed the Pair Ever Since They Got Married

Divorce Rumors Have Followed the Pair Ever Since They Got Married
Seriously, this has been a constant source of discussion. Mackenzie has done all she can to quell them, from changing her profile pictures to feign happiness with Ryan to even once telling a follower: "We're fine... I am not getting a divorce. Damn."

10. And Then.... BAM! A Baby!

And Then.... BAM! A Baby!
You'd think we'd seen it all in 10 years covering the life and times of Teen Mom stars, but Ryan and Mackenzie stunned everyone on this planet when announcing on July 5 that she was pregnant again.

11. This is How She Did It:

This is How She Did It:
The expectant Mrs. Standifer Edwards broke the exciting news to the world with a sonogram photo and the caption: "Baby Girl Edwards is coming in January!" (Gulp.)

12. Any Word from Ryan?

Any Word from Ryan?
Not yet. Radio silence. Crickets. He hasn't said anything about the impending child; nor has Mackenzie said anything else in public about it or their relationship.

13. And Maybe Now We Know Why

And Maybe Now We Know Why
On Teen Mom OG, we're getting a glimpse of how Ryan has struggled with severe anxiety since he returned home from jail... as his friend got killed while behind bars. Ryan even refused to film following his release.

14. In Other Words?

In Other Words?
Ryan was really not in the kind of place where he was ready to be a father again ... not that he was the pinnacle of stability the first two times. So, what happened?

15. An Accident, That's What Happened

An Accident, That's What Happened
“It wasn’t planned,” a source tells celebrity gossip site Radar Online of this pregnancy, adding of Mackenzie: “She didn’t find out until a month ago. This happened right after he got out!” Hey, at least he was boning her, rather than randoms on Tinder. (Sorry, but it's sort of true.)

16. She Absolutely Did Not See This Coming

She Absolutely Did Not See This Coming
Mackenzie allegedly blamed her pregnancy symptoms on stress at first, according to this same insider, who told Radar: “She thought she was late because of dealing with everything and then Ryan coming home and stressing out. Her periods haven’t been consistent since having Jagger either.”

17. What is Happening Here?!?

What is Happening Here?!?
"She started putting on a little weight and took a test," writes the venerable online celebrity news magazine. "The results shocked both of them.” (And us, to say the least.)

18. How Are Loved Ones Reacting?

How Are Loved Ones Reacting?
Everyone is really, really excited for them and optimistic that this is meant to be, and the couple will find the inner strength to let this blessed gift guide them through the tough times. Just kidding. People are not reacting well to the news whatsoever!

19. This. Is. Nuts.

This. Is. Nuts.
Mackenzie’s family thinks the situation is “crazy," with the same Radar source saying: "They need to focus on him getting better and on his relationship with the kids he already has. Not to mention their relationship. It’s a mess and she’s digging herself deeper." Truth. It was a mess from day one and the trajectory hasn't changed.

20. Will Ryan Even Remain Clean and Sober?

Will Ryan Even Remain Clean and Sober?
A separate source told the gossip site in April that his relatives don't believe he’ll remain on the wagon. "Being incarcerated, his family hopes he learned his lesson and stays clean," the insider said in an interview. "Would they bet on it? Not on a dime. Drugs are very powerful ... When your body needs them, you do things you normally wouldn't do." Deep stuff.

21. Still, Mackenzie Seems Committed

Still, Mackenzie Seems Committed
"God has blessed me with the most caring husband and kids. It’s hard to be vulnerable and it means so much to have them in my corner. Don’t give up on love," she wrote online after Ryan left rehab and returned home to her to conceive the unplanned baby girl Edwards.

22. She Concluded at the Time:

She Concluded at the Time:
"It’s real. It breaks walls that have been build out of stone. Thankful for a man who accepts me for who I am and what I have been through and supports me even when I feel broken. As much as I have been there for him, he’s been there for me 10x over." Pray for her.

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