90 Day Fiance Shocker: Deavan Clegg DMs Leaked by Leida Margaretha, Jihoon Abuse Allegations Confirmed

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Weeks ago, Deavan Clegg revealed her chilling allegations that her ex, Jihoon Lee, had attacked and abused her young daughter.

This was the reason for their abrupt breakup earlier this year.

Now, notorious 90 Day Fiance alum Leida Margaretha has leaked pages of her alleged conversation history with Deavan.

The DMs that Deavan has made are consistent with all that has been reported about that distressing 3am incident that ended their marriage.

But there is so much more, including Deavan's allegations that Jihoon is trying to do anything to save face, from conspiring with a YouTuber to trying to hack her iCloud to delete evidence.

Deavan sent Leida apparent screenshots of texts from Jihoon in which he told her that he didn't want to see more of Taeyang in in which he declared "f--k America."

Most distressing of all, there is a photo of Drascilla -- a still from a video -- that Deavan shared with Leida, showing bruising and a significant swathe of missing hair.

Leida has made this public for her own reason (she is also actively feuding with John Yates), while Deavan never intended for her DMs to Leida to go public.

Content Warning: this article contains upsetting details and statements as well as a very distressing image (of Drascilla's injuries).

1. Deavan gave up her marriage to protect her kids

Deavan gave up her marriage to protect her kids
Initially, Deavan was extremely reluctant to speak at all about her breakup from Jihoon. In fact, there was a time when things seemed amicable. That was before Jihoon's lengthy rant in which he seemed to preemptively defend himself against accusations that no one had actually made in public.

2. Jihoon got angry

Jihoon got angry
Though Deavan's public statements had been vague, referring to her desire to heal and Drascilla's healing as well, Jihoon -- likely in response to fans bombarding him with a mixture of questions and accusations -- accused Deavan of lying about him. Again, she truly had not said much about him by this point. But he lashed out with his own version of events.

3. Only then did Deavan respond

Only then did Deavan respond
Replying to The Hollywood Gossip's coverage of Jihoon's rant, Deavan clarified that incidents that Jihoon described were not the true cause of their split ... and that what had really happened had gone down at 3am. Later, a single screenshot leaked in which Deavan appeared to confide in someone that Jihoon had attacked Drascilla when she got up for water. It was officially a child-abuse allegation and it chilled fans to their cores.

4. As for the leaker

As for the leaker
Few 90 Day Fiance fans can forget Leida Margaretha, whose story arc led to her kicking her new man's teenage daughter out of her own home. Leida has had a degree of friendship with Deavan ... but it has led to her leaking a screen recording of their private conversations. You can see details from that leak here:

5. About Jihoon's rant

About Jihoon's rant
Remember Jihoon's massive rant in his Instagram Stories? According to Deavan, he didn't actually write it himself. This actually confirms what many fans have suspected. Some theorized that he was drunk at the time, which might explain the rant happening, but Deavan says that Jihoon just had someone write it for him, which is why there is so much in English. Of course, that didn't stop his claims from having some apparent inconsistencies.

6. Why did Deavan go after a YouTuber?

Why did Deavan go after a YouTuber?
There have been a number of sick, twisted people who have said vile things about Drascilla, a preschool-aged girl. Apparently, a YouTuber was among them. While "crotch-goblin" is a generic term that "proud" child-haters use to refer to children, we cannot fault Deavan for feeling offended. Even if you for some disturbing reason find that you resent a small child, name-calling a little kid is effed up.

7. She's getting lawyers involved

She's getting lawyers involved
According to Deavan, a particular YouTuber has been conspiring with Jihoon to help his public image -- in part by disparaging Deavan and Drascilla. This is also when Deavan confirms that she is pursuing a child-abuse case against Jihoon in Korea, where the harrowing incident that ended their marriage took place.

8. Everything he posted was a "sick lie"

Everything he posted was a "sick lie"
In his rant, Jihoon described an incident in which he pulled on Drascilla's hair to make a point about why one shouldn't pull hair. That shouldn't have happened, of course, but Deavan says that this is not what happened. She says that what ended her marriage to Jihoon happened at 3am, involved him attacking Drascilla and ripping out hair and hitting her before locking himself in the other room with Taeyang and threatening to kill himself and their son.

