Audrey Roloff Lists 10 Ways Her Daughter is... Breaking Her Heart?

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Audrey Roloff is expecting her second child in very early 2020.

The former reality star will give birth to a son in January.

But Audrey hasn't forgotten about her firstborn, that's for sure, often sharing photos of little Ember on Instagram and now giving followers a detailed update on what the two-year old has been up to.

What sort of tricks does Ember do these days? How does she make her mommy and daddy smile?

What, specifically, are the 10 things Audrey wants supporters to know about Ember?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Let's Delve Right Into the Cuteness!

Let's Delve Right Into the Cuteness!
"10 things Ember has been doing/saying lately that break my heart (in the best way)," wrote the podcast host and author as a recent caption to a picture of the two-year old.

2. Fun! Do Tell!

Fun! Do Tell!
1. The random “Mama I love you” followed by a giant neck squeeze, Audrey wrote to kick off her list of things Ember has been saying and/or doing of late.

3. What Else, Audrey?

What Else, Audrey?
2. Grabbing my face and kissing my cheek while we are reading or coloring by the fire at night - having “fire time” as she calls it.

4. So Very Helpful!

So Very Helpful!
And item #3? "When she hugs my leg in the kitchen while I’m making dinner and says, 'Help you mama?'"

5. And So Very Caring!

And So Very Caring!
4. How she puts her babies and stuffed animals to bed, tucks them in, and kisses them each goodnight! (Editor's Note: AWWW!!!!)

6. And Item #5...

And Item #5...
... drumroll please! 'Her excitement when she poops on the potty and how much she loves her big girl underwear!"

7. So Very Thankful

So Very Thankful
Audrey listed "The things and people she prayers for at night based on what we did that day" as item number-six on this special rundown.

8. So Very Smart

So Very Smart
"Listening to her count to 10, sing full songs, and read the books she’s memorized," wrote Roloff for #7, humble-bragging about all her daughter knows.

9. So Very Athletic

So Very Athletic
Continued Audrey in her praise of her daughter: "The sound of her belly laughing while she learns to stand on her hands upside down at gymnastics."

10. So Very Sweet

So Very Sweet
Added Audrey, "How she puts her hand on my belly and says, 'I love you baby.'" Yup, this one made us almost cry for real, you guys.

11. She's So Very Adorable!

She's So Very Adorable!
Concluded Audrey, writing as #10 on her list: "When I’m tired or visually stressed and she says, “You ok mama? Happy mama? Take a blow” and proceeds to show me how to blow."

12. Please Stop Growing!

Please Stop Growing!
Audrey also wrote the following after completing her list: "I WANT TO STOP TIME AT THIS AGE. she is just so sweet, full of joy, and eager to learn." (We know how you feel, Auds!)

13. In Training

In Training
Audrey previously wrote "we're getting there" in reference to potty training, while including this photo of the infant in her underwear.

14. And There Was This from Jeremy:

And There Was This from Jeremy:
"There is so much personality packed into this girl," Jeremy penned as a caption to this recent photo. "She’s talking so much she’s singing songs now. And she sings them to baby brother too. I built his crib last night too! I wanted to make it a project and build it from scratch, but that didn’t happen this time around."

15. Ember is Gonna Be the Best Big Sister

Ember is Gonna Be the Best Big Sister
Seriously, right? We so appreciate Audrey keeping us up to date on her firstborn and we can't wait to meet Ember's brother. Congrats again to this happy family!

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