Brittany Walker: David Eason's New Girlfriend Identified?!

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It's only been six weeks since Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason.

But if you believe the rumors on social media, David is already hooking up with someone new!

Obviously, it's not surprising that he would find it easy to move on from Jenelle Evans.

After all, dude treated her like trash throughout their entire two-year marriage,

But it is a little surprising that a broke single dad living on his ex-wife's neglected property could find someone willing to give him the time of day.

Of course, David is still famous, so we guess it was only a matter if time before he tracked down some bored young local willing to keep him company on The Land.

Folks, meet Brittany Walker:

1. New Girl

New Girl
Yes, Brittany Walker is rumored to be David Eason's new girlfriend. And not surprisingly, thousands of Teen Mom 2 fans are encouraging her to run for the hills.

2. David In Denial

David In Denial
When an Instagram follower first contacted David about his alleged romance, Eason denied any involvement with Walker.

3. Laughing It Off

Laughing It Off
"Lmao that's just someone I met when I was in TN. Lots of [people] ask for pics." Eason wrote in response to the fan's message.

4. Called Out

Called Out
The fan pointed out that the girl appears to be more than just a random fan on the street, writing, "It looks like y'all [are] in a car with her son."

5. Deflection Through Sarcasm

Deflection Through Sarcasm
"Ooooook is that alright with you?" Eason replied.

6. David In Demand

David In Demand
When the fan pointed out that David is friends with Brittany on Facebook, Eason played it coy, remarking that he's "friends with lots of beautiful women now ... Not romantically."

7. Going Off

Going Off
Hilariously, the correspondence continued from there, with David making some surprising claims about his personal life.

8. Where Would Anyone Get That Idea?

Where Would Anyone Get That Idea?
"Lol y'all "really think I'm crazy," Eason said, adding that in actuality he is "probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet... if you met me."

9. Nice Guy/Throat Puncher

Nice Guy/Throat Puncher
"What I don't appreciate is people prying into my personal business. Or like your TMZ buddy who kept asking questions that made me want to punch hi [sic] throat," Eason continued.

10. He Never Stops

He Never Stops
"I give out the energy in which I receive, come at me sideways and you will probably leave sideways. Come at me normal and that's what it will be," Eason blathered on.

11. Now THAT We Actually Believe

Now THAT We Actually Believe
"Ask anyone who has ever approached me, I'm 1,000 times nicer than Jenelle," David continued, possibly telling the truth for once.

12. Blown Out of the Water

Blown Out of the Water
"It seems like you believe everything you hear, trust me you will be blown out of the water when you find out the truth about me," Eason went on.

13. Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight
"BTW the main person I'm talking to is a black girl so yeah definitely not that blonde chick," he concluded.

14. An Attempted Shocker

An Attempted Shocker
Since David is a known white supremacist, he probably thought that was the ultimate curveball, but a surprising amount of racists date outside of their race. It's a reminder that no one behavior can make you a non-bigot.

15. Just Friends

Just Friends
Besides, if David is really not romantically involved with Brittany, he sure has a funny way of showing it. He recently changed his profile pic to that infamous selfie.

16. White Walker

White Walker
So is Ms. Walker? Well, it appears she's a single mother of two who works in the medical field. But that's about all we know about her.

17. Girl, Run!

Girl, Run!
Of course, there's a possibility that Brit is dating David Eason, so we guess we should add "she might have truly horrendous taste in men" to that list.

18. What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?
Walker lives in Tennessee, and it seems she made David's acquaintance while he was in Nashville to contest Jenelle's restraining order against him. Promising start to the relationship!

19. The Truth

The Truth
But who knows? Maybe David really is involved with someone else, someone closer to home.

20. Constant State of Rage

Constant State of Rage
Whatever the case, you can be certain he's infuriated by rumors that Jenelle is already dating someone else!

21. Nothing There

Nothing There
There have been rumors that Jenelle got back together with her ex, Nathan Griffith, but those appear to be based on nothing more than friendly tweets between the two of them.

22. Tragic Coincidence

Tragic Coincidence
However, it's possible that both David and Jenelle are hooking up with Nashville residents.

23. Music City Romance

Music City Romance
Fans are convinced that Jenelle is romantically involved with Travis Tidwell, a musician she met in Nashville during her family vacation there, just weeks before she and David separated.

24. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
Jenelle, however, claims that the timing is coincidental, and she's currently as single as can be.

25. We're Not Ready

We're Not Ready
Whatever the case, it seems the part of the breakup where David and Jenelle try to make each other jealous by flaunting their new romances might be upon us sooner than expected. Fun!

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