Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Threatened to KILL Our Son!! TWICE!!

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For the past few months, a lot of bad, bad things have been coming out about Amber Portwood.

It all started when she was arrested for allegedly chasing Andrew Glennon and their one-year-old son with a machete, and somehow it went downhill from there.

That's how bad she's looking right now -- that there's a downhill from a machete chase.

We've heard recordings of Amber abusing Andrew, we've heard lots of comments from Andrew himself, and now, Andrew is sharing one more bit of information.

And it may be the most horrifying one of all.

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
On the evening of July 4th and going into the morning of July 5th, Amber Portwood went in a rampage that involved beating Andrew Glennon with a shoe so hard that she bruised him and that finished with an alleged machete chase.

2. Facts

Why do we even live in a reality in which a nightmare like that actually happened? Because Amber is and has always been very abusive to the men in her life.

3. Throwback

Her habit of assaulting Gary Shirley when they were together helped send her to prison a few years back, and there's a chance this new disaster might send her back -- she's been charged with three felonies because of what happened that night.

4. Sorry

And from everything we've been hearing about her lately, she may deserve it.

5. A Recap

A Recap
So, OK, we have the story from the night of her arrest -- she admitted to beating Andrew with a shoe, and although she acted like it wasn't a big deal, police have photos of the bruises and scratches on him from this. She has, however, denied going after him with a machete while their one-year-old son, James, was in his arms.

6. And Yet

And Yet
But one of her felony charges is for criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, Andrew said that after he ran into another room she started hacking at the door, and police do have photos from inside the house as evidence, so ... it would seem that the machete was involved at least a little bit.

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