Emily Wilkinson: Meet Baker Mayfield's Hottie of a Girlfriend!

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How is this for delicious irony?

Baker Mayfield is one of the best quarterback prospects in the country.

And yet we aren't focused at the moment on his ability to throw, but rather his ability to reel in a beautiful catch!

Her name is Emily Wilkinson.

She works as a "patient coordinator" for a plastic surgery medical practice, according to her Instagram profile, and she has nearly 120,000 followers on this platform.

But we have a feeling that number will grow significantly after Mayfield becomes a starting NFL starting quarterback.

With that in mind, we figured we'd jump on the Emily Wilkinson bandwagon before it got too crowded.

Click through her sizzling photos below:

1. Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson
Hello there, Emily Wilkinson! This attractive blond is dating Baker Mayfield. What a lucky guy, huh?

2. Emily Wilkinson Picture

Emily Wilkinson Picture
Emily Wilkinson works as a "patient coordinator." But she's simply working IT in this photo on Instagram.

3. Emily Wilkinson and Baker Mayfield

Emily Wilkinson and Baker Mayfield
Emily Wilkinson and Baker Mayfield pose here for a sweet and romantic photo on the beach. AWWW, right?

4. Emily Wilkinson Photo

Emily Wilkinson Photo
Emily Wilkinson can expect her Instagram follower count to go up significant, due to the football throwing process of her boyfriend.

5. Out and Also About

Out and Also About
Emily Wilkinson is out and about in this photo. We sure wish we were out and about with her!

6. Chillin with Baker

Chillin with Baker
Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson make for a rather good looking couple, don't you think?

7. Ready for a Run

Ready for a Run
How does Emily Wilkinson maintain the figure that has made her so popular online? Going for runs on the beach can't hurt!

8. Emily Wilkinson, Some Filter

Emily Wilkinson, Some Filter
Emily Wilkinson did not include a caption with this photo. But she didn't need to, right? Such beauty!

9. Taking a Sip

Taking a Sip
Look, we don't want to get overly graphic here. So let us just say the following: we really wish we were this straw.

10. Emily Wilkinson Laughs

Emily Wilkinson Laughs
Baker Mayfield is a fortunate man, isn't he? Why? Because he gets to go to bed at night with Emily Wilkinson.

11. Emily Wilkinson Image

Emily Wilkinson Image
Do we have a winner for hottest photo of Emily Wilkinson? It sure looks that way, doesn't it? Impressive.

12. Sizzlin Selfie

Sizzlin Selfie
Baker Mayfield snapped this selfie of himself and Emily Wilkinson. Which half of the couple is luckier, huh?

13. Hiking!

Emily Wilkinson shared this picture on social media a few weeks before Mayfield showed off his skills at the NFL Combine.

14. With a Mask On

With a Mask On
Emily Wilkinson is reppin here for her plastic surgery practice. It's a cute photo. But we like seeing her face better.

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