Chris Lopez: Kailyn Lowry Is NOT Pregnant With My Baby! It's All Lies!

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For several weeks now, Teen Mom 2 fans have been abuzz over news that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fourth child.

According to the rumors circulating on social media, not only is Kail pregnant, she's pregnant by Chris Lopez.

Not only that, she reportedly conceived right around the time she filed for a restraining order against Lopez.

Not only that, news of the pregnancy was made public by Lopez's aunt as an act of revenge.

You can see why this situation has attracted so much attention online.

But interestingly, Kail and Chris both refrained from commenting on the situation. Until now ...

Take a look:

1. Breaking His Silence

Breaking His Silence
Chris Lopez is finally speaking out on the rumor that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with his child. And Teen Mom 2 fans are likely to be shocked by his comments.

2. Kail In Crisis

Kail In Crisis
The latest drama in Lowry's life began when a woman identified as Lopez's aunt posted a pic that she claimed showed Kail's latest ultrasound.

3. Called Out

Called Out
“Wanna give a big congratulations to @kailynsfamily on the new addition [due] july 25.. Cant wait to meet baby number 2 for us- 4 for her,” the aunt captioned this photo on Instagram.

4. Doing the Math

Doing the Math
The "2 for us, 4 for her" comment seemed to reference the fact that Kail already has one child with Chris, and this would be her fourth kid overall.

5. Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Naturally, the post was widely circulated, and fans who did some digging noted that the nail polish in the photo matches the shade that Kail was rocking back in December.

6. Flashback

No doubt the whole experience has dredged up some unpleasant memories for Kail, who attempted to conceal her third pregnancy, but was called out by co-star Jenelle Evans.

7. Unofficial Confirmation?

Unofficial Confirmation?
When Lowry refused to explicitly deny the rumors, many fans assumed that she was allowing her silence to speak for her.

8. A Confusing Controversy

A Confusing Controversy
Indeed, there was a time when it seemed that, by keeping mum, Kail was confirming that she was pregnant. But that's no longer the case ...

9. Hitting Back

Hitting Back
Earlier this week, Chris took to Instagram to break his silence on the rumor that Kail is knocked up with his second child. He has apparently been released from jail after getting arrested for violating Kail's restraining order against him.

10. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
“Nobody is pregnant,” he revealed, according to a new report by UK newspaper The Sun. “I don’t know about these rumors you all are hearing about.”

11. No More Drama

No More Drama
Adding that he'll be on Teen Mom 2 “a little bit” in the show's upcoming season, Lopez added, “I want to be done with the drama. I’m done with the drama. I can’t f-ck with nothing Teen Mom no more.”

12. Signs of Stress

Signs of Stress
At that point, Chris appeared to become distressed, and he begged his followers to simply leave him alone.

13. A Plea For Privacy

A Plea For Privacy
“Can y’all just leave me alone Please? I’m done. Everyone unfollow me," he stated.

14. A Victim of Lies?

A Victim of Lies?
"I just want to be forgotten. Life is crazy," Lopez added. "Half the sh-t being said about me isn’t true. I just want to be done with all this sh-t.”

15. A Twist in the Narrative

A Twist in the Narrative
At that point, Chris made an unexpected comment that's still being debated by Teen Mom 2 fans.

16. What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?
“I was having a boy," he added. Needless to say, the remark left many of his followers deeply confused.

17. More to the Story?

More to the Story?
Some have interpreted the remark to mean that Kail was recently pregnant, but isn't any longer.

18. Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line
We won't engage in any speculation as to whether she had an abortion or suffered a miscarriage, but the folks on Twitter have been happy to do exactly that.

19. Another Possibility

Another Possibility
It's also possible that when he said he was having a boy, Chris was referring to another woman he had gotten pregnant.

20. Intense Scrutiny

Intense Scrutiny
Whatever the case, there's more pressure and scrutiny on Kail than ever before, and the timing couldn't be worse.

21. Tough Times

Tough Times
Lowry and co-host Lindsie Chrisley are currently locked in a legal battle over the future of their popular Coffee Convos podcast.

22. Ongoing Battle

Ongoing Battle
The case is shrouded in mystery, but it's serious enough that the show has been on hiatus for several weeks.

23. Biding Her Time

Biding Her Time
So it's possible that Lowry is keeping quiet simply because she'd prefer to address the matter on her show, not in a tweet thread.

24. Multi-tasking

Whatever the case, we're sure dealing with a court case and a new slate of pregnancy rumors at the same time is not Kail's ideal situation.

25. A Vain Hope

A Vain Hope
It seems likely that Kail will clarify the matter in the near future -- but here's hoping she's able to find a modicum of privacy and respite in the meantime.

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