Catelynn Lowell: SLAMMED By Fans For "Selfish" and "Unsafe" Behavior

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Catelynn Lowell has endured a number of hardships and setbacks in recent years, and the honesty with which she's addressed these struggles has made her a favorite amongst Teen Mom OG viewers.

But the show documents every part of its stars' lives, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before fans began to see aspects of Catelynn's character that they didn't find quite so endearing.

Many feel that the current season of Teen Mom OG has portrayed Catelynn in an unflattering light.

Some have even accused of her endangering her unborn baby.

Here's what viewers have to say about the new and not-so-improved Catelynn Lowell:


1. Better Days

Better Days
For years, Lowell was regarded as one of the most down-to-earth and relatable stars of the Teen Mom franchise.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
Fans rooted for her as she endured mental health issues, a tragic miscarriage, and other hardships that put her marriage and her psyche to the test.

3. The Baltierra Bond

The Baltierra Bond
Catelynn and Tyler have endured difficulties that would have driven any young couple to the brink of divorce, but they've stuck by one another throughout. Or have they?

4. An Uneven Partnership

An Uneven Partnership
Part of the reason Catelynn is receiving so much blowback this season is that viewers believe she's failing to properly support Tyler the way he's supported her in the past.

5. The Low Point

The Low Point
In the past, Tyler happily assumed the majority of the parental responsibilities while Catelynn checked in for extended stays at in-patient treatment facilities on two separate occasions.

6. Failing Her Family?

Failing Her Family?
Now, some fans feel that Catelynn is not only neglecting her husband's needs as he attends to his own mental health issues, she's also failing to keep up with her own treatment.

7. High Stakes

High Stakes
And with one child at home and another on the way, now would be a bad time for Catelynn to give up on herself.

8. Cate Hate

Cate Hate
As you can see, TMOG fans have been quite vocal in their belief that Cate is not doing right by those who helped guide her through the darkness.

9. No Pity

No Pity
Some even seem to feel that the outpouring of sympathy for Catelynn was not only undeserved, it may have been detrimental.

10. Too Much Time in the Spotlight?

Too Much Time in the Spotlight?
It's virtually unprecedented for a course of mental illness treatment to take place on such a public stage.

11. Stepping Away

Stepping Away
Even diehard Catelynn supporters believe it might be advantageous for her to step away for a while and focus on her recovery and her family.

12. A Reversal of Opinion

A Reversal of Opinion
This season has been particularly unkind to Catelynn, and many feel she hit a low point on Monday night's episode.

13. Tyler's Troubles

Tyler's Troubles
One scene in particular seemed to show Catelynn responding to progress in her husband's treatment with blatant apathy.

14. A Matter of Focus

A Matter of Focus
Several viewers expressed their belief that it will be impossible for Tyler to recover as long as his partner continues to appear so indifferent to his struggles.

15. Looking Out For Himself

Looking Out For Himself
Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Tyler may need to separate from Catelynn in order to focus on getting well.

16. Negligent Behavior

Negligent Behavior
And it seems it's not just Tyler who has been neglected by Catelynn. Lowell has also been accused of turning a blind eye toward the needs of another family member ...

17. Stable Drama

Stable Drama
Catelynn participated in the practice of "horse therapy" and enjoyed then process so much that she decided to adopt one as a pet. Unfortunately, it seems she's been neglecting her basic duties to the animal.

18. Going Too Far?

Going Too Far?
Lowell's social media activity has earned her a ton of criticism in recent weeks, with several fans objecting to one post in particular.

19. Raising the Roof

Raising the Roof
Yes, it seems Catelynn decided it would be a good idea to walk around on the roof of her house ... while pregnant. Her followers disagreed.

20. A New Lowell

A New Lowell
Obviously, Catelynn still has many, many fans in her corner, