90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Sumit's Parents Will NEVER Accept Jenny!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way went on midseason hiatus weeks ago.

Now, Season 2 is back and picking up where we left off.

Sumit lays out his case to his parents, begging them to accept Jenny.

Kenneth and Armando go to pick up Hannah, where Kenny will meet Armando's family for the first time.

Brittany's lies are catching up with her even as she returns to Chicago for a court summons that she hopes will put her marriage behind her.

Melyza realizes that she has to come clean with Tim about what she did while the two of them were "on a break."

Ariela gets scary news and will need emergency surgery to save her and the baby.

1. Jenny Slatten and Sumit

Jenny Slatten and Sumit
Sumit has gone to speak to his parents, and though they are allowing themselves to be filmed for the first time, Jenny is very much not invited. She sits and waits nervously.

2. Sumit makes his case

Sumit makes his case
He speaks to his parents about how much he loves Jenny and wants to be with her. Remember, they've been a couple since, what, 2013? This was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and possibly even in late 2019. That's six years of a relationship.

3. They can't ignore her

They can't ignore her
Sumit explains to them that simply wishing that she were out of the picture is not going to work. She's not an outsider or an interloper. She is the love of his life.

4. Unfortunately . . .

Unfortunately . . .
"I will never accept Jenny," Sumit's mother insists. They agreed to his divorce and are paying for it, but they cannot get past the age gap.

5. Society won't let them be together

Society won't let them be together
Sumit very correctly asks why society's ideas about young men (relatively young; he's in his 30s) marrying older women should rob him of his happiness. He's right.

6. This is deeply depressing

This is deeply depressing
His father fatalistically says that they cannot change society. That kind of attitude is a recipe for misery -- accepting society's judgments without pushing back. Plus, societies change all of the time. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, often for both at the same time in different areas. A key part of that is people being brave enough to live their lives.

7. This is a beautiful analogy

This is a beautiful analogy
But some fruiting plants can bear other fruits, if someone successfully grafts a cutting from another tree to it. Also, people aren't mango trees.

8. Sumit won't stop

Sumit won't stop
At times growing very heated, he does promise that he's not going to give up on Jenny, but that he also wants his parents in his life no matter what.

9. It's a difficult talk

It's a difficult talk
Sumit at one point holds his crying mother. On the one hand, it's hard to watch somebody's mom cry. On the other, she's tearful because she doesn't like her grown adult son's girlfriend, so you have to put it into perspective. It's like if I cried because a friend of mine ordered a type of pizza that I don't like. I don't have to eat it and it's not my business.

10. Sumit meets up with Jenny

Sumit meets up with Jenny
He tells her about how emotional it got, and how society has his parents wrapped around its finger. He also defends social consciousness to Jenny, saying that there are upsides. He's not wrong. The US may have an absurd amount of cultural reinforcement of ideas like community and family over all else, but we're much more individualistic when compared to the rest of the world. There are many upsides to that. Unfortunately, it also means that some people think that their right to be a contrarian during a pandemic is more important than someone else's right to not be exposed to a deadly virus. (Though, to be clear, individualism is just one small piece of that puzzle)

11. Sumit will never stop fighting

Sumit will never stop fighting
He wants his parents to accept Jenny. He's never going to choose one over the other, even though his parents want him to.

12. Jenny still has her fears

Jenny still has her fears
Ever since that time that Sumit's family showed up and whisked him away during Season 1, she has this worry that they will go even further to keep them apart.

13. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
These two are driving anxiously to see Armando's family. Their main goal is to pick up Hannah, Armando's young daughter, who has been staying with his sister while Armando set things up at the new home in anticipation of Kenneth's arrival. But while Kenneth has already met Hannah, this is his first time meeting the rest of Armando's family.

14. They're not alone

They're not alone
Truffles is so precious and cute and we're just including this screenshot because it's adorable.

15. Armando has a lot of fears

Armando has a lot of fears
He has only just come out to his family (admittedly, not for the first time, but the first time didn't go so well), and has no idea how they will react to Kenneth. They also do not know that he is engaged. Armando also explains to viewers that the reason that he has not moved to the US with Kenny, which would in many ways be easier (Armando knows English very well while Kenneth does not know much Spanish at all), is because of Hannah. She doesn't know English. Additionally, she only recently lost her mother, so he wants to remain close to family.

16. Meeting the family is ... awkward

Meeting the family is ... awkward
Different people fulfill different social niches when they meet their families. But between the inherent awkwardness of the cameras being there and them meeting Kenneth for the first time, it's a little uncomfortable because no one knows what to say after the initial greetings.

