David Eason: Father's Day Sucks When They Took Your Damn Kids Away!

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It was Father's Day on Sunday, and millions of Americans took to social media to pay tribute to the men who helped raise them.

Of course, many others bemoaned strained relationships and called out the abusive jerks who traumatized them for life.

David Eason is one such abusive jerk, and surely, someday his kids will mark the third Sunday in June by calling him out on Twitter.

But for now, Dave and wife Jenelle Evans are doing the honors himself by reminding the world that their kids were taken away after CPS determined that they're unfit parents.

Take a look at the Easons' latest idiocy:

1. Father of the Year

Father of the Year
We've known for years that David is an abusive monster, but it wasn't until recently that authorities in North Carolina took steps to ensure his children's safety.

2. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
When David shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, CPS investigated and discovered that Eason's children and stepchild were living in deplorable conditions.

3. Escaping to Safety

Escaping to Safety
As a result, David's daughters, Ensley and Maryssa, and his stepson Kaiser were all removed from the home and placed with relatives.

4. Dropping Like Flies

Dropping Like Flies
Jenelle and David both have other children whom they had previously lost custody of. Following the removal of Ensley, Maryssa, and Kaiser, none of the couple's five kids are currently living with them.

5. Slow on the Uptake

Slow on the Uptake
Apparently, David and Jenelle are just now realizing it's a sad situation, as they took to Instagram over the weekend to complain about their plight.

6. Pity Post

Pity Post
"IT'S TOO QUIET OUT HERE," Jenelle wrote along with a photo of an abandoned swimming pool.

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