Jenelle Evans Throws Gun-Themed Party for Her Son

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Jenelle Evans probably loves her kids.

We've never really doubted this, despite all the ways in which she and husband David Eason have placed young Kaiser, Ensley and Jace in danger.

The former Teen Mom star may love herself more. And she may be a victim of abuse who is almost mentally incapable of leaving Eason and actually doing the right thing for her children.

But still.

None of this means she doesn't care deeply about her sons and daughter; she just doesn't really know how to be a good parent.

The latest case in point?

Jace just turned 10 years old and Evans threw her first-born a party --  that may not exactly have been appropriate.

Scroll down for details.

1. Celebrating Jace

Celebrating Jace
Jenelle Evans, David, Maryssa and Kaiser help little Jace turn 10 years old in this photo. Yup, he is now in double digits. And he's learning how to shoot a gun, apparently, even if it's fake.

2. 10 YEARS OLD!

Wrote Jenelle as a caption to this photo montage: "#HappyBirthday to this very special boy! You’re the best son and best big brother anyone could ask for. You might be getting older but you’ll always be my #LittleMan Here’s to another year of getting older! #StopGrowing #TimeFlies."

3. Guns for My Kids!

Guns for My Kids!
Yes, Jenelle really did throw a gun-themed party for her son. Nerf guns, that is. But still.

4. Kaiser is Armed

Kaiser is Armed
Yes, again, this is a toy gun. But critics are asking: Why even set him down that path at all?

5. Good God

Good God
Who out there thinks THIS is a good idea?

6. Jace Does Look Happy at Least

Jace Does Look Happy at Least
Probably because he's only 8 years away from emancipation, you know?

7. Why is This a Bad Idea?

Why is This a Bad Idea?
We mean, in our opinion, kids should be discouraged in general from the idea of guns and shooting and seeing these items as anything enjoyable.

8. But for This Family in Particular?!?

But for This Family in Particular?!?
Eason just shot and murdered the family's dog just a few months ago. Guns play a major role around the house in which Jenelle and David are raising their kids.

9. There are 2 Points That Can Be Made Here

There are 2 Points That Can Be Made Here
The first: Shouldn't one learn how to properly handle a gun in this case? Safety is important, right?

10. And the Second Point?

And the Second Point?
Jace actually does not live with David and Jenelle.

11. He Doesn't?

He Doesn't?
Nope. He hasn't for years. Jenelle's mother, Barbara, is Jace's primary caregiver.

12. But He's Still Being Influence by Eason

But He's Still Being Influence by Eason
"Me and Jace had a blast killing squirrels yesterday! He has a great shot!" wrote Eason as a caption to a photo in January 2019. "I taught him how to skin and clean them, and yes we do eat these critters. They are actually very delicious, got em on marinate right now!"

13. Eason Also Wants to Adopt Jace

Eason Also Wants to Adopt Jace
During an Instagram Q&A with fans on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 Evans revealed that Eason wants to adopt her 9-year-old son “one day.” God help him.

14. Barbara May Have a Say in That, However

Barbara May Have a Say in That, However
In May 2019, a source says that “Barbara is still in contact with [the people from MTV] and she said that since Jenelle isn’t leaving David, she can’t allow Jace to go see Jenelle because she knows that will mean Jace will be around David because "she was horrified [about the dog’s murder].”

15. Moreover:

“Barbara told Jenelle she is contacting her attorney to get something in place banning David from being around Jace,” this same insider said just three months ago.

16. Jenelle is Coming for Her Oldest, Though

Jenelle is Coming for Her Oldest, Though
After regaining custody of her second two kids, Evans told Us Weekly that she's focused on building a stronger relationship with Jace and is also “planning on getting full custody" one day.

17. Could This Actually Happen?

Could This Actually Happen?
Anything can happen. A court does typically try to keep kids with their biological mother.

18. Evans is an Exceptional Case, However

Evans is an Exceptional Case, However
And we mean this in the most negative sense possible.

19. How So?

How So?
She's done a lot of drugs in the past. She's stuck with Eason even after he almost definitely broke her collarbone last fall and then, as previously stated, MURDERED HIS FAMILY'S DOG.

20. Kids on the Farm

Kids on the Farm
It's not ALL fake firearm play for these kids at least. Here they are with a few farm animals.

21. Happy Birthday from Grandma

Happy Birthday from Grandma
Barbara sent her love to Jace as well, sharing this picture on her Instagram page and writing as a caption: "Jace at his Nerf Warrior Birthday Party Today 10 already Great Great Time.!!!"

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