17. Also

Kenneth not knowing Spanish does make it hard to chat with his family. He's the first to admit that he wishes that he knew more. He obviously never expected to fall in love with a man in Mexico and move there. He's also, well, a good deal older. It's hard to learn a new language on the fly when you're well into your fifties.

18. They try to meet Armando's dad

They try to meet Armando's dad
His mom is the one to do the heavy lifting here, insisting that his dad come out. His "tired" excuse was, well, tired. It was also transparent.


They can clearly hear "I don't want to go out." Kenny may not be able to understand him, but Armando can certainly hear what his father is saying about him.

20. He does come outside

He does come outside
Armando Sr. greets his son ... but acted as if Kenneth did not exist. Kenny later remarks that he felt like Armando's dad was looking right through him.

21. And that's it

And that's it
He pops out and then goes back inside. We can acknowledge that he's an older man who may be living in a more conservative community. We also also affirm that this explanation is not an excuse.

22. Armando announces the engagement

Armando announces the engagement
He shares the news with his family, clearly working up the courage to share it with them and blurting it out before he loses his nerve. His mother begins to cry, which is ... not great.

23. His family's reaction is ... complicated

His family's reaction is ... complicated
His aunt states that she likes Kenny, but she's putting herself in Armando's mother's shoes and feels sorry for her, and thinks that the whole family will take time to adjust.

24. Armando's mother wishes that he'd told her one-on-one

Armando's mother wishes that he'd told her one-on-one
Armando wanted his whole family to know that they're invited to the wedding of course. However, his mom may not be considering how hard it was for him to say. Armando is such a sweet, shy person afraid of rejection, and he spent decades of his life forced to live a lie. He was afraid that if he didn't tell them all then and there, they'd find out that he's engaged when the season aired.

25. Brittany Banks without Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany Banks without Yazan Abo Horira
Brittany arrives in Chicago and is picked up by her mother at the airport.

26. In case you need a reminder

In case you need a reminder
Brittany has told Yazan that she's returned to the US to see her sister's baby. But actually, that's not the truth -- she's there because an email summoned her to court over her divorce. She's hoping to handle this quickly and finally be legally divorced.

27. She updates her mother on things

She updates her mother on things
"Life is for living, and it's very gloomy these days," is a hell of a line, like something out of an old-timey black and white movie where everyone's waistlines are up to their ribs.

28. She tells her mom almost everything

She tells her mom almost everything
This includes the way that Yazan's parents treated her, and the sudden barrage of ultimatums and expectations that Yazan had not warned her about before.

29. Her mom responds

Her mom responds
Brittany's mother acknowledges that her daughter is not likely to convert, and that Yazan shouldn't want her to change if he actually wants to be with her. She does note that Brittany owes him the truth -- and she promises that she will do that ... eventually.

30. Brittany goes to court ...

Brittany goes to court ...
She hopes to emerge from court divorced. Instead, she walks out of the building learning that some of her paperwork was not properly submitted by the clerk, so she's back to square one. This is a nightmare.

31. Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
Tim goes in for an interview with a prospective employer. He and Melyza are truly not ready to marry, so he will need to find a company willing to sponsor him on a work visa in order for him to be able to work in Columbia.

32. Melyza, in the meantime, has something to share

Melyza, in the meantime, has something to share
She sits down with her brother, Miguel (yes, he is a model) and his friend, David (if he's not a model, he should be) to talk about how to break some uncomfortable news to Tim. (It's not clear if Miguel and David are a couple but David is introduced as Melyza's friend, so let's not start pairing off every pair of attractive people we meet ... that's apparently Carmen Nys' job)

33. Miguel breaks the ice

Miguel breaks the ice
Melyza's entire family knows that he cheated on her (her father was the last to know, and that did not go especially well), but it seems like her brother is more open to Melyza's relationship than their parents are.

34. Melyza needs to tell Tim something

Melyza needs to tell Tim something
She explains to Miguel and David that she's not sure how to broach the subject of having dated people other than Tim after she found out that they had cheated. The two of them didn't talk about some things for a while after Melyza found out about that, but she doesn't want to leave him in the dark.

35. David asks the most important question

David asks the most important question
What was her status with Tim then?

36. They! Were! On! A! Break!

They! Were! On! A! Break!
But the nuance of this still gives Melyza pause because she never officially announced to Tim that she was going to go bone some other dudes.

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