Jenelle Evans Is "Back Together" With David Eason Following Fake Breakup

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Well, we all knew this was coming.

From the moment that Jenelle Evans and David Eason "broke up" for the 478th time last week, many fans were quick to call out the split as a desperate publicity stunt from two people who are coming to terms with the fact that they have no power over MTV.

To be clear, it's very, very likely that Jenelle and David will break up at some point.

But when it happens, it won't be some quiet police-presence-free affair that's civilly announced on Facebook.

So if Jenelle and David's breakup was a fraud -- which seems to be the consensus among fans -- why would the couple go to such great lengths just for a failed attempt at duping the public?

Join us, as we attempt to answer that question and more:

1. The Easons

The Easons
Jenelle announced the split on Facebook by changing her relationship status to "separated" and posting the words "single AF."

2. Confirmation

David took things a step further by skipping the "Separated" stage and jumping straight to "Single".

3. Where's David?

Where's David?
At one point, Jenelle posted the question, "Where's my husband?" implying that Eason had fled the property.

4. Cracks Start to Appear

Cracks Start to Appear
It wasn't long, of course, before fans began to question the veracity of Jenelle's claims.

5. A History of BS

A History of BS
Jenelle has a long history of lying to the public, but if she really staged her breakup with David, it might be her most bizarre stunt to date.

6. Sweeping It Under the Carpet

Sweeping It Under the Carpet
Jenelle has a flair for the dramatic, and usually, when there's some sort of major development in her life she shouts it from the rooftop.

7. Keeping It Low-Key

Keeping It Low-Key
But that's not the case this time around, as Jenelle never announced the reconciliation. Instead, David magically reappeared on her Facebook page.

8. David's Back

David's Back
Jenelle posted this photo earlier this week. And it seems that just like that, she and David are back together.

9. Rewriting History

Rewriting History
Jenelle and David have removed their relationship statuses from their Facebook pages, and Jenelle's reps have issued a statement that she and David never broke up.

10. Fake News

Fake News
Meanwhile, on social media, Jenelle railed against what she called "fake news" media reports about her relationship.

11. Does She Hear Herself?

Does She Hear Herself?
Asked by a fan why she would post information indicating that she and David had broken up and THEN plead for privacy, Jenelle replied, "There isn't any rules."

12. But Why?

But Why?
For many fans who have already reached the conclusion that Jenelle and David never really broke up, the question is -- why?

13. What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking?
Why would a couple with so very much to lose risk it all with a bizarre stunt that earned them absolutely nothing?

14. Unemployment Sucks

Unemployment Sucks
It's been over a year since David was fired from Teen Mom 2 for all manner of abhorrent, bigoted behavior.

15. Man With a Plan

Man With a Plan
So it could be that this is all part of some misguided effort to try and get David back on TV.

16. A Failed Partnership

A Failed Partnership
All season, Jenelle has been griping about having to film scenes with her mother due to the fact that David is not allowed on camera.

17. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Unfortunately for Jenelle and David, it seems quite obvious that MTV will never cave and put David back on TM2.

18. Making Things Worse

Making Things Worse
In the year since he was kicked to the curb, David has repeatedly affirmed for MTV execs that they made the right decision by firing him.

19. Bad Stuff

David has been visited by the Secret Service for making terrorist threats online. He's been accused of menacing the Teen Mom 2 set in an effort to intimidate the crew.

20. David's Idea

David's Idea
Many fans have speculated that the breakup stunt was David's brainchild, as he thought the drama would prove irresistible to TM2 producers.

21. Not Gonna Happen

Not Gonna Happen
So we would like to take this opportunity to save David future time and effort by pointing out to him that he will NEVER be re-hired by MTV or Teen Mom 2.

22. That's That!

That's That!
So that should be the end of the desperate stunts from these two, right? We kid, they're cooking something up at this very moment.

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