Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Threatened to KILL Our Son!! TWICE!!

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For the past few months, a lot of bad, bad things have been coming out about Amber Portwood.

It all started when she was arrested for allegedly chasing Andrew Glennon and their one-year-old son with a machete, and somehow it went downhill from there.

That's how bad she's looking right now -- that there's a downhill from a machete chase.

We've heard recordings of Amber abusing Andrew, we've heard lots of comments from Andrew himself, and now, Andrew is sharing one more bit of information.

And it may be the most horrifying one of all.

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
On the evening of July 4th and going into the morning of July 5th, Amber Portwood went in a rampage that involved beating Andrew Glennon with a shoe so hard that she bruised him and that finished with an alleged machete chase.

2. Facts

Why do we even live in a reality in which a nightmare like that actually happened? Because Amber is and has always been very abusive to the men in her life.

3. Throwback

Her habit of assaulting Gary Shirley when they were together helped send her to prison a few years back, and there's a chance this new disaster might send her back -- she's been charged with three felonies because of what happened that night.

4. Sorry

And from everything we've been hearing about her lately, she may deserve it.

5. A Recap

A Recap
So, OK, we have the story from the night of her arrest -- she admitted to beating Andrew with a shoe, and although she acted like it wasn't a big deal, police have photos of the bruises and scratches on him from this. She has, however, denied going after him with a machete while their one-year-old son, James, was in his arms.

6. And Yet

And Yet
But one of her felony charges is for criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, Andrew said that after he ran into another room she started hacking at the door, and police do have photos from inside the house as evidence, so ... it would seem that the machete was involved at least a little bit.

7. Wow

In the handful of comments he's made after the arrest, Andrew has revealed even more damning things about Amber -- he said she abused him for a year before that night, so much that he now suffers from anxiety. He said she completely broke him down.

8. Double Wow

Double Wow
He also said that not only did she abuse him, but she was rough with James -- he claimed that she once shoved him down for messing in a cabinet, and that she would throw him on the bed for crying.

9. And Then ...

And Then ...
Andrew's statements were difficult to hear, but nothing could have prepared us for the audio recordings that were just released.

10. Yikes

In the first recording, we hear the aftermath of Andrew waking her up for an appointment around 2:00 in the afternoon -- he's said that she would stay up all night doing drugs and listening to music in closet, so that may have been why she was so sleepy.

11. So Much Anger

So Much Anger
She kept calling him fat -- "fat f-ck," "ugly fat f-ck," "fat piece of sh-t," things like that. She also called him the R word at one point, which is just extra disgusting.

12. Pitiful

Her whole thing was that she was mad that he woke her up, and apparently that was enough reason to completely tear him apart.

13. Too Much

Too Much
She threatened to stab him, told him that he would get raped in prison, and she refused to "watch" her own son that day -- she actually referred to baby James as "it."

14. It's a Lot

It's a Lot
She also went off about some cameras Andrew had installed in the home before they left for a month to go to Malibu. She felt weird about them being up, which is honestly fair, but then it turns out she'd destroyed one of the cameras with a sword, so ... yeah, still pretty unstable.

15. Nope

That recording was certainly bad enough, but the second one was even more terrifying.

16. So Sad

So Sad
In that one, recorded last Christmas Eve, Amber was upset because she thought that Andrew had somehow tricked her into getting pregnant -- remember, she admitted that they weren't using any protection when she revealed the pregnancy on Teen Mom OG.

17. Ouch

The fight allegedly began because Amber said she never wanted James. It's something she expressed in the first recording -- she said then that she "never wanted this life and now I'm stuck with a f-cking baby" -- and it really upset Andrew, which is definitely understandable.

18. Huh?

She kept asking him how she managed to go ten years without getting pregnant before getting with him, and he gave her the obvious answer -- birth control, maybe? And as always, she didn't react well.

19. Oh No

Oh No
She could actually be heard hitting him -- there were punching noises, he said "ouch" and "stop hitting me," and she was grunting and calling him "motherf-cker."

20. Nice

She once again threatened to kill him, this time by stabbing him in the neck -- interesting how we've heard her threaten to stab him twice now and she ended up (allegedly!) chasing him with a machete.

21. Heartbreaking

And, once again, little James was there for the whole thing. What a way to spend his first Christmas Eve, right?

22. So Cold

So Cold
There was a bit of audio cut from the middle of the recording, and the woman who's been releasing them has since said that she removed it because Amber started saying awful things about James and she didn't feel comfortable having that out there for him to hear one day.

23. Simply Awful

Simply Awful
But with these new statements from Andrew, James is going to have a whole mess of awful things to hear about his mother.

24. Just Tragic

Just Tragic
When the first recording was released, a Teen Mom gossip page on Instagram reposted it, and someone made a comment questioning why Andrew made the recordings in the first place, and he jumped into to explain.

25. Shocking

"I started recording audio of every major outburst after she had made very REAL and very scary death threats to me, herself, and James (2)," he wrote. "There had to be a paper trail if anything serious happened, and that night was as serious as it could ever have gotten."

26. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
"That night" apparently being the night she was arrested. He also wrote that "There can be no more, I couldn't wait to see what happens next ... it would have been truly tragic."

27. Unimaginable

He said something similar on his own page when someone commented "Sorry to say but if you didn’t remove James from that situation we probably would have seen on the news in the near future that she either killed him and herself or you him and herself."

28. Poor James

Poor James
"That real threat was verbalized twice," he replied. "Her talk of suicide must be taken seriously. I do not know why people in her team aren’t more honest with her. She needs help."

29. Horrible

So it looks like Andrew is saying that Amber actually threatened to kill James twice.

30. Again, Poor James

Again, Poor James
It makes total sense that Andrew felt the need to start recording Amber's outbursts, many victims of domestic violence do the same. And as for the question of why he didn't leave after this, well, there are lots of reasons victims feel like they can't leave. Look at any statistics, you'll see.

31. What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
Whatever else may have happened during their time together, we're glad Andrew is out now, and that he's putting in so much work to keep James safe. Here's hoping the court does the same.

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