90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Larissa Got Arrested (Again)

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Sunday night's new 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was a drama-filled doozy.

The biggest item was, of course, Larissa getting arrested for the second time for "domestic violence."

Fans have been suspicious about this incident since it went down, and now viewers are getting to form their own opinions.

Chantel's visit to Pedro continues to not go very well.

Paola is, bless her, losing her entire mind during this pregnancy, and Ashley is spiraling (with good reason) over Jay's cheating scandal.

The hardest part to watch of the whole episode had to be Elizabeth and Andrrei, who keeps getting worse as the season goes on.

1. Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa
This time, the drama takes a serious turn, as fans witness the aftermath of a major blowout between this toxic couple.

2. Coltee has bad news

Coltee has bad news
"Larissa was arrested ... again," Colt tells fans. To those of us who followed this story as it was breaking last November, this is old news, but it's still interesting to see the side of it that never made it to social media or police reports.

3. So what happened?

So what happened?
Larissa and Colt had an argument after Colt had allegedly knocked over things in the living room. Larissa locked herself in the bathroom, and when Colt deactivated her phone, it sent her into a panic and she begged fans on social media to contact Colt to tell him to reactivate her phone (she was terrified). She could still access social media to plead for help. Someone called the police.

4. And yes, she was arrested

And yes, she was arrested
We know that sometimes, people think that reality shows stage arrests for drama. This really happened.

5. For what it's worth, they made light of it just weeks later

For what it's worth, they made light of it just weeks later
Yes, they shared this photo last November, AFTER Larissa's arrest.

6. Debbie was absolutely horrified

Debbie was absolutely horrified
Debbie had managed to stretch that umbilical cord far enough to leave on a trip. When she returned, she found the house damaged and the general aftermath of her daughter-in-law's arrest. Colt was playing the part of concerned husband, and Debbie was furious.

7. Whatever happened, it sounds scary for both of them

Whatever happened, it sounds scary for both of them
Police had arrived and pointed their guns at Colt, yet ended up arresting Larissa. It has never been clear exactly what -- aside from her previous arrest -- made them pick her over him, but some fans believe that Larissa's hysterics or perhaps something Colt may have said to them could have been the deciding factor.

8. Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro
Chantel showed up in the Dominican Republic to visit Pedro, which continued to not go over well with The Family Pedro

9. Pedro's sister is not mincing words

Pedro's sister is not mincing words
To hear Nicole say it, Chantel is the reason for all of the ills in the world, and Chantel can't help fix the problems in her marriage because Chantel is all of the problems. Pedro did not exactly rush to his wife's defense, either.

10. Chantel spent time at the hotel ... alone

Chantel spent time at the hotel ... alone
This was filmed last year, so an American woman spending time at a hotel at the DR doesn't make us fear for her life like it might right now. Also, did you notice that she still has the "te quiero" balloon in her room that Pedro gave her at the airport? Awkward.

11. Then Pedro shows up!

Then Pedro shows up!
He is the first to admit that he feels embarrassed for not speaking up for his wife. Apparently, he had to sleep on it before coming to that realization. It sounds like he wants to play along with his family's negativity but also stay married. Such a strange dynamic.

12. As for Chantel ...

As for Chantel ...
He tells her that she's welcome to stay as long as she likes, but he came to DR to visit his family, and that's what he's going to do instead of spending time with his wife. So ... wow. At one point, when he told her to wait for him back in Atlanta, Chantel openly sobbed on screen: "There’s so much that y’all don’t see. My marriage is over, and I don’t want to film anymore."

13. Russ and Paola

Russ and Paola
So far, they've covered tensions about where to live and raise their child, worries about the pregnancy, and Pao's slight friction with Russ' family. Here's where things get nuts.

14. Pao has lost her mind

Pao has lost her mind
She tells Russ that she wants a home birth. Why take advantage of centuries of medical learning and techniques when you could give birth at home, like a cat? (Paola has every right to decide when and where she gives birth, but that doesn't make this choice any less bonkers -- you know, like you have the right to eat dandilions growing in your yard, but people are gonna raise their eyebrows)

15. Russ is being so patient about this

Russ is being so patient about this
Russ clearly has huge misgivings about Paola just yeeting out a baby in their living room instead of at a hospital (hospitals are "too clinical" for her, which is literally the point of hospitals), but he bites his tongue because he wants to support his wife despite the terror he feels at the idea of losing her.

16. Paola's mom is also alarmed

Paola's mom is also alarmed
It was great that Pao's mom could make it (especially since visas are extra hard to come by these days), but it was even better that she was saying the things that Russ was not about how a hospital is just a better place to give birth.

17. Still, we know that it all works out

Still, we know that it all works out
Spoilers: Axel was born on January 1, 2019 and he's doing okay. Even though his mom has alarmed fans with her opinions about vaccines, she certainly loves her son a lot.

18. Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei
This couple isn't new to the franchise, obviously, but Andrei is raising more eyebrows this season as he continues to lash out at Elizabeth's family, refuses to get a real job even when a prospective employer practically begs him to accept an offer, and treats Elizabeth with alarming levels of disrespect.

19. The baby shower did not go over smoothly

The baby shower did not go over smoothly
Because Elizabeth had clashed with one sister over Andrrrei's poor decisions, Andrei was angry that Elizabeth's other sister still invited her to the baby shower. Like, they're sisters, dude. No man is worth missing something like that. But meeting for lunch, Andrei didn't apologize -- he just doubled down and continued to argue with Becky. It was nice to hear Elizabeth tell him to shut up.

20. Better call Becky with the good ... opinions?

Better call Becky with the good ... opinions?
She tells it like it is when it comes to Andrei's childish behavior.

21. They seemed to have a good time later

They seemed to have a good time later
Andrei's still on this "yes, I'll just make an ad for my handyman business" bs, but then they address a more serious problem. Thanks to airline shenanigans, Andrei has a family crisis and needs to take a short flight. Elizabeth is more or less fine with that, and suggests that her dad can pay the $600 (half their rent!), and Andrei is extremely dismissive of this.

22. He then orders Elizabeth around like she's a servant

He then orders Elizabeth around like she's a servant
He won't even look at her. Instead, he just barks orders for her to pack his bag. Honestly? Packing his bag might be a great idea. Pack all of his belongings and give him the boot, girl.

23. Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay
Ashley is following up on a hunch that Jay may have cheated on her yet again.

24. Real talk about Ashley for a moment

Real talk about Ashley for a moment
We like and support her and, obviously, in retrospect, Ashley was 100% right to have concerns. But if we didn't know at least some of what had really gone down with Jay and only saw what we saw on TV, we might think that Ashley was spiraling into an irrational obsession. To be clear, though, it's not irrational.

25. Is Jay cheating again?

Is Jay cheating again?
She sits down with his only friends at the barbershop (as in, they're his only friends period, not just at the barbershop) to ask about some overly friendly, intensely familiar social media comments Jay is receiving from a local girl.

26. The news is not great

The news is not great
Ashley explains her fury to the cameras, relaying that she learned from Jay's buddies that he had had sex with another girl.

27. She calls Jay, outraged

She calls Jay, outraged
We even hear her warn hime via FaceTime that if he shows up at her home, she will call the police.

28. Is that where this moment from the previews is from?

Is that where this moment from the previews is from?
Wow. We'll have to wait and see how all of this drama plays out -- because their marriage continues for many months after this was filmed.

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