Herb Wilkinson: I Have Jenelle Evans' Sex Tape and I WILL Release It!

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Well, here we go again.

if you thought the drama in Jenelle Evans' life would begin to die out following her separation from David Eason, then you don't know Jenelle.

She may have moved to Tennessee, but with the unpredictable gale-force insanity she brings to any occasion, Jenelle will always be the Carolina Hurricane.

For a weeks after she split, Evans kept a lower-than-usual profile on social media,

But now she's back -- and so is the soap opera-level absurdity that's defined her life up to this point.

And it's all thanks to one man -- a Boston-based boozebag named Herb Wilkinson.

Take a look:

1. Jenelle and Herb

Jenelle and Herb
Herb Wilkinson is speaking out on his brief relationship with Jenelle Evans. And it seems the two did NOT part ways on amicable terms.

2. Free at Last

Free at Last
In case you missed it, Jenelle began a relationship with Herb shortly after she moved to Nashville to get away from David Eason.

3. A Geography Problem

A Geography Problem
Herb lives in Boston, and you probably don't need to consult a map to know that's quite a long way away from Nashville.

4. Well, That Was Fast

Well, That Was Fast
Last month, just weeks after the relationship began, we reported that Jenelle and Herb had broken up.

5. Single Lady

Single Lady
Af first, it was widely reported that Jenelle broke up with Herb. And of course, she allowed the world to believe that.

6. All About Jenelle

Earlier this week, Evans posted a YouTube video in which she updated fans on recent developments in her life, including her relationship status.

7. Jenelle on Jenelle

Jenelle on Jenelle
“I’m single as hell,” Evans said in the clip. “I’m just coparenting. I’m trying to stay out of court, trying to keep things civil between all parties and I just want to do my own thing … I need to venture out. I need to think about my future, my kids and what I’m going to do in life and I don’t need any distractions at all. And I noticed that guys can be a big distraction.”

8. All Good

All Good
Evans went on to insist that she's making nothing but "good life choices" these days.

9. Taking the Right Steps

Taking the Right Steps
"I've been seeing a therapist since the beginning of November. She's been helping out a lot," she said. "Instead of making decisions quickly or getting upset or having nobody to talk to, I reach out to her all the time. We have video chat sessions a lot, which is very helpful."

10. The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid
She even went so far as to imply (yet again!) that she'll soon be returning to TV.

11. "In Talks"

"In Talks"
"Everything is up in the air. I have no idea about Teen Mom. I have no idea about my own show," she shared. "I know that I've been in talks with certain people here and there. Not saying it's MTV. Not saying who it is. But we'll see."

12. Putting On a Happy Face

Putting On a Happy Face
Wow. Sounds like Jenelle's life is really on the upswing, right? Well, not so fast.

13. Here Comes the Rage

Here Comes the Rage
After spending 20 minutes informing fans that everything in her life is hunky-dory, Evans abruptly turned on her ex. And no, we're not talking about David. Out of nowhere, she started going off on Herb Wilkinson.

14. It Begins ...

It Begins ...
It all started with an Instagram Story in which Jenelle informed her fans that she would never again "try to date a fan."

15. A Fan's Notes

A Fan's Notes
Asked what happened during said fan banging, Evans informed her followers that she wasted her money on an "arrogant douchebag."

16. Bored in Boston

Bored in Boston
Evans didn't call out Wilkinson by name, but she confirmed it was him by revealing that the liaison took place in Boston.

17. We Get It

We Get It
Evans drove the point home with this post in which she looks bored, and is reportedly in Beantown. She looks like she just found the Pats missed the freakin' Supah Bowl!

18. Are We Siding With Jenelle?

Are We Siding With Jenelle?
To be fair, everything we've heard about Herb indicates that he's a horrible person.

19. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
Of course, that's a good reason that Jenelle 1. shouldn't have gotten involved with Herb in the first place, and 2. shouldn't be dredging up the past now that they've parted ways.

20. The Clap Back

The Clap Back
Apparently fed up with Jenelle's trash talk and implied jabs at his sexual performance, Herb clapped back and threatened to release a video featuring a "stepped on Hot Pocket."

21. This Effing Guy

Anyone who's seen Herb's many offensive social media posts knows that he fancies himself a real "edgelord" type who traffics in envelope-pushing "humor." "Stepped on Hot Pocket" is a reference to a mangled vagina.

22. The Tooth Comes Out

The Tooth Comes Out
Wilkinson went on to answer some fan questions about his encounter with Jenelle, confirming that she DOES have her bottom teeth, but that "everything is f--king repulsive." Ouch!

23. David Approves

David Approves
David Eason observed all of this from afar and reposted some of Wilkinson's most brutal insults.

24. About Sums It Up

About Sums It Up
This fan pretty much hit the nail on the head in their assessment of Herb. Although it's worth pointing out that Evans is at least equally to blame for this mess.

25. Time to Lay Low

Time to Lay Low
Maybe it's time for Jenelle to remain single and focus on her kids for a bit -- ya know, like she said she was going to after she left David.

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