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You may not be a fan of Donald Trump’s politics, his rhetoric, his business decisions, or his physics-defying hairstyle.

But you’ve gotta admit – the man has raised some beautiful daughters.

We’ve already told you about Tiffany Trump, the 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania student who mainly keeps her distance from her dad’s political endeavors.

It’s a very different story with Ivanka Trump, who, as you probably know, has played an active role in the ongoing effort to convince Americans the Donald is White House material, despite the fact that she’s been pregnant for most of his campaign.

Ivanka gave birth to her third child last month, and she’s already back out stumping for Trump.

We thought we’d celebrate the Trump Organization VP who’s as ambitious as her pops, ten times more likable, and about 50 bajillion times easier on the eyes with a gallery of pics showing Ivanka at her MILF-iest. Enjoy!