Farrah Abraham Poses Daughter in Underwear, Internet Recoils in Horror

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Farrah Abraham is no stranger to stirring up controversy.

Heck, she's no stranger to stirring up controversy that involves her daughter, Sophia.

But the former Teen Mom may have gone ahead and set a new low for herself with her latest social media stunt.

What has the Internet in such an uproar? How has Farrah debased herself even more in the eyes of the public?

And what does her dad have to say about it?!?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Sigh. What Did Farrah Do Now?

Sigh. What Did Farrah Do Now?
The former Teen Mom star shared a video of her 10-year old daughter on Snapchat. It featured young Sophia wearing only a bra and underwear while inside a department store dressing room.

2. What? Really?!?

What? Really?!?
Yes. We are not going to share that inappropriate photo here.

3. A Brief Description

A Brief Description
In the clip, Sophia is standing in front of a mirror in a dressing room, her hair down, only donning underwear and a Calvin Klein sports bra.

4. From There...

From There...
Sophia places her hands on top of her head to imitate ears like a cat or dog as she poses in the mirror, looking like her infamous mother while wearing dark blue lipstick

5. Is Sophia in School?

Is Sophia in School?
No. Farrah says she is home-schooled. She is often seen on Farrah’s social media accounts as the mother and daughter jet off for lavish vacations in places such as Costa Rica, The Maldives and more.

6. Abraham So Often Exploits Her Daughter for Attention

Abraham So Often Exploits Her Daughter for Attention
Like the time she caked Sophia in makeup.

7. Also, Remember This Creepy Video of Sophia?

Also, Remember This Creepy Video of Sophia?
You can see it HERE.

8. Farrah Once Snapped a Photo of Sophia in the Shower

Farrah Once Snapped a Photo of Sophia in the Shower
We wish we were kidding. But we are not kidding.

9. There Was Also That Twerk

There Was Also That Twerk
We're talking about THIS TWERK.

10. So. Much. Exploitation.

So. Much. Exploitation.
Back in 2016, Farrah actually opened a Snapchat account for Sophia. She posted videos asking strangers to send her messages, only for the account to get suspended.

11. Social Media Reacts!

Social Media Reacts!
“This needs to be reported to CPS. She’s gone too far this time,” one person commented on Twitter about the clip.

12. And It Keeps Reacting:

And It Keeps Reacting:
"How the hell could you post a pic of that child in her underwear? out of all the vile crop [sic] you have done, this is by far the absolute worst! she’s a child! You’re her mother! Protect her!" wrote another person.

13. Another Reaction:

Another Reaction:
"You are trash! How dare you put something like this on your social media!"

14. And Another Reaction:

And Another Reaction:
"I reported it, everyone should do the same. This poor child is being exploited just so Farrah Abraham can remain in the news - she's disgusting."

15. And Then This Reaction... from Farrah's Dad!

And Then This Reaction... from Farrah's Dad!
"First of all we want to thank everyone that follows the girls snap chat and social media accounts!" Michael Abraham actually told The Ashley.

16. What's the Big Deal?

What's the Big Deal?
Farrah's father doesn't see it at all, saying: "Let’s see…. underwear or a bikini bathing suit what’s the difference? There is none. Most likely, the people making this stir has a daughter, niece, granddaughter, wife, grandmother, aunt, neighbor etc. that wear bikinis that show much more than that picture shows."

17. Continued Michael:

Continued Michael:
"How about the millions of other parents that let there children wear bikinis and under wear in public – are they doing something wrong or illegal? Answer NO. So much for the prudish people!"

18. He Wasn't Done, Either:

He Wasn't Done, Either:
"Ok now the haters – we don’t care what they think – it’s sad they don’t have a life and have to ”hate” and ”spread judgment” to think they are relevant – but they aren’t! Lol!"

19. USA! USA! USA!

Added Michael: "As Americans, we have freedoms which America’s service members (disclaimer I’m Disabled Vet) and other patriots have given their lives for."

20. Prudes Can't Bring Us Down!

Prudes Can't Bring Us Down!
Concluded Mr. Abraham: "Prudish people and haters don’t minimize our armed forces and patriots that have paid the ultimate price so we all can have the freedom to live our lives as we wish – like all Americans."

21. It's No Longer Surprising Why Farrah is the Way She Is

It's No Longer Surprising Why Farrah is the Way She Is
Know what we mean?

22. What Do YOU Think?

What Do YOU Think?
Was Farrah wrong to share a video of her 10-year old daughter in nothing but underwear? Or are folks criticizing her just being un-American?

23. The Woman Herself

The Woman Herself
Maybe it'll help you decide when you hear what Farrah herself has to say.

24. Get Ready ...

Get Ready ...
Yep, everyone's favorite backdoor Teen Mom superstar has weighed in on the controversy ... and you won't believe what she has to say.

25. Well ...

Well ...
Or actually, you'll probably have no trouble at all believing it. She's awful, what she has to say is awful ... it just makes sense, really.

26. Girl.

Farrah told TMZ that the video was totally fine, and that it's basically like any official Calvin Klein ad.

27. Hold Up

Hold Up
Except Sophia is nine years old, and while Calvin Klein does have children's clothing they advertise with child models, we're pretty sure none of those ads feature kids in underwear.

28. It Gets Worse!

Farrah also explained that the video was taken in a Nordstrom, in a public area where shoppers go to check out the clothes they've tried on in the dressing rooms in mirrors.

29. Yikes

So not only was Sophia in her underwear on Snapchat, she was also in her underwear in public. Does Farrah actually think she's making this situation better?

30. Apparently So

Apparently So
"I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins," she said, presumably with a straight face.

31. Just Stop

Just Stop
We get that Farrah is obsessed with the idea of Sophia being a child model and that she's shooting her shot with Calvin Klein here, but ... could she just not?

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