Farrah Abraham: Slammed For Bad Parenting Over New Photos!

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Farrah Abraham is many things: a reality star, a mother, a porn star, a recipient of cosmetic surgery, and even a self-described feminist.

But there's one thing that she is not: well-liked.

Sure, she has her fans, but between how desperately she seems to court negative attention to her inexcusable racist outbursts that have been caught on camera, Farrah Abraham has given haters a lot of ammunition over the years.

Some criticisms are unfair -- there's nothing wrong with doing porn, for example. Though Farrah may have done it for the wrong reasons, porn is a perfectly fine 

And that's the biggest point of contention for Farrah's critics -- Farrah's parenting. She has a 8-year-old daughter Sophia, whom she is homeschooling, which is intensely controversial.

Farrah gets dragged for the photos she snaps of Sophia and for the parties that she throws for her. Sometimes critics go too far, but sometimes they're right on the money.

This time, Sophia's Twitter account -- controlled by Farrah or another adult, of course, because Sophia is 8 -- has shared photos of their trip to the island of Capri off of the coast of Italy. It's one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

But, though a handful of tweets were encouraging, a majority of Twitter users who responded slammed Farrah Abraham for bad parenting.





1. The original post

The original post
Seriously, Capri is the most beautiful place you could ever go in your life. Photos do not do it justice. But is it really the place for an 8-year-old to be during the school year? Signs point to: no.

2. This one's a mixed bag

This one's a mixed bag
Should Sophia be in school -- a real school with qualified teachers and, most importantly, peers her own age? Absolutely. To say that she's being groomed to be like Farrah is unfair to Sophia.

3. Homeschooling isn't supposed to be a vacation every day

Homeschooling isn't supposed to be a vacation every day
We maintain that "normalcy" isn't a word, no matter what Warren G. Harding says.

4. This one's clearly mistaken

This one's clearly mistaken
You're not allowed to use social media like Twitter until you're 13. Also, not even Farrah would subject her daughter to internet trolls at age 8. Someone else, possibly Farrah, runs Sophia's account.

5. This is true.

This is true.
This tweet could apply to a LOT of celebrity kids, actually. It's not their fault.

6. Well-placed sympathy

Well-placed sympathy
We'd say that Sophia definitely has a chance. But Farrah is definitely cutting her off from real opportunities to bond with her peers and develop healthy social skills that she could only receive at a public school.

7. Brand-building shouldn't start this young

Brand-building shouldn't start this young
We don't know what kind of plans Farrah has for Sophia's career, but Sophia deserves a fair chance at life, just like everyone else. That chance begins in a classroom.

8. Poor Sophia

Poor Sophia
Again, citing "men" and "porn" is unfair to Farrah. Don't do this. Don't make us take Farrah's side on something.

9. This person thinks that Sophia just needs a new home.

This person thinks that Sophia just needs a new home.
But whose? Certainly not to Farrah's parents.

10. Some, however, were supportive.

Some, however, were supportive.
This fan was cheering on Sophia.

11. This one's for Farrah

This one's for Farrah
This one, at least, knew that their tweet would be seen by Farrah if anyone.

12. One fan pointed out that it's a great opportunity

One fan pointed out that it's a great opportunity
We would totally agree -- what other 8-year-olds get to travel the world? -- if it weren't cutting into Sophia's socialization opportunities that a school could provide.

13. One tweet was totally unacceptable

One tweet was totally unacceptable
At least the troll got called out on it. Sophia is a beautiful child and, even if she weren't, calling a child "ugly" is hateful and only says negative things about the person saying it.

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