Tyler Baltierra Accused of Cheating on Catelynn Lowell With a Man [Exclusive]

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For several years, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were considered to be among the most healthy and stable of all the couples in the Teen Mom franchise.

We think it's safe to say those days are long gone.

At this point, rumors that Catelynn and Tyler are getting divorced seem to pop up about once a week.

Most blame Catelynn for allegedly shirking her parental responsibilities.

But there are other theories as well -- such as the many claims that Tyler is having an affair.

Check out the latest shocking accusations in the gallery below:

1. The Baltierras

The Baltierras
Here are Catelynn and Tyler in happier times. These days, it often seems that their relationship is one rough patch after another.

2. Unfairly Maligned?

Unfairly Maligned?
Many have laid the majority of the blame on Catelynn, alleging that she damaged her relationship with lengthy trips to rehab to treat her PTSD.

3. No Reciprocation

No Reciprocation
To make matters worse, Catelynn has been accused of refusing to take part in Tyler's rehabilitation process, all while expecting him to be fully supportive of hers.

4. Hardly Blameless

Hardly Blameless
It's not as though Tyler has been a perfect saint throughout his marriage, of course.

5. Low Blow

Low Blow
Viewers might remember the time when Tyler proclaimed he didn't "want to be married to no heifer," as Catelynn enjoyed what he considered to be an oversized lunch

6. Next Level

Next Level
But for all their many ups and downs, neither Tyler nor Catelynn has ever been credibly accused on infidelity. Until now ...

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