Briana DeJesus: Having a Kid with New Boyfriend Already?! [UPDATED]

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There's been a whole mess of brand new Teen Mom babies lately, huh?

Chelsea Houska has her precious baby daughter, and Amber Portwood has her darling son.

As for the dads of the show, Javi Marroquin and Ryan Edwards both became fathers again recently.

In a couple of months, the franchise will welcome another cast member when Catelynn Lowell gives birth.

And since the moms are getting older and getting into stable relationships and marriages, the likelihood of more babies coming into the picture are only increasing.

So is Briana DeJesus going to be the next cast member to announce a pregnancy?!

1. The Happy Couple!

The Happy Couple!
So this is Briana with her boyfriend, Johnny Rodriguez. Cute, right?

2. Keeping It Quiet

Keeping It Quiet
Briana's been pretty private about this relationship so far, but we do know a few things.

3. Long Distance

Long Distance
Johnny lives in New York, and since Briana is still in Florida, they're long distance. She's said that they take turns traveling to see each other.

4. Going Strong

Going Strong
This has been happening at least since September -- that's when she first posted about him on social media.

5. No Drama

No Drama
Johnny doesn't have any children of his own, so there's no risk of going through the kind of drama that ran rampant when she dated Javi Marroquin.

6. Seriously

And let's be real, Briana deserves a drama-free relationship.

7. The Trouble with Devoin

The Trouble with Devoin
Briana is tied to ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin for life, since they share Nova. We first saw him on her episode of 16 and Pregnant, and things weren't great between them, to say the least.

8. Bad Times

Bad Times
He wasn't very active in Nova's life for a long time, and Briana and her family definitely resented him for it.

9. Making Progress

Making Progress
Thankfully things have been getting much better recently. Devoin and Briana have been friendly with each other, and he's been a lot more present in Nova's life.

10. Oh, Luis ...

Oh, Luis ...
Unfortunately, we can't say the same for Luis, the father of Briana's second child, Stella.

11. Pitiful

When Briana joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, she was pregnant after having a one night stand with Luis, and although he promised he'd be a good father and begged her not to place their baby for adoption, he's barely been around for Stella at all.

12. Fair

He's been such a deadbeat dad that she recently went off about him on Twitter, saying that she didn't want this for her daughter, and while she doesn't regret keeping her, she definitely looks down on him for talking her out of adoption.

13. Oh Boy

Oh Boy
And then there was Javi.

14. What a Time

What a Time
And, in case you'd forgotten, Briana and Javi were an absolute disaster together.

15. The History

The History
After being friends for a long time, and after being flirty for a good long while, too, they finally started dating in the fall of 2017. Kailyn, Javi's ex-wife and of course Briana's fellow Teen Mom 2 star, didn't react well to the news.


They filmed a reunion right before the relationship began, and Briana and Kailyn got into a very heated argument.

17. So Angry

So Angry
They continued feuding even after Briana and Javi broke up -- which, by the way, happened because Bri didn't want to get engaged and move to Delaware and have a baby. After like three months of dating.

18. Easy, Ladies

Easy, Ladies
Their feud was so intense that months after the breakup, they attempted to physically fight each other at another reunion taping. Security guards prevented it, but Briana's sister did get in a pretty rough hair pull.

19. Yikes

And then we learned that after breaking up with Briana, Javi and Kailyn started hooking up again.

20. Double Yikes

Double Yikes
And a little later, we found out that another one of his exes, Lauren Comeau, was also in the picture during this time.

21. ALL the Yikes

ALL the Yikes
Also he knocked her up.

22. Oh No, Javi

Oh No, Javi
Despite all of this, Briana's said that Javi kept tabs on her long after the breakup -- back in September, just a couple of months before Lauren gave birth, she said that Javi constantly watches her Instagram story, even though they don't even follow each other.

23. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
So Briana hasn't had the greatest luck with guys, clearly.

24. Hooray!

But things really do seem to be different with Johnny.

25. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
So different that she's going to have her third child with him?!

26. We See You, Bri!

We See You, Bri!
Over the weekend, she shared this on her Instagram story -- a picture of Johnny that she captioned "future baby daddy." And if that's not a hint, then we don't know what is.

27. Not So Fast?

Not So Fast?
But although Briana is clearly thinking about her future with Johnny, she says in a new interview with In Touch that they are still taking things slow.

28. Awww

“Everyone’s always asking me about Johnny and I never know how to word it,” she began before saying "I’m very happy and my relationship with him is in such a good place. We are in no rush.”

29. Husband Material

Husband Material
"We play things safe but I definitely do see this lasting. I can see him being my husband one day," she added.

30. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Kids are definitely on the brain though, because she repeated herself with “And I’d love to have kids with him at some point but we are not in any rush."

31. Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned
“I’ve had some bad relationships in the past and I’ve learned a ton from them and I’m applying all those lessons to my relationship with Johnny,” she explained.

32. The Future

The Future
“I want this to last and we’re taking it at the appropriate pace and I’m excited to see what the future holds."

33. The Real Deal?

The Real Deal?
It's hard to say if these two will last, because honestly, we've heard this kind of thing before from various Teen Mom cast members -- we all know how Jenelle always says that whatever new guy she gets with is different and her one true soulmate, but then it turns out he's garbage, just like the rest of the guys she's been with. Is Briana the same way?

34. Maybe Not!

Maybe Not!
We don't think so -- from what we know of him, this Johnny actually seems to be a pretty big sweetheart.

35. So Sweet!

So Sweet!
During his most recent visit, he gave her this painting he had done of Briana's daughters, and isn't that just the sweetest thing?

36. Actual Goals?!

Actual Goals?!
Along with the painting, he gave her a heartfelt note about what a great mother she is, and how much he admires her for it. What an amazing thing to say, right?

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