Colt Johnson: I'm Gonna Get Larissa Lima Deported!

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This 90 Day divorce may end up being more dramatic and contentious than that of Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

And we're not just saying that because both of them are throwing divorce parties at the same strip club.

Like Danielle, Colt is trying to get Larissa deported.

He has revealed that he's going after her immigration status and her Green Card, as you can see in the photo below.

And in an interview with Us Weekly, Colt explains why he's making this move against his recent ex.

Below, we share Colt's reasoning and we take a look at whether or not he's likely to succeed -- and how Larissa might fight back.

1. Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, Still Together

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, Still Together
90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima both shared this couples' selfie to affirm that they are still together despite the arrests, fighting, and cheating.

2. Colt shared this ominous image

Colt shared this ominous image
Those who checked his Instagram Stories were sure that it was an announcement that he's gunning for Larissa's Green Card and immigration status.

3. And they were right

And they were right
Speaking to Us Weekly, Colt Johnson confirms everyone's suspicions: "I’m attempting to cancel her adjustment of status."

4. What does that mean?

What does that mean?
Colt explains that he is attempting "[To] cancel her green card."

5. He says that he feels used

He says that he feels used
"I’ll never know," if she was just using him, Colt says. "I don’t know, honestly. I can tell you, though. I don’t know if she used me …"

6. This is what is gut is telling him

This is what is gut is telling him
"But right now, how she’s acting, showing no love or affection toward me whatsoever," Colt says. "So that’s all I can base my feelings on right now."

7. He continues

He continues
"To be honest with you," Colt tells Us. "I feel very used right now."

8. And he levels an accusation

And he levels an accusation
Colt accuses Larissa of "trying to carry on her reality television moment of fame by painting up the current case as a ‘bitter divorce’ when nothing could be further from the truth."

9. So, first of all

So, first of all
It's 100% normal for spouses who are getting a divorce to display neither love nor affection for each other. We're not saying that it's always like that, or ideal, but that's just the way that it is.

10. And second of all ...

And second of all ...
The circumstances of their split involved a bloody fight. Colt's lip was bleeding from an alleged scratch.

11. And Larissa ...

And Larissa ...
She had multiple wounds on her face and torso. And Colt should remember that this was what led to their divorce, because he filed his divorce papers the very next day.

12. And that's not all

And that's not all
Larissa has been saying that Colt was distant and didn't show her much affection or love during their relationship. Remember, we all heard her level these accusations even while they were still married.

13. Why is he filing now?

Why is he filing now?
Could it be that he wants revenge because Larissa has gotten herself a major upgrade?

14. Larissa has found herself a boy-toy

Larissa has found herself a boy-toy
We don't know his name yet -- though we expect to learn a little more about him this weekend.

15. Here is what we do know:

Here is what we do know:
He's 26 years old -- a half-dozen years younger than Larissa.

16. His face!

His face!
Late on Tuesday night, Larissa showed her boyfriend's face for the first time. Admittedly, he's in the background and there's an Instagram filter at play. But hey, he looks handsome and she looks happy. That's all her fans need for now!

17. He also showers her with affection

He also showers her with affection
He gives her flowers, but Larissa says that he also gives her hugs and cuddles -- which she noted was a strong contrast to her marriage to Colt.

18. 90 Day Fans can believe it ...

90 Day Fans can believe it ...
We've all watched Colt respond to dramatic events, including Larissa's emotional distress, by just sitting there and watching it all play out. We're not saying that he should have always rushed to comfort her -- family arguments are complicated. But viewers noted that he didn't seem to know how to respond to anyone's emotions.

19. But Colt shouldn't be jealous

But Colt shouldn't be jealous
Not only was he the guy who cheated on Larissa left and right during their marriage, but someone has "won" a date with him to his divorce party

20. Her name is Samantha Harris

Her name is Samantha Harris
She is a 22-year-old Las Vegas resident. She likes cats and she likes hanging out at strip clubs -- which is good, because Colt's divorce party is going to be at Crazy Horse III. Sure, it's not a real date, but Colt won't look all alone the night before Larissa shows up for her party with a hot 26-year-old on her arm.

21. Are Colt's efforts going to work?

Are Colt's efforts going to work?
He and Larissa are getting divorced, and it sounds like he's trying to convince immigration officials that this was a Green Card marriage. Plus, she's facing a charge of domestic battery, which could be all of the "moral turpitude" that they need to boot her back to Brazil.

22. First of all ...

First of all ...
They really did get married. Unless they did not consummate their marriage, there's no chance of getting it annulled, which might have been Colt's best chance at banishing Larissa.

23. And then there's this

And then there's this
Larissa displayed bloody injuries after her fight with Colt, and despite his insistence that he's a "chronic nail-biter" who couldn't have injured her, fans immediately found multiple photos of him sporting nails that could do the job. If she can prove that she was abused and that Colt was not, she increases her chances of avoiding deportation.

24. Larissa has been taking a key step towards that

Larissa has been taking a key step towards that
She has been seeing a therapist, which she revealed when lamenting that Colt had reported her iPhone as "stolen" and therefore preventing her from making payments on it or using it. That was something that immigration attorneys recommend; the therapist can then testify in court.

25. And there may be more

And there may be more
Her friend Carmen says that she has multiple photos of injuries to Larissa that she had been sent during her marriage to Colt but implored to not share. If this is true, that could definitely constitute evidence that Larissa was the victim, and not Colt.

26. Larissa has already explained that she didn't "use" Colt

Larissa has already explained that she didn't "use" Colt
For one thing, she says that he reached out to her and that she blocked him more than once before they struck up a relationship. He pursued her.

27. And also ...

And also ...
Larissa explained exactly how she would have gone about looking for a Green Card marriage. For one thing, she would have looked for rich guys, not a guy who lives with his mom and has a ludicrously expensive porn habit.

28. That said, she has an uphill battle

That said, she has an uphill battle
She's fighting a divorce battle -- Colt says that it's not contentious, but this is in the same breath that he admits that he's trying to get her kicked out of the country. We know that Larissa wants $1,000 a month in spousal support, half their home's furnishings, and that she also wants the stuff that she says that he and Debbie kept even though it's hers.

29. How will Larissa respond?

How will Larissa respond?
We don't know. So far, Larissa's only reaction has been to write "yep" in response to a link to the story. But we sure hope that it doesn't interfere with their dueling divorce parties this weekend.

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