Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Fans Over Child Support Dispute: Jo Rivera Is NOT Poor!

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On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, fans learned the ins and outs of Kailyn Lowry's child support arrangement with Jo Rivera.

And many were shocked by what they discovered.

It turns out, Jo has been paying Kail $500 a month for almost the entirety of 9-year-old Isaac's life.

Not surprisingly, Rivera is less than thrilled by the situation -- but he may have a hard time reversing the damage.

Take a look:

1. Pleading His Case

Pleading His Case
Jo is not happy about the current child support situation, and he's taken steps to fix it.

2. A Confusing Situation

A Confusing Situation
Jo is Kail's first baby daddy, and while they've been broken up for several years -- and Kail is quite well-off -- until very recently, he was still paying child support for Kail's eldest son.

3. Expensive Arrangement

Expensive Arrangement
And as we learned this week, Jo had been paying that sum to Kail since the time Isaac was eight months old.

4. Major Whoops

Major Whoops
Kail infuriated some fans when she revealed that she realized the situation was unfair and meant to put an end to the payments -- but forgot to.

5. Relatable Kail

Relatable Kail
Love her or hate her, Kail is commonly regarded as one of the more down-to-earth Teen Moms.

6. Well...Relatable to a Point

Well...Relatable to a Point
But not realizing that $500 a month is a lot of money to most people has cost Kail some major relatability points.

7. Making It Right

Making It Right
Now, Kail is attempting to rectify the situation, but many fans feel it's a case of too little, too late.

8. Paying It Back

Paying It Back
She took to Twitter this week to assure fans that she's paying Jo back for his most recent child support payments.

9. Estimated Amount

Estimated Amount
“FYI I paid Jo back a year’s worth of child support,” Kail tweeted. Many fans took that to mean $6,000 but Lowry did not respond to requests for clarification.

10. Lack of Specifity

Lack of Specifity
Yes, as many fans pointed out, Kail failed to disclose exactly how much she would be repaying to Jo.

11. Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line
Further complicating the situation, Jo recently filed for child support from Kail -- and she's fighting it with everything she's got.

12. Payday Ex

Payday Ex
"I should let you know Mr. Rivera thinks you’re a payday for him now that you have shared placement and thinks he can get over a thousand dollars a month from you,'” read a text from Kail's lawyer that she received while filming Monday's episode.

13. Moving Forward

Moving Forward
“He is requesting your financial information and is moving forward on this," the text continued

14. Kail's Side

Kail's Side
Kail went on to argue that she's not making "millions" and that Jo should've informed her he would be filing for support.

15. No Warning

No Warning
"Never once did he mention to me that he was in any type of situation where he needed financial support or that he was even considering filing for child support,” Lowry said during the episode.

16. Calling It Even

Calling It Even
Kail proposed an arrangement that would allow both sides to simply move on, saying, "Let’s just call it a wash. That’s when he was on diapers and wipes and formula. I even told him a while ago I would drop it, I just never got around to it.”

17. Jo's Side

Jo's Side
Rivera goes on to argue that Kail is much more well-off than he is, and her money could be used for much-needed amenities, such as air conditioning, so that Isaac doesn't have to sleep on a couch in the summer.

18. Not Having It

Not Having It
But one insider says Kail feels her financial situation has been badly misrepresented by Jo and his wife, Vee Torres.

19. Talking Trash?

Talking Trash?
"The scene with Jo and Vee [Torres] trying to trash talk Kail and how much money she makes compared to them was completely ridiculous, especially for anyone who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes,” a source close to the situation tells In Touch.

20. Woe Is Jo

Woe Is Jo
"For them to sit on a show that Kail is one of the focal points of doing a ‘woe is me’ song and dance is simply ridiculous,” the insider continued.

21. Inaccurate Claims?

Inaccurate Claims?
"Furthermore, it was interesting they brought up money Kail is making on social media as they were not correctly quoted amounts and they could also parlay their social media into business opportunities if they wanted to,” the source added.

22. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
After her initial round of explanatory tweets, Kail has mostly kept quiet on the subject of child support.

23. Mom's Mouthpiece?

Mom's Mouthpiece?
But it sounds like this insider is doing some talking for her.

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