Farrah Abraham: I Put in WORK! Hard! My Daughter Has No Idea!

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Farrah Abraham has often been criticized for being a bad mother.

This is what happens when you work in the world of amateur adult entertainment and also when you pose your 10-year old daughter in underwear for the whole world to see.

Along these lines, the former Teen Mom star confessed in a recent YouTube vlog that she actually does have some room to improve as a parent -- but not for any of the reasons you may think.

Not because she goes around exploiting her daughter, Sophia, or anything like that.

But because she hasn't done a sufficint job teaching Sophia about having a strong work ethic, the sort of worth ethic she, Farrah, has always possessed.

Yes, Abraham is serious.

Scroll down to learn her thoughts on this matter...

1. Farrah and Sophia Have an Interesting Relationship

Farrah and Sophia Have an Interesting Relationship
Farrah has said her child likes to snap pictures of her mom posing nude... has dressed Sophia up in inappropriate outfits... and has generally acted as if Sophia is her little play thing, with which she can do anything as long as it garners her attention.

2. We Make Fun of Farrah Often for This Relationship

We Make Fun of Farrah Often for This Relationship
But she's never placed Sophia in danger and the two do seem to be very close.


... there have been signs of tension between mother and daughter. During a recent Instagram Live video, Sophia was heard telling her mom: "You just like to lie on social media. And you like to gossip about me on Live all the time."

4. Take It Away, Farrah

Take It Away, Farrah
On a March 19, vlog, Farrah said the following: “I’m doing this TV project right now and I got to learn so much more about my daughter, Sophia, and how I always feel like as mom — I’m kind of speaking to moms, some of you aren’t parents, I get it."

5. I'm SO Great, But...

I'm SO Great, But...
“But there’s, like, this whole thing where you feel like you’ve shared all that you can share and you feel like you’ve helped all that you can help like with your kids. I feel like I’m an amazing mom but here’s the thing."

6. A Revelation!

A Revelation!
“I had kind of a breakdown today, literally like lost it, because Sophia, like, totally forgot that I went to college. She totally forgot, like, what I have my degrees in." (Editor's Note: We also forgot this.)

7. How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?
“She acted like she purely, just like, just was random and existed out of nowhere,” the single mother sort of randomly added.

8. So Many Questions...

So Many Questions...
"But I’m, like, wondering to myself,” Abraham said. “Why is my daughter, like, straight up … like I wish Sophia all the best, I support her in everything she does, just when you kind of lie about your mom and you’re kind of like, ‘I don’t know how my mom got here, she’s just here, I’m just here.'"

9. I Just Work and Work and Work

I Just Work and Work and Work
“Just like, we all know that I’ve worked really, really, really hard … Like look, I’m working as hard as this chick is with the kayak right now,” said Farrah, as she hilariously panned her camera towards two kayakers in the water under the bridge on which she was shooting.

10. Farrah Gets Deep

Farrah Gets Deep
“But I’m like, OK, so Sophia totally forgot she’s Italian, totally forgot she travels the world, totally forgot that her mom has a degree in what the focus is, I’m not gonna say, it doesn’t really matter, I guess. Nothing matters! We just all exist."

11. Good Vibrations?

Good Vibrations?
Adds Farrah: "But I had, like, a vibe with Soph and I was like, ‘Just so you know.' I’m, like, I never tell Sophia like, you hurt my feelings, you really have no idea how hard I’ve worked, but today, when she totally forgot, like, all this stuff that I strived through.”

12. Thank You... Teen Mom?

Thank You... Teen Mom?
"Through, like, Teen Mom was a show, but I also had a real life,” Farrah went on. “I was hustling, because to me, Teen Mom was just a show, but it’s changed the world. It’s still going and I’m grateful and thankful."

13. Continued Farrah, Making Little Sense:

Continued Farrah, Making Little Sense:
"So Sophia now has this great opportunity, I love her so much, I’m supporting her in it, and when she was not understanding and not paying tribute or being grateful. I think I have a big thing right now about gratitude in my life."

14. Preach Farrah!

Preach Farrah!
"You probably should be grateful for every little experience, grateful for your heritage, grateful for your background, grateful for your grandma, grateful for your mom," she said of her daughter.

15. A Lesson for Sophia

A Lesson for Sophia
"I just don’t want Sophia being entitled, thinking she should just have stuff given. I think that’s where I was coming from."

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