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Don’t get Chris Lopez wrong, okay?

He almost definitely did not mean to impregnate Kailyn Lowry back in the day, but this doesn’t mean he now regrets it.

Feeling such a way would mean that Lopez wishes his son, Lux, were not alive — and we think it’s very safe to assume this isn’t the case.

Especially of late, it seems as though Lopez has really taken to this parenthood thing, most notably the way he attended Lux’s first birthday party, even posing for a special family photo.

But the unprotected slipping of his P into Kailyn’s V has turned Lopez into a quasi celebrity.

This comes with a few perks, but also with a handul of hindrances.

Based on the Tweets below, it’s clear Lopez wishes he were far less known than he used to be. Scroll down to see what we mean…