Farrah Abraham SLAMS Daughter Sophia in (Allegedly) Drug-Fueled Tirade: Stop Making Excuses!

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We're never too eager to pay Farrah Abraham any compliments around here, but we'll say this to her credit -- the woman keeps us on our toes.

Farrah Abraham has released a new "comedy skit" that seems, to many fans, more like a drug-fueled tirade.

Abraham spends much of 11-minute clip bashing her 10-year-old daughter for her lack of work ethic.

The problem isn't that Sophia doesn't do her homework or complains about her chores.

No, the issue is that Sophia doesn't devote enough of her life to developing a web presence and creating a "brand" for herself.

Did we mention the girl is 10?

Anyway, apparently in Farrah's mind comedy and child abuse are pretty much the same thing.

Check it out; you really have to see it to believe it:

1. Sketchy Comedy

Sketchy Comedy
Apparently, Farrah doesn't really know what a comedy sketch is. Don't get us wrong, this is funny -- but not for the reasons she thinks it is ...

2. Queen of Laughs

Queen of Laughs
Farrah kicks things off by informing the audience that she's upset, annoyed, and doesn't want to be doing this. Way to warm up the crowd!

3. We Have No Idea ...

We Have No Idea ...
After briefly breaking out an instrument that she calls a "bonjo" Farrah gets to the real point of this video -- savagely roasting her own mother and daughter!

4. The Family Hustle

The Family Hustle
Farrah's main complaint? Well, apparently her 10-year-old daughter likes to waste her time on crap like "getting ice cream with grandma" when she could be making money, dammit!

5. See For Yourself

At this point, you might think we're exaggerating, so we encourage you take a moment and get through as much of Farrah's 11-minute clip as you can.

6. One-Way Roast Battle

One-Way Roast Battle
Farrah starts out by slamming "excuse-makers,” saying “I don’t raise them. I don’t want them in my life. I can’t stand them."

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