David Eason Threatens to Murder Jenelle Evans' Ex: Will He Go to Jail?

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As he's shown us several times in the past, David Eason is the jealous type when it comes to Jenelle Evans.

When MTV aired a special on Jenelle's exes, David became so enraged that he huffed off and changed his relationship status to "single."

So it should come as no surprise that when one of Jenelle's most memorable former suitors attempted to contact her this week, David lost it and threatened to murder the guy.

Classic Eason. Take a look:

1. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
David and Jenelle have had a LOT of ups and downs over the past few months. But despite the breakup rumors, it seems David is still fiercely protective of his marriage.

2. The Hoax

The Hoax
David and Jenelle recently pretended to have broken up in order to drum up some publicity, but it didn't work, as they failed to conceal the fact that they're obviously still together.

3. Hitting the Drama Lottery

Hitting the Drama Lottery
Fortunately, just days after that charade went bust, some unexpected drama fell right into Jenelle and David's laps.

4. The Headmaster

The Headmaster
Gary Head was engaged to Jenelle for a few weeks in 2012. He was also featured in her "Ex FIles" special that so profoundly pissed off David.

5. Big Mistake

Big Mistake
This week, Gary attempted to contact Jenelle via Twitter. That turned out to be a very bad idea.

6. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
"I need Jenelle to reach out to me ASAP,” Gary tweeted. “I need to have a civil and mature conversation with her. Time heals all wounds except this 1. If any of my followers can make this happen. It would really mean a lot.”

7. The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason
Naturally, David handled the situation with the grace and dignity for which he's become known. Just kidding, he threatened to murder the guy ...

8. The Coward's Way

The Coward's Way
David didn't respond to Gary directly (of course), but he did address the matter in his Instagram Story.

9. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
Yes, David is angry, but he's always angry, and it seems he only gets violent with women. So Gary is probably in the clear.

10. Gary's Story

Gary's Story
So what was it that Gary wanted from Jenelle? A booty call? A rekindled romance? Nah, more like info on a dog breeder ...

11. A Proclamation of Innocence

A Proclamation of Innocence
“It’s nothing like that,” Gary wrote. “She has her life and I have mine but I need to have this conversation. We’ve had each other blocked for years…I’m not trying to be slick or go behind [David’s] back. He can listen in the whole time.”

12. Taking The 12 Steps?

Taking The 12 Steps?
“To anyone I’ve wronged I’m sorry. #ThatIsAll,” he continued. “No I’m not in any type of rehabilitation."

13. Seems Innocent Enough?

Seems Innocent Enough?
"I needed info on a [dog] breeder and if I was allowed [I wanted to] apologize for how things ended. I would have. Only because that’s the mature and right thing to do," Gary added.

14. Stirring the Pot

Stirring the Pot
It wasn't long before some fans brought David's threat to Gary's attention -- and Mr. Head was not happy ...

15. Not the Sharpest Comment, But We Get It ...

Not the Sharpest Comment, But We Get It ...
“What part of time heals EVERYTHING did he not understand?” Gary wrote.

16. On the Case

On the Case
Fortunately, the many, many Twitter users who hate Jenelle and David have also brought the threat to the attention of police.

17. Goin' Down

Goin' Down
David generally has pretty good luck in court, but he's already on the hook for several other charges, and online threats are usually taken quite seriously.

18. Silver Lining?

Silver Lining?
So who knows? Maybe David is finally headed for the slammer. If he gets locked up, that would make Gary Head a national hero.

19. Unlikely Hero

Unlikely Hero
What an unlikely ending for one of Teen Mom 2's most reviled baby daddies.

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