IHOP Reveals Name Change, Angers the Internet

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For once, IHOP is not here to give you an immediate heart attack from a menu that occasionally mixes in some breakfast food underneath gobs of whipped cream and chocolate.

Instead, IHOP is here to rock your world.

The long-running franchise has announced on Twitter that it is changing its name to IHOb on June 11, stunning Internet users and causing them two ask two basic questions:

  1. What does the b stand for?
  2. What the heck is wrong with you, IHOP?!?!?

The restaurant says it won't answer that first question for a few days, while social media folks continue to ask the second one.

Scroll down for a look at IHOP's shocking Tweet, the poll it is running in relation to it -- and to read what people are saying about this impending change.

(UPDATE: Scroll to the end of this gallery to find out what IHOb actually stands for!)

1. This is Happening, People

This is Happening, People
All this uproar started after a single Tweet from the official IHOP account, which has 320,000 followers.

2. So... What Will It Be?

So... What Will It Be?
Biscuits? Bacon? Butternut Squad? Barnacles? Will the "B" stand for any of these things?

3. Burritos, Definitely!

Burritos, Definitely!
We doubt this is it, but we would absolutely eat at the International House of Burritos.

4. Gotta Be Burgers, Right?

Gotta Be Burgers, Right?
Go run and hide, Five Guys. You've got some major competition coming... some people think.

5. No Way: It's Bacon!

No Way: It's Bacon!
Bacon may be the most universally beloved foot on the planet, this much is true.

6. This is a Bad Idea

This is a Bad Idea
It doesn't matter if you love burgers or bacon, this is just a dumb example of re-branding... some are saying.

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