David Eason Accuses Baby Mama of Abuse as She Begs Fans to Help Keep Him Away From Her Son!

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Back in May, Jenelle Evans and David Eason lost custody of their children.

The move followed a Child Protective Services investigation that came in response to news that Eason had shot and killed the family dog.

After a grueling custody battle that lasted for several weeks, Jenelle and David regained custody of their kids -- or more accurately they regained custody of most of their kids.

Each has a son who's still being raised by someone else -- Jenelle's by Barbara Evans, and David's by his ex, Olivia Leedham.

Now, Olivia is concerned that David is coming for her child -- and she's asking fans to help her stop him.

Take a look:

1. David and Kaden

David and Kaden
Many Teen Mom 2 followers might have forgotten that David has a son named Kaden from his relationship with Olivia Leedham.

2. The Forgotten Child

The Forgotten Child
The reason for this, of course, is that Kaden has never appeared on the show, and is rarely mentioned by David or Jenelle.

3. A Little Backstory

A Little Backstory
Before he met Jenelle, David had children with two other women.

4. The Pre-Jenelle Days

The Pre-Jenelle Days
12-year-old Maryssa is the product of his relationship with Whitney Johnson, and 5-year-old Kaden is the result of his time with Olivia.

5. Absentee Dad

Absentee Dad
For the majority of Kaden's life, David was not permitted to have any contact with the boy.

6. The Run-In

The Run-In
In fact, when Eason approached the child in a grocery store and hugged him back in 2016, he was promptly arrested.

7. Proper Precautions

Proper Precautions
That may sound extreme, but Olivia had very good reason for her restraining order against David.

8. Swamp Thing Attacks

Swamp Thing Attacks
“[David] endangered the life of the child by pushing [Olivia] when she was eight months pregnant and leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant,” reads a portion of her filing.

9. Kept at Bay

Kept at Bay
And so it was that David had almost no contact with his son for the first several years of the boy's life.

10. Big Mistake

Big Mistake
But in February of 2017, Olivia had a change of heart and decided to allow David periodic visits with his son.

11. One Bad Dad

One Bad Dad
She quickly reversed course on that decision, however, and asked a judge to reinstate Kaden's order of protection against his father.

12. Erratic Forever

Erratic Forever
“[David] is exhibiting erratic and concerning behavior,” Olivia stated in her filing. She cited Eason's “recent firing from his employment” [on ‘Teen Mom 2’], as well as “potential substance abuse issues” and “marital strife” as evidence of his instability.

13. Round 2

Round 2
Olivia eventually dropped her case, but it now looks as though she and David are about to square off again ... and it's already getting ugly.

14. The Request

The Request
Olivia has posted a GoFundMe in which she asks fans to help her raise money for legal fees for her upcoming custody battle with David.

15. With Good Reason

With Good Reason
“When it comes to Kaden’s father, David Eason. I am sincerely concerned about my child being around someone who is extremely volatile,” she wrote on the fundraiser's page.

16. Confirming the Worst

Confirming the Worst
“Domestic violence including 911 calls, animal cruelty in which case a dog was beaten and shot, and much more has all been mentioned to of happened at the Eason home,” she added, referring to the Nugget case.

17. Endless Battle

Endless Battle
“So for the past 5 years I have been in a custody battle to protect my child from harm's way,” she wrote. “We have come a long way and have spent nearly $50,000 on attorney fees to keep the case going.

18. Doing Her Best

Doing Her Best
"My family and I are struggling to pay anymore. I am a single mom of two," Leedham continued. "I do my best to work as much as I can. I don’t have the means to keep going alone financially within the court system. I am finally reaching out for help.”

19. What Kaden Wants

What Kaden Wants
Olivia added that Kaden has no desire to see his father, writing, “I am completely concerned for my son’s safety, physically and mentally. He is persistent on not going to his Dads and doesn’t even want to speak to him. I am beyond worried,”

20. Firing Back

Firing Back
David being David, it wasn't long before he fought back. Olivia reported this morning that the page has been temporarily removed following a complaint from an unidentified party.

21. Late Nights on the Swamp

Late Nights on the Swamp
Around 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday, David posted a lengthy tirade on Facebook in which he accused Olivia of abuse and drug addiction.

22. Fake Concern

Fake Concern
"So I am super scared for my son Kadens safety. His mother is on drugs and has kept him from me for a long time trying to hide her bad habits," Eason wrote.

23. On the Attack

On the Attack
"This woman has kept Kaden from me since before he was born when she asked me to sign a paper saying I didnt have to be the dad," he continued.

24. Word Salad

Word Salad
"Olivia was always very abuse towards me and even put my sons life in danger several time while she was pregnant," Eason added.

25. Why Does It Matter That They Were Rentals?

Why Does It Matter That They Were Rentals?
"This woman has been with 7 different men in the past 3 years and has lived In 7 different houses (rentals) including her moms ex husband's extra room," he wrote. "She has told Kaden to call TWO OF HER BOYFRIENDS DADDY against my wishes of course."

26. Nothing Is Ever His Fault

Nothing Is Ever His Fault
"She attacked me on multiple occasions with Kaden in her womb but of course she blames me for it all! She jumped out of my truck after throwing all my things out the window because I pretended to throw her purse out the window," David rambled on. "Like how is it my fault she jumped out??"

27. This Effing Guy

This Effing Guy

28. Yikes

Needless to say, this situation is sure to get uglier before it gets better. Stay tuned ...

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