9. And there is evidence for all of this

And there is evidence for all of this
From Deavan's call to the police to recordings of their arguments (something that Deavan seems to have been in a habit of doing -- which, if it's legal where you are, isn't necessarily a bad idea depending upon your situation) to photos and videos of poor little Drascilla's injuries.

10. Also? A lot of texts from Jihoon

Also? A lot of texts from Jihoon
"F--k off" and "I really f--king hate you" are among the text messages that Jihoon appears to have sent to Deavan.

11. WOW

"F--k TLC f--k America f--k you all," another text reads. In the same screenshot, we see Jihoon appear to write "You know what? I can't raise my son." Before this screenshot surfaced, Jihoon preemptively claimed that this line was mistranslated. Perhaps it was. But this also seems to confirm that these screenshots are legitimate.

12. Then he cut contact

Then he cut contact
After Jihoon told her that the conversation is over, Deavan asked "you really don't want to be in his life?" Though given what happened to Drascilla, many feel that this would be for the best, it is still heartbreaking to hear someone say that they're not interested in their own child.

13. Ugh

It also appears that Jihoon questions why Deavan wants him to still consider Taeyang his son when Deavan herself has "a new man." That's not how being a parent works, first of all. Then, it appears that Jihoon tells Deavan that he doesn't want to see photos of Taeyang, either.

14. (By the way ...)

(By the way ...)
This is Topher Park, Deavan's new man. Months after she returned from Korea, she and Topher began dating. He has been described as an actor, though Deavan has recently noted that he hasn't acted in a few years so she'd like for people to stop implying that this is some sort of "entertainment industry couple."

15. This is so awful

This is so awful
In Leida's screen recording, she zooms in on what appears to be bruising and an expanse of missing hair on the side of Drascilla's head.

16. It's just part of the evidence that she is taking to court

It's just part of the evidence that she is taking to court
Deavan does not want to jeopardize her court case by airing all that she has publicly, but she did share a single screenshot of a video with Leida. She also says that Jihoon ripped out TWO handfuls of Drascilla's hair.

17. "Those are bruises"

"Those are bruises"
No one who has watched her season of 90 Day Fiance is going to vote Leida as Mother of the Year or even Reasonably Pleasant Person of the Minute, but her apparent horror really comes through in her sympathetic and alarmed reactions to Deavan. (Apparently, they had a falling out, as Leida leaked all of this)

18. She doesn't keep the evidence on her phone

She doesn't keep the evidence on her phone
Allegedly, Jihoon already tried to hack her iCloud in an unsuccessful effort to delete all of the evidence of the attack on Drascilla. Hopefully, in addition to Deavan's cautious multiple copies, she has already turned over copies of all of her evidence to attorneys.

19. She's not playing social media games

She's not playing social media games
Additionally, Deavan confirms that Jihoon has continued is felonious phone side hustle in Korea.

20. TLC knows all of this

TLC knows all of this
TLC is paying for Drascilla's therapy and opted to pay Deavan for the Tell All although she did not attend. Deavan didn't go because, well, Jihoon was fired and couldn't go. After airing an entire season of Geoffrey Paschel, it seems that 90 Day Fiance is being a little more careful.

21. Deavan's not interested in the court of public opinion

Deavan's not interested in the court of public opinion
She doesn't want to play social media games, she wants to win in court and be vindicated that way. She also has no interest in continuing her reality career.

22. On top of everything ...

On top of everything ...
A recent but unconfirmed report has claimed that production's editing choices about the "Drascilla ran off" storyline, in which editing did not contextualize what happened and made it appear that both Deavan and Elicia were overreacting when their response was to a different incident that was not filmed, was in fact malicious -- some sort of twisted retaliation over production's difficulties in filming for long hours when one of the stars is a small child. If this is true, that is a disturbing claim.

23. See Leida's full video

Here is her screen recording of her conversation history with Deavan. It appears to be legitimate as many of its contents match up with what we have heard elsewhere. This is an upsetting situation on so many levels.

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