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Weeks ago, Deavan Clegg revealed her chilling allegations that her ex, Jihoon Lee, had attacked and abused her young daughter.

This was the reason for their abrupt breakup earlier this year.

Now, notorious 90 Day Fiance alum Leida Margaretha has leaked pages of her alleged conversation history with Deavan.

The DMs that Deavan has made are consistent with all that has been reported about that distressing 3am incident that ended their marriage.

But there is so much more, including Deavan’s allegations that Jihoon is trying to do anything to save face, from conspiring with a YouTuber to trying to hack her iCloud to delete evidence.

Deavan sent Leida apparent screenshots of texts from Jihoon in which he told her that he didn’t want to see more of Taeyang in in which he declared “f–k America.”

Most distressing of all, there is a photo of Drascilla — a still from a video — that Deavan shared with Leida, showing bruising and a significant swathe of missing hair.

Leida has made this public for her own reason (she is also actively feuding with John Yates), while Deavan never intended for her DMs to Leida to go public.

Content Warning: this article contains upsetting details and statements as well as a very distressing image (of Drascilla’s injuries).