Nicole Nafziger Still in Quarantine with Azan After 2 Months: How's That Going?

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90 Day Fiance alum Nicole Nafziger's romantic trip to Morocco to see Azan Tefou has stretched from a fortnight into forever.

Two weeks has become two months, and for most of that time, Nicole has been radio silent on Instagram.

We get it -- we're sure that she has been making the most of her time in Morocco.

Unlike some stars, she has better things to do while on lockdown than try her hand at TikTok challenges (though we're sure that she'd be great at them).

However, her silence has led to absurd rumors being spread and some anxiety among her fans as quarantine drags on.

So it's a good thing that, this week, Nicole broke her silence, returning to Instagram with a selfie and some things to say.

Take a look:

1. Finally, word from Nicole!

Finally, word from Nicole!
We don't want to say that we were WORRIED exactly, but after following Nicole's life and story for years, we missed hearing updates from her. And her last real Instagram post was forever ago.

2. First, a quick recap

First, a quick recap
Nicole got to see Azan for the first time in YEARS. She made her plans, exchanged her money, and bought her ticket to fly out to Morocco to see him.

3. Nicole Nafziger Reunited with Azan Tefou

Nicole Nafziger Reunited with Azan Tefou
90 Day Fiance alums Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou pose for this cute couples selfie in Morocco during Nicole's trip in March of 2020.

4. It's a tricky time for that

It's a tricky time for that
Nicole could not have known when she made her plans that a global pandemic would bring everyone's life to a crashing halt. When she boarded her flight, not many people were flying, but it was early March -- planes were still going and she didn't really see a lot of people wearing masks, even at the airport.

5. She had to leave her job behind

She had to leave her job behind
Nicole is a proud member of her local Starbucks team, but she was going on vacation -- a vacation that was only supposed to last for two weeks.

6. This time, May stayed home

This time, May stayed home
May stayed with Nicole's wonderful and loving mother, which made sense as it was -- and turned out to be the best. A six year old can go on vacation, but we can all agree that it's much better for her to spend this time sheltering in place at grandma's than to be locked down in Morocco.

7. Obviously, they're in touch

Obviously, they're in touch
Nicole keeps up with her family every day. We're sure that May misses being able to hug her mom in person, but a lot of families are unable to see and hug each other right now. What matters is that they are all safe.

8. When Nicole first arrived, things were great

When Nicole first arrived, things were great
She enjoyed Moroccan tajine (a stew of meat, vegetables, and fruit) and Moroccan tea. Most of all, she enjoyed Azan's company.

9. It had been so long!

It had been so long!
They're so cute together and you know that, especially after the Grenada trip had to be canceled at the last minute, they had been eager to meet up again.

10. However ...

However ...
About halfway into Nicole's vacay, Morocco shut down bars, restaurants, public gatherings, and grounded all regular air travel. That was in March. It has been more than two months, and Nicole has offered very few updates since things shut down.

11. Now ...

Now ...
For the first time in what feels like an eternity, Nicole has made a new Instagram post with a never-before-seen photo.

12. Nicole is back! (on Instagram)

Nicole is back! (on Instagram)
"Throwback pic to when we could still go to the cafe for a cup of coffee," Nicole's caption to this photo begins, indicating that it very likely dates back to mid-March.

13. Nicole has some questions

Nicole has some questions
"How is everyone? I’ve been away from social media for a while. How’s quarantine life for y’all? Is your state/country opening back up yet?" she asks her fans.

14. The results are a mixed bag.

The results are a mixed bag.
As you can see from this random sampling of Instagram comments, one tells Nicole how lockdown is going in the US (though, to be clear, the folks against safety precautions are just a vocal minority, they are not half), followed by a fan condemning haters, followed by a pointlessly hurtful troll post.

15. And more ...

And more ...
One person wants Nicole to address some absurd rumors, one thinks that she's delusional, and then a Californian and a Swede answer her question. Notably, Sweden never went on lockdown. Their death rate among those infected is well over 10% and, as we all know, we're only a few months into the pandemic.

16. And even more ...

And even more ...
The first is an introvert whose experience is relatable, but we should acknowledge that many people are suffering in lockdown because of depression or other mental health struggles, because they are extraverts who need to "feed" off of human company, or because their domestic situations are toxic or even dangerous. Then a fan mentions not having seen her boyfriend in person for months, an experience that Nicole may find relatable. And finally, someone straight-up asks where Azan is.

17. Can you believe this?

Can you believe this?
Some fans answered her questions, and others had other messages of support, but the vitriol that gets thrown at her ... it's no wonder that Nicole took a break from Instagram.

18. Here's the deal:

Here's the deal:
Some 90 Day couples are toxic, some seem to belong together, and others could go either way if one party or the other makes the right or wrong decision. It's normal for fans to have an opinion.

19. What's NOT normal ...

What's NOT normal ...
... is for fans to bombard a young mother with so much hatred that she can barely stand to look at her own comments because they're accusing her of being a fool or a deadbeat mom or whatever.

20. Moving on ...

Moving on ...
It is our understanding that Nicole is renting her own place, not sheltering directly with Azan. Fortunately, she saved up for this trip, and we did enough research to learn that rent in Morocco is considerably cheaper than it is in most places in the US.

21. There's a lot that we don't know

There's a lot that we don't know
How often do they get to see each other? We hope that it's often, and that they are making the most of this bad global situation.

22. Is she stuck there?

Is she stuck there?
We reported on possible avenues for departing Morocco, but even from the outside, it looked complicated. A lot of Americans (including, by happenstance, an old friend of mine) found themselves abruptly stuck in Europe and elsewhere in March with consulates shrugging because they had received no information or instructions from our blundering executive branch.

23. So ... yeah

So ... yeah
No matter the reason, Nicole was obviously not able at that time to make the emergency flights that the UK offered to Americans (who would have then risked being stuck in London) or the expensive options offered by some airlines for people who need an emergency flight home during the pandemic.

24. WHEN will she come home?

WHEN will she come home?
Reports have made a lot of claims, with one insider suggesting that Nicole may just plant her feet in Morocco and refuse to budge after the pandemic because she loves Azan.

25. That doesn't seem likely

That doesn't seem likely
After all, the 90 Day Fiance star is also a mom. She will of course want to see May as soon as she knows that it is safe and possible for her to travel and be reunited with her sweet 6-year-old. In the meantime, she knows that May is in good hands.

26. One day ...

One day ...
Nicole hopes that the three of them can be together in one place. Because Azan was not able to get a K-1 visa approved, she instead hopes that a spousal visa will get him legal residency in the US.

27. We wish her well!

We wish her well!
Nicole is a sweetheart and, frankly, we'd have understood if she just cut herself off from social media for good after all of the hate that she gets for making her own life choices that don't harm anyone. We hope that she and, well, everyone fare well during this pandemic.

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