Farrah Abraham Tried to Rig Boxing Match, is Scared of Getting Whomped By Kailyn Lowry [Report]

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It wasn't all that long ago that Teen Mom OG fans were abuzz over the news of Farrah Abraham's boxing career.

Farrah was supposed to square off against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander in a charity match in Atlantic City last month.

Sadly, Farrah decided to disappoint everyone, which is kind of her M.O.

Abraham backed out of the fight for reasons that appear to be mostly rooted in BS, and now an insider is calling her out in truly hilarious fashion.

Take a look:


1. Raging BS

Raging BS
Farrah's training pics certainly gave the impression that she was ready to rumble. But when it came time to step in the ring this former Teen Mom went running for the backdoor.

2. Taking It to the Hoopz

Taking It to the Hoopz
Farrah was all set to square off against fellow reality star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, but in a move that should've surprised absolutely no one, she backed off at the last second.

3. Up Against the Ropes

Up Against the Ropes
Farrah's usually not one to back down from a conflict -- unless that conflict involves an actual physical confrontation.

4. Street Fighter

Street Fighter
Sure, she recently attacked an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but it seems Farrah isn't quite as bold when it comes to fair fights.

5. Pointing Fingers

Pointing Fingers
Farrah backed out of the fight just a few days before it was set to take place, and naturally, she blamed everyone but herself.

6. The Excuse

The Excuse
Farrah claimed that her promoter failed to deliver in terms of the agreed-upon travel and hotel accommodations for her and her entourage.

7. The Underdog

The Underdog
Many who know Farrah best, however, believe the former Teen Mom OG star was simply terrified to step into the ring opposite a superior opponent.

8. Calling Shenanigans

Calling Shenanigans
One such nay-sayer is Damon Feldman, the promoter whom Farrah accuses of welching on his part of the deal.

9. Squaring Off ... In Court

Squaring Off ... In Court
“Like a diva, she pulled out because she wins the match or she wasn’t doing it,” Feldman recently told the Daily Mail. “I’m suing her."

10. Dishonest Abraham

Dishonest Abraham
“I’m going after her because she slandered my name with all these lies," Feldman continued.

11. The Joke

The Joke
"She’s the one who was the joke here," he said. "She’s the one who took everybody’s money and then didn’t show up for the match.”

12. The Fix Is In

The Fix Is In
Feldman also alleges that Farrah would only agree to fight if the match was "fixed" in her favor.

13. Serious Cojones

He says he became aware of Farrah's demand just days before the fight, via a letter delivered to him by her lawyer.

14. Starts Out Innocently Enough ...

"[Celebrity Boxing Federation] also represents and warrants that it will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure Abraham’s safety during the match, including but not limited to having medical staff available ringside," the letter read.

15. And There It Is

And There It Is
"The parties also agree that Farrah will 'win' this fight, and should Farrah 'lose' it shall be construed as a material breach of contract," the letter continued.

16. Yeah, That's Not How Sports Work ...

Yeah, That's Not How Sports Work ...
Apparently, Farrah was unaware that this was not a professional wrestling match, and the outcome would not be predetermined.

17. She Stood to Make a LOT of Cash

She Stood to Make a LOT of Cash
"CBF shall pay Abraham a purse in the amount of $5,000.00 (“appearance fee”), $2,500 of which has already been paid, as well as 50% of the net proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships, internet sales, and TV licensing," the letter continued.

18. The Fine Print

The Fine Print
That $7,500 flat fee may not sound like much, but a half-share of the proceeds would have brought her into the high six-figure range -- all for a fight that no one was actually expecting to be good.

19. Farrah Being Farrah

“Everything seemed good, she did a second press conference two weeks before the match,” Feldman says. “Then I started getting text messages: ‘I need 36 rooms and six first-class flights.'"

20. When Personalities Think They're Stars

"This was getting crazy, I can’t do that stuff. She got offended, thinking she’s some star," Feldman says.

21. An Important Distinction

An Important Distinction
"I told her simply, ‘you’re not a star. You’re a personality. You guys came to me, I’m giving you a chance to get back in the spotlight,'" Feldman recalls.

22. Big Bucks

Big Bucks
So now Damon and Farrah are set to square off in court, with the promoter claiming Abraham “will be facing a lawsuit for millions of dollars based on the damage she will cause.” But apparently, he's willing to offer her a way out ...

23. Enter Kail

Enter Kail
It seems Kailyn Lowry would jump at the chance to square off against Farrah. She recently tweeted, “I’d fight Farrah in a ring," along with a series of laughing emojis.

24. Fight of the Century

Fight of the Century
According to the Daily Mail, Feldman has stated that "he will hold back on legal action if she takes part in a new match against former Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry."

25. Farrah Is Scared

Sadly, Farrah's father, Michael Abraham, has insisted that that fight will never happen, tweeting, “Kail is in a lot higher weight class so that won’t happen." Anyone else just want to punch Michael out now?

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