Emmy Nominations 2017: Who Got Snubbed?

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We now know which shows and stars have been nominated for Emmy Awards in 2017.

Which means one thing only: It's time to discuss and debate who did NOT nominated for Emmy Awards in 2017.

Which actors, actresses, comedies and/or drama got snubbed from contention this year?

In our opinion... the following ones!

Scroll around to find out how we'd change around some categories, inserting certain nominees over others and honoring what and who has been truly best about television over the past year...

1. Transparent

How did practically every star get nominated and yet not the series itself? Like it's not a much better show than Modern Family, which hasn't really been funny in years?

2. The Americans

The Americans
Like Modern Family, House of Cards continues to receive nominations just... because? Because it's been around for awhile? The Americans is probably the best show on TV.

3. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black
Orange is the New Black also deserved a spot (in Best Drama) over Westworld, which may air on HBO, but which focuses way too much on its mysteries over its character development.

4. Justin Theroux, The Leftovers

Justin Theroux, The Leftovers
Look, we all adore Anthony Hopkins. He's a legend. And he did not put on a better performance in Westworld than Justin Theroux did on Season 3 of The Leftovers.

5. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Fargo

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Fargo
She was the only reason to keep watching Fargo Season 3. We'd have included her over Judy Davis from FEUD.

6. American Crime

American Crime
We all adore FX. But it's a.... well... crime that FEUD was nominated for Best Limited Series over American Crime.

7. Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel
We're gonna pick on House of Cards again. The Bates Model star deserved a nod over Robin Wright. Just look at that photo above!

8. Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
She won a Golden Globe, which is pretty amazing, really. But Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is more creative, original and funnier than about 98 percent of what's on TV. She should be in. Jane Fonda should be out.

9. Michael McKean, Better Call Saul

Michael McKean, Better Call Saul
Who knew this comedic actor could be so dramatic? And affecting?!? The way he made us hate him totally deserved recognition over Ron Cephas Jones from This Is Us.

10. The Good Place

The Good Place
We're a bit on the fence over this one, but we'd put it in Best Comedy over Master of None only because it's funnier. Master of None isn't really a comedy. The point when watching a sitcom is to laugh, right?

11. Aubrey Plaza, Legion

Aubrey Plaza, Legion
She scared the ish out of us on this FX drama. Can we start a petition to get her included over Thandie Newton?

12. Carrie Coon, The Leftovers

Carrie Coon, The Leftovers
This one is easy: she should replace Carrie Coon from Fargo! (Yes, we know those roles are nominated in different categories. But still.)

13. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why
Couldn't they have made up a Most Controversial Show category for this year only, just to at least recognize the conversation around this Netflix drama?

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