Farrah Abraham: Broke as Crap But Still Tryna Keep Up Appearances!

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Shopping sprees in Paris, gondola rides in Venice ... Farrah Abraham is living the life.

Or is she?

Some fans think Farrah has simply mastered the art of misleading her fans on social media.

They don't necessarily doubt that Farrah was in Europe recently.

They just don't think she's living it up as much as she claims.

And recent revelations about Abraham's financial situation seem to support their claims.

Whatever the case, we all wish Farrah would stop involving Sophia in her petty little schemes.

Take a look:

1. Farrah: Broke With Expensive Taste

Farrah: Broke With Expensive Taste
Farrah Abraham has been posting pics and videos from her latest trip to Europe. But some fans think she's figured misrepresenting her life.

2. Farrah In Paris

Farrah In Paris
If you can get past the fact that Farrah made her 10-year-old daughter take a picture of her cleavage, it looks like the place they're staying in is pretty swanky.

3. Stateside

The Abrahams are back in the US now (Farrah would never miss New York Fashion Week), but seem to have spent at least a couple weeks in Europe, beginning with their time at the Venice Film Festival.

4. What's the Deal?

What's the Deal?
Naturally, fans have questions -- a LOT of questions. Chief among them -- how the hell is Farrah able to afford all this?

5. Living the Life

Living the Life
"How does she get invited to these things? I don't get it," one fan commented on pics of Farrah at the Venice Fest. We always try to provide you with the best insider info here at THG, but frankly, we have no idea.

6. Concerns for Sophia

Concerns for Sophia
"Did she borrow the money to shop? And what in God’s name is Sophia is wearing?" asked another follower. "By the way isn’t she supposed to be in school? O.M.G this woman is destroying Sophia’s life! No school no friends not being a kid as she should ummm lord help."

7. Homeschool Abroad

Homeschool Abroad
This one we can SORT OF answer. Farrah "homeschools" Sophia -- which probably means the girl gets no education at all, but at least there's not some teacher wondering why she hasn't been in class.

8. The Agenda

The Agenda
Obviously, Farrah's goal is to bring Sophia up to be just like her mom. And sadly, it seems to be working.

9. Brainwashed

“Best mom ever! Best shopping spree! Best photoshoot! Love you Paris #ilovemylife,” Sophia commented on Farrah's recent photos.

10. The Truth

The Truth
Of course, in all likelihood, "Sophia's" comments are actually written by Farrah, so there's still hope that she hasn't completely fallen for her mother's con job.

11. The Reason

The Reason
And what exactly were these two doing in Europe for so long? Well, that's a matter that's sparked considerable debate.

12. All For Sophia

All For Sophia
Farrah says she did it for her daughter, writing, "[Paris] to [NYFW] New dream photo shoot in Paris off to the runway" ... "SOPHIA‘s DREAM PARIS TRIP EIFFEL LIFE PART 2."

13. We Have Doubts

We Have Doubts
Of course, Farrah doesn't know the meaning of the word "selfless," and no one really believes that the trip was entirely for Sophia's benefit.

14. Side-Hustle

As you're probably aware, Farrah has been working in the sex trade for several years, and "business opportunities" have frequently taken her overseas.

15. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
It's been widely suggested that Farrah funded this trip with escort work, but we're hoping even she wouldn't sink so low as to bring her daughter along on a European sex tour.

16. Struggling

Whatever the case, we know that Farrah recently hit hard times, financially-speaking.

17. Hard Times

Hard Times
Two of her businesses -- the clothing store F&S by Farrah and a children's boutique managed by Sophia -- both closed their doors in the past six months.

18. Mounting Debt

Mounting Debt
Both stores were located in the Oaks at Lakeway Mall in Travis County, Texas -- and Farrah is now being sued for back rent in the amount of $100,000.

19. Court Dates Looming

Court Dates Looming
Add that to the lawsuit Farrah is facing for backing out of her celebrity boxing match, and it's clear that the fired Teen Mom OG star could get hit hard in the months to come.

20. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
In other words, it's probably not the greatest time to go on a European shopping spree, and we're hoping the fans who have accused Farrah of photoshopping her pics are right.

21. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
But hey, whatever the case, Farrah is still a more responsible mom than fellow NYFW attendee Jenelle Evans.

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