Bristol Palin: Did She Just Quit Teen Mom OG?

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Bristol Palin may be outta there, folks.

Unless, we presume, MTV makes her an offer she cannot refuse.

Following a rocky first season as a member of the Teen Mom OG cast, Palin hinted strongly during an Instagram Q&A this week that she's done with the controversial reality show.

Yes, she made quite a lot of money as one of the program's main stars; $250,000, to be exact, according to reports.

But she also grew sick of being portrayed as a bitter ex-wife to Dakota Meyer, according to Palin herself.

Scroll down to see what Bristol recently said about a second season on Teen Mom OG, and to learn a lot more about the polarizing parent as well...

1. Down with MTV!

Down with MTV!
Palin made it very clear during her opening season stint that she didn't like how she was portrayed on the long-running hit.

2. The Season Was All About Her Divorce

The Season Was All About Her Divorce
Nearly every second spent on Bristol by producers focused on the failure of her marriage to Dakota Meyer, with Palin coming off as rather insensitive for the way she reacted to the veteran's ongoing PTSD.

3. Bristol Tried to Defend Her Reputation on Instagram

Bristol Tried to Defend Her Reputation on Instagram
She famously clapped back at one point against producers, blaming them for focusing on the negative and for purposely making her out to be a villain for the sake of ratings.

4. This is What She Wrote:

This is What She Wrote:
"If I cared what people thought of me, I wouldn’t be here today - let’s be real. I’ve stood strong and held it down for my kids since day one. No matter how bad @teenmom tries to portray my “life” ..... my babies, my family, my close friends - they know the TRUTH."

5. And She Was Far from Finished:

And She Was Far from Finished:
"I’m a pretty great mom, work my ass off, show up, and hustle everyday to give my kids a pretty great life. @mtv doesn’t want to talk about faith, show work ethic, or juggling three kids alone, they don’t want to show the humble process of starting over after a divorce, building a career, or any real life issues."

6. D'uh, Right?!?

D'uh, Right?!?
Had Bristol ever watched Teen Mom before signing on? Or any reality show at all? Of course all storylines are centered on drama, controversy and whatever will bring eyeballs to the screen.

7. MTV Had an Agenda!

MTV Had an Agenda!
Because she effectively replaced despised star Farrah Abraham, Bristol went on to say that producers wanted her to fill Farrah's evil shoes.

8. Save the Drama for... Some Other Mama

Save the Drama for... Some Other Mama
"All they want with my little segment each week is some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS, and it’s simply not true," Palin wrote. "Don’t get me wrong - I’ve said some mean things and learned a lot the last several months - but the life I’ve built for my kids is NOT sitting around talking about baby daddy drama."

9. Screw You, Television!

Screw You, Television!
"Every week is a continued disappointment with their inaccuracies and false narratives. I hate getting all emo on you guys but I’ve kept quiet for too long about it. Don’t believe everything you see on TV," concluded Bristol in this rant.

10. What is Palin Up to These Days?

What is Palin Up to These Days?
She's actually working as a realtor in Austin, Texas, but she just turned to her Instagram Stories to answer a few questions from her followers.

11. The First Asked About Her Future on Teen Mom OG

The First Asked About Her Future on Teen Mom OG
"Will you stick with MTV after the way producers portrayed you?" someone asked, to which Bristol simply shook her head.

12. I'm Not a Reality Star!

I'm Not a Reality Star!
A follow-up question asked if Bristol loved being on reality TV "as a career," which she answered by saying, "100% not my career."

13. For the Record, Though?

For the Record, Though?
Bristol has now appeared on Dancing with the Stars, her very own reality show titled "Life's a Tripp" and, of course, Teen Mom OG. It's sort of become a career.

14. Has MTV Renewed Teen Mom OG?

Has MTV Renewed Teen Mom OG?
Yes, the network has confirmed, despite a drop in ratings last season.

15. Elsewhere in this Q&A...

Elsewhere in this Q&A...
The 28-year-old admitted to using Botox to smooth out her face. "Hellllll ya," she replied when one fan asked whether she ever tried it out. "Anyone who says they don't.. ask them to move their eyebrows."

16. What About Her Stalker?!?

What About Her Stalker?!?
"It's been going on for so many years," she said of another Teen Mom OG storyline. "TBH I was kinda just complaining and vnting about it al. In a weird way - it felt like it took a weight off my shoulders addressing it publically [sic] though. And hearing that I wasn't alone with others facing similar circumstances, reaffirmed that life could always be much worse and I'm thankful light was shed on the whole situation."

17. This Really Was a Scary Situation

This Really Was a Scary Situation
After 100 days on the run, Palin's stalker -- some loser named Shawn Christy -- was arrested in September of 2018.

18. What Have Her Haters Had to Say?

What Have Her Haters Had to Say?
Palin was asked about the "rudest" things critics have said to her or about her, to which Bristol responded: "There has been tooooo many to list. All keyboard warriors, or not smart enough to put it together; 'Wow you look like Sarah Palin's daughter... but way skinnier/she's an idiot/she's a hoe/etc' mmmm thx."

19. As for How She and Dakota are Doing These Days?

As for How She and Dakota are Doing These Days?
Palin actually helped Meyer sell his home in Texas and says she and her ex-husband are doing very well these days.

20. We Really Are Happy to Hear This

We Really Are Happy to Hear This
Bristol has three kids, after all. It's important that Bristol is on good terms with her baby daddies.

21. As for Teen Mom OG?

As for Teen Mom OG?
Do you wanna see Bristol return? Did she bring excitement and newfound interest to the show? Or was she a wild disappointment?

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