Derick Dillard Announces Tell-All Memoir About Life With the Duggars!

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We always knew this day would come.

Yes, folks, it looks as though a disgruntled member of the extended Duggar clan is finally ready to spill the tea on life with the most famous fundies on reality television!

And the timing couldn't be better.

As you may already know, Derick Dillard has been feuding with Jim Bob Duggar for at least the past few months, and now it looks as though D-Dill is planning to unleash his rage on the page with a tell-all memoir.

According to Derick, the book is already in the works -- but sadly, it won't be available in time to help you infuriate your evangelical, Duggar-worshipping relatives by leaving a few copies under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Here's what we know about the project so far:

1. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
Derick Dillard says he's working on a book about life in the Duggar clan. And since the former Counting On star is currently locked in a bitter feud with his in-laws, you can bet it won't be filled with the fawning praise for Jim Bob that usually characterizes Duggar communications with the outside world.

2. The Announcement

The Announcement
Derick went public with news of the book in a tweet posted early this morning.

3. A Sound Idea

A Sound Idea
“Dude you could make some serious bank by writing a book," a fan tweeted to Derick way back on November 13. "I know a ton of people that would buy that book pre-release! I mean, come on, you know that there is some crazy in that family!”

4. Taking His Time

Taking His Time
For some reason, it took Derick three weeks to respond, but hey -- better late than never, right?

5. Delayed Response

Delayed Response
“That’s the plan, but it will take longer to write because I do most of the outlining/writing on breaks from school," Dillard tweeted on December 4.

6. A Strange Pattern

A Strange Pattern
Waiting several weeks and then replying with inflammatory comments about his family has been Derick's M.O. in recent weeks.

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