Corey Simms Claps Back at Leah Messer: You Attacked My Wife on TV!

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Last time they were in New York together to film a Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert hooked up.

On the actual show, which aired Tuesday night, Leah and Jeremy ganged up.

Their target was Leah's first husband, Corey Simms, and the pseudo-couple tag-teamed him in such an orchestrated fashion it's hard to believe that they didn't plan in advance to bash Corey, regardless of what questions Dr. Drew asked.

Following Leah and Jeremy's attack, Corey took to Twitter to defend both himself and his wife, Miranda Simms.

Now, in a new interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Corey has issued what he likely hopes will be a final statement on the matter.

And he's not holding back in his assessment of Leah and Jeremy.

Take a look:


1. Saying His Piece

Saying His Piece
Corey Simms has some words for Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert. It seems Leah's first husband was understandably less than thrilled with what the duo had to say about him on Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 reunion.

2. On the Attack

On the Attack
In case you missed it, Leah and Jeremy absolutely went OFF on Corey, accusing him of being a negligent parent to his twin girls with Leah.

3. Low Blow

Low Blow
“[Leah] is the only one who goes to [their daughter] Ali’s [doctor] appointments," said Calvert, referring to Ali's battle with muscular dystrophy.

4. Going Off

Going Off
“Corey hasn’t attended Ali’s appointment in Columbus in who knows how long," Jeremy added.

5. A Bold Accusation

A Bold Accusation
“I just feel like [Corey] uses [Leah] all the time,” Jeremy later said. “He still could make an effort to go [to Ali’s appointments]. I don’t care if it’s a two-minute appointment.

6. Relentless

"At least show your presence for your child," Calvert continued. "I can’t be there for Addie for so much and it hurts my feelings, because of my job. And Corey has a f--king great schedule; he works at home. And he can take off whenever he f--king wants to!”

7. He Went There

He Went There
At that point, Jeremy switched his focus to Corey's wife, Miranda Simms, and he was just as relentless in his assessment of her parenting (or lack thereof).

8. Mirandized

“[Leah] can’t take the twins to their stepmom [Miranda]," Calvert went on. "She has to wait for Corey. [Miranda] wants zero to do with the twins,”

9. Here We Go

Here We Go
At the mention of Miranda, Leah tagged in and went on the offensive herself, blaming Corey's wife for the recent breakdown in their co-parenting relationship.

10. Sounding Off

Sounding Off
“It’s like when Miranda arrives, Corey’s entire family will stop talking to me and we all separate,” Leah continued. “When the queen arrives, it goes bad!” Jeremy chimed in.

11. Not Happy

Not Happy
Needless to say, Corey was less than thrilled by all of this. He tweeted that his blood pressure was "so high right now!!” as he watched the show.

12. Defending His Wife

Defending His Wife
“Miranda has been nothing but great to Ali and Aleeah since the very beginning, constantly making sure that everything the girls need or want they get," Corey tweeted. "Loving and caring for them unconditionally."

13. Battle of the Baby Daddies

Battle of the Baby Daddies
Corey directed most of his attack at Jeremy, tweeting, "The girls never once came to me about any issues of such. And for Mr. Dad of the year to run his mouth about not going to doctors appointments.. how many have you been to there big guy??”

14. Making His Case

Making His Case
Speaking with The Ashley's Reality Roundup on Wednesday, Corey expanded on those comments -- and he made a pretty convincing argument for how Leah and Jeremy could have handled the situation differently.

15. Stating the Obvious

Stating the Obvious
"I feel that I am on defense right now because of what was said when all I really try to do is be the best dad I can be to all of my kids,” Simms told The Ashley. “It felt as it was a personal attack on me and Miranda and it was upsetting."

16. He's Got a Point

He's Got a Point
“I feel that if these issues were so big [then] they should have been handled personally to protect the co-parenting relationship before throwing it out on national TV,” Simms added.

17. Still Her Dad

Still Her Dad
Corey went on to defend his involvement in Ali's life, saying, “The thing with me not going to doctors appointments with Ali is simple also. When the custody battle was going on and [Leah and I] had no trust in each other and the co-parenting relationship was rough, if I couldn’t make it to the appointments I made sure someone from my family was there to relay the information to me so I knew what was going on with Ali’s condition.

18. The Hardest Days

The Hardest Days
“And at the beginning of our journey when we wasn’t sure what was going on [with Ali] I was at every doctors appointment that I could possibly be at," Simms continued.

19. The Other Side

The Other Side
"Now we know what’s going on and most of the recent appointments have been all positive, and ever since Leah and I settled our custody issues and we became better at co-parenting and we had more trust with each other, it was easier for her to take Ali to the appointments in Ohio while I worked and provided health insurance for the girls,” he added.

20. Equal Attention

Equal Attention
Simms went on to claim that he's equally devoted to both of his girls, saying, “There were days throughout the year that Ali or Aleeah got sick and I would take off work to get them to a doctor which also calls for time off of work."

21. Using His Time Wisely

Using His Time Wisely
“As of right now I have two weeks of vacation time," Simms said. "One week is for the annual family vacation and the other week is spaced out through the year to make sure everything is done that needs to be done for the kids/family. Before the Jeremy issue came up, I had already planned on going to Ali’s appointments at the end of the year since vacation time will start over in January.”

22. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
From there, Corey defended his wife again. “Never once since Miranda has been in the picture has she mistreated the girls and she definitely hasn’t treated them differently since Remi’s arrival,” he said.

23. No More Finger-Pointing

No More Finger-Pointing
“She loves and cares for them as her own and that should be noticed and understood. I don’t know why Miranda always has to be the scapegoat to get heat off someone else," Corey added.

24. Closing Statement

Closing Statement
“When Miranda and I met and began our journey together she was aware of me being on the show and that I had twin daughters,” Simms said in conclusion. “She took on the challenge anyway and has been there for all of us through the ups and downs. She wasn’t a big fan of being apart of the show from the beginning but did it to support me, not knowing that she was going to be called the ‘evil step mother.'”

25. The Tables Have Turned

The Tables Have Turned
In a surprising turn of events, Corey's mother, Donna, also issued a statement to The Ashley, and she took the opportunity to praise Miranda and bash Leah as selfish!

26. Speaking Her Mind

Speaking Her Mind
“No one really knows all what Miranda does for the girls!” Donna wrote. “While their mother is traveling for her own selfish reasons. I know firsthand. I also decided not to be apart of the sh-t show."

27. Take That, Leah!

Take That, Leah!
"And I have kept my mouth shut for 10 years not wanting anything but the best for my son and grandchildren," she continued. "Miranda is first class all around. Our family was blessed beyond measure receiving her as a daughter-in law , and a stepmother for the girls! We have always cheered Leah on wanting her to do well for her girls. And for Jeremy shame on you!”

28. On the Hot Seat

On the Hot Seat
Leah has yet to speak out in her own defense, and after a roasting like that, she may just prefer to sit this one out!

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