Jenelle Evans and David Eason Divorce Drama EXPLODES on Facebook! [Updated]

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Pretty much from the moment they got married, rumors of Jenelle Evans and David Eason getting divorced have been circulating non-stop.

And the couple has done much to encourage those reports, often engaging in public fights on social media.

Thus far, they've reconciled each time, but fans think their latest lovers' quarrel will lead to the Easons calling it quits.

Here's what we know so far ...

1. A Late-Night Spat

A Late-Night Spat
As is so often the case with these two, their latest fight took place very late at night.

2. An Odd Start

An Odd Start
The fight began in unusual fashion, when fans noticed that both Jenelle and David had removed their relationship statuses from their Facebook profiles.

3. Facebook Shade

Facebook Shade
The passive aggression continued from there, with Jenelle changing her cover photo from a picture of Eason to a picture of her with her kids.

4. Quick to Comment

Quick to Comment
"Nice! Make sure I'm not in the picture...That will make him mad!" Eason commented on the pic.

5. Back and Forth

Back and Forth
Eason quickly deleted the comment, but he wasn't done making his feelings known. Later, Jenelle posted a meme reading, "The better you treat her, the longer you keep her."

6. Another Comment

Another Comment
David quickly commented, "Awwwe, too bad you're not sweet to me."

7. A Repeated Pattern

A Repeated Pattern
This, of course, is not the first time that Jenelle and David have aired their dirty laundry on Facebook.

8. Letting the World Now

Letting the World Now
Back in December, Jenelle and David sparked breakup rumors with their Facebook activity.

9. That's Putting It Mildly...

That's Putting It Mildly...
David attracted attention when he changed his Facebook status to "It's complicated."

10. The Downside of Reality Stardom

The Downside of Reality Stardom
That spat was prompted by the airing of a Teen Mom 2 special focused entirely on Jenelle.

11. The Ex Files

The Ex Files
The episode featured Jenelle speaking favorably about several of her exes, including Courtland Rogers, who was then newly-released from prison.

12. Interesting Timing

Interesting Timing
This week's episode of Teen Mom 2 showed the couple dealing with the fallout from the December breakup.

13. Nathan For You

Nathan For You
At one point, Jenelle even texted her ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, in order to assure him that she and David were not breaking up.

14. Everyone Remain Calm!

Everyone Remain Calm!
"I'm going to text and tell him me and David are fine right now because there is nothing to be freaking out about," Jenelle said of her decision to message her ex.

15. Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything
The fact that Jenelle and David's latest split came soon after their previous breakup was featured on TM2 has led many to the conclusion that the episode brought up bad memories for the couple.

16. The Difference

The Difference
When they were rumored to have parted ways last year, Jenelle quickly took to social media to assure fans that all was well.

17. No Comment

No Comment
This time, however, Jenelle has remained silent on the matter, leading many to believe the situation is serious.

18. The Doctor Is Out

The Doctor Is Out
The split comes just days after Dr. Drew Pinsky flew to Jenelle's home to interview her for the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. Did he encourage her to breakup with David?

19. Turbulent Times

Turbulent Times
Whatever the case, it seems Jenelle and David are experiencing the roughest patch yet in a relationship that's been defined by rough patches.

20. Jenelle Responds

Jenelle Responds
Jenelle took to Facebook moments ago in response to this story. As you can see, she issued a firm denial of any sort of trouble in paradise. Also, Teresa Roca of Radar Online fame in particular has drawn Evans' ire. Suffice it to say, she is not Jenelle's favorite journalist at this moment in time. Do some fact-checking Teresa!!! LOL!

21. You Suck at Writing, LMFAO!

You Suck at Writing, LMFAO!
This statement, authored by Jenelle in an epic parting shot, is certainly worthy of the cry-laugh emoji, but not for the reason she thinks. Just saying. Anyway, people, JUST STOP ASKING HER about her marriage! She just wants to be left alone and isn't looking for any attention online, whatsoever.

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