David Eason: I'm Better Off Without Jenelle! (And So Is My Daughter!)

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It's only been three weeks since Jenelle Evans announced that she had filed for divorce from David Eason.

But it seems Bad Dad Dave has already adjusted to life alone on The Land.

We suppose that's no great surprise, as Eason never seemed to take much pleasure in his wife's company.

And it's not like Eason is completely alone on the property.

He's got chickens, pigs, whatever dogs he hasn't gotten around to killing yet -- and, of course, his 11-year-old daughter Maryssa.

This morning, David took to Facebook to update fans on how he and Maryssa are faring without Jenelle in their lives.

David being David, he says they're better than ever!

Take a look:

1. The End of a Very Brief Era

The End of a Very Brief Era
David Eason has been living without Jenelle Evans for three weeks now. And there have been non-stop rumors about how he's holding up.

2. Grief

At first, the answer to that question seemed to land somewhere on the scale between "not very well at all" and "on the verge of a full-blown hillbilly breakdown."

3. Bargaining

There was a time when it looked as though David was attempting to win Jenelle back. He posted this pic with a caption reading simply, "I love my wife Jenelle Eason."

4. Anger

Of course, David is basically a human stick of dynamite with a very short fuse, so it wasn't long before he exploded with rage. He posted this rant the same day that he pledged his love with that profile pic.

5. Acceptance

But eventually, David settled down, made peace with his circumstances, and started focusing on the health and happiness of his daughter. Just kidding! He's still pissed, but now he's using Maryssa as a prop.

6. Sudden Bonding

Sudden Bonding
Remember the last time David and Maryssa left The Land and participated in an activity just the two of them? Neither do we! But now it happens all the time!

7. Making Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time
To be fair, David has a lot more time on his hands these days and very few people to spend it with. But that's not the only reason that Maryssa receives so many more mentions in his social media posts these days.

8. The Awkward Pose

The Awkward Pose
Jenelle and Maryssa did little to hide the fact that they were never terribly close. In fact, this is one of very few photos of just the two of them together.

9. Suffering Through

Suffering Through
They both gritted their teeth through family events -- likely for David's benefit; he's a scary guy -- but in the two years that she was with David, Jenelle frequently complained about Maryssa's behavior

10. Standing Her Ground

Standing Her Ground
Maryssa's fondness for indoor activities, her closeness with relatives Jenelle didn't approve ... you name it, Evans griped about it online.

11. Hero Status

Hero Status
And the situation only got worse when Maryssa took the stand and told the truth about life on The Land while the Easons were being investigated by Child Protective Services.

12. Nice Change of Pace

Nice Change of Pace
So when David says he and Maryssa are happier than ever with Jenelle gone, he might actually be telling a half-truth for once.

13. Putting It All Out There

Putting It All Out There
No, we're not putting words in his mouth, folks. David took to Facebook this morning to declare that life on The Land has improved since the departure of Jenelle.

14. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
And like we said, we believe Maryssa might actually be happier without her stepmom around. But something tells us David is not exactly riding high these days.

15. Poor Choice of Words

Poor Choice of Words
Sorry, we should point out that there's a very, very good chance he's high -- what we mean to say is that we doubt he's very happy.

16. A Broken Home

A Broken Home
For one thing, Jenelle took the kids and fled to a different state, which was absolutely the right decision.

17. Free Kai

Free Kai
We're sure David isn't too upset by the absence of his stepson, Kaiser, as he was usually pretty open in his disdain for the boy.

18. The Ensley Factor

The Ensley Factor
But Jenelle also removed Ensley, the daughter whom she shares with Eason. And you can bet Dave's not too happy about that one.

19. Mixed Blessing

Mixed Blessing
Now, David is probably loving the lack of responsibility in his life these days, but you can be sure this situation pissed him off on principle.

20. Unhappy Pappy

Unhappy Pappy
After all, this is not the first, or even the second time he's had children legally removed from his care. So there's precedence here. We know it pisses him off.

21. The Financial Sitch

The Financial Sitch
And of course, the kids aren't the only thing of value that Jenelle took with her. Insiders say she left David without a cent.

22. Oh, Dave

Oh, Dave
Sources say he's been reduced to sell his bracelets, knives, and other summer camp crafts to local gas stations in order to make ends meet.

23. Yikes

This sad state of affairs might explain why David has been ranting about his work ethic so much in recent weeks.

24. Can't Make This Up

Can't Make This Up
"I've been on my own in this world since I was 15 years old," he wrote on Instagram on Sunday. "Had my own car before I had license. People have no idea the type of work ethic I have just because I've been working for J cleaning up after her lazy a— for years."

25. And It's Sure to Get Worse

And It's Sure to Get Worse
Yes, David Eason -- who hasn't held a job since 2017 -- is complaining about Jenelle's laziness. The whole situation would be funny -- were it not for the fact that there are so many kids involved.

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