David Eason Flaunts Confederate Flag Again, Jenelle Evans Insists Black People Love It

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David Eason has found himself mired in controversy once again.

Which is just the way he likes it, of course.

The close-minded and bigoted husband of Jenelle Evans has once again taken to Instagram in order to show love for the Confederate Flag.

Does he care that this is considered a symbol of slavery to millions of people, considering it represented the side of the Civil War that fought for slavery way back in the day?

Nope. Not at all.

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Eason waved the flag around proudly and then responded to critics who had the gall to question him for doing so.

Check out his scandalous photos and then read the backlash to them below...

1. The Confederacy Forever!

The Confederacy Forever!
David Eason has made it very clear: he sees nothing wrong with waving the Confederate Flag all around the country. He's quite proud of it, in fact.

2. America! Eff Yeah!

America! Eff Yeah!
"Just planting my flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel," wrote Eason as a caption to this photo of him with the controversial flag.

3. Slavery Rules!

Slavery Rules!
David Eason has received quite a bit of backlash for his stance on this flag, but here's a shocker: he does not care. At all.

4. We've Been Here Before with Eason

We've Been Here Before with Eason
In October 2018, Eason posed like this and wrote the following as a caption: "Where I'm from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land. Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree!"

5. How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?

How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?
Very positively. "Lmao you need to post that video,” she wrote in response to Eason sharing these new photos, indicating there's actual footage of him standing up high with the flag.

6. David Isn't Racist!

David Isn't Racist!
Back in October, Jenelle actually said the following to a critic of Eason and his flaf embrace: "My husband isn't racist... his childhood best friend was black. [I don't know] where this rumor came from." Yes, she really did use this argument.

7. A Wife Should Support Her Husband

A Wife Should Support Her Husband
Some Instagram users have applauded Evans for the way she continually sticks up for David, as you can see above.

8. Others Don't Think You Should Support a Racist

Others Don't Think You Should Support a Racist
Tough debate here, huh?

9. You're Garbage and You're an Idiot

You're Garbage and You're an Idiot
Most comments came down on the side of, "God, David Eason is a racist, dumb bigot."

10. This Flag is Anti-Black, People. It Just Is.

This Flag is Anti-Black, People. It Just Is.

11. I Respect My Heritage

I Respect My Heritage
“It’s just where I’m from, my heritage,” David wrote to a follower who asked what it represents to him. “Kind like when people fly a flag that represents their state because it’s where they are from.”

12. Editor's Note:

Editor's Note:
Pretty much no one goes around just waving their state flag. Quick, try to name the symbol on your own state flag. Can you do it?

13. But Anyway.

But Anyway.
Eason continued in his own defense: "If someone think it has to do with racism or slaves they aren’t thinking enough. More racist people fly the beloved American flag, which was the flag flying on the American slave ships…No concern there?"

14. Well, No...

Well, No...
... because those ships were headed to the south. That's where slavery was legal. At the time, yes, the American Flag may have symbolic of a nation that was split on the issue of slavery -- but then the North won, the American Flag became known for freedom for ALL men... and the Confederate Flag remained the symbol of a side who was FOR slavery and who LOST the war.

15. Jenelle Joins the Fight

Jenelle Joins the Fight
Jenelle has also decided that she's a brilliant historian, and it seems she, too, enjoys talking down to people who accept established facts about the Civil War and slavery in America.

16. Like-Minded Fools

Like-Minded Fools
Jenelle has found some supporters, because this is social media in 2018, and you can literally track down millions of people who think the Earth is flat. This person is using the old "I have a black friend ..." argument that's common to bigots.

17. Maybe This is All a Strategy on the Easons' Part

Maybe This is All a Strategy on the Easons' Part
Maybe Jenelle and David purposefully trying to stir up new drama in order to distract from the fact that their personal lives have been the source of some major controversies in recent weeks.

18. Maryssa Matters

Maryssa Matters
The Easons have been accused of neglecting David's daughter Maryssa, who is homeschooled, and who was coincidentally pulled from cheerleading right around the time Jenelle and David decided they wanted to take an extended trip across the country,

19. Classic Deflection

Classic Deflection
Jenelle denies that last part, but at least she addresses it, which is more than we can say about the allegations that David assaulted her.

20. Wait, WHAT?

Wait, WHAT?
In October, Evans denied that her husband had abused her, despite her call to police reporting that he had allegedly hurt her during a drunken rant and fight. She said this herself on a 911 call. Ever since, she's attempted to keep the issue under wraps.

21. It's True

It's True
“My husband, he just assaulted me,” Evans said in a 911 call. “He pinned me down on the ground, I’m sorry, in the yard. And I think I heard my f-cking collarbone crack. I can’t move my arm.”

22. Added Evans in This Call

Added Evans in This Call
“He’s been drinking and I think that he got violent because he was drinking." Pretty straightforward, right?

23. Wrong, Evans Later Claimed

Wrong, Evans Later Claimed
Jenelle released a YouTube video that included the following statement: “I know everyone’s concerned about me, and I know everyone wants to know, ‘Is she okay? How are the kids? Blah blah blah.'" Everything’s fine. You know, I’ve been in so many domestic violence situations in the past that I would not put up with it now. So I don’t know why you guys would think that I would continue to stay in this relationship if I was being abused.”

24. We're All Good!

We're All Good!
“We have never been happier, thanks for asking!” Eason captioned the selfie above with his wife and daughter on October 20.

25. Are They, Though?

Click PLAY on the above video to listen to Jenelle tell a 911 dispatcher what happened with Eason. This guy just SUCKS!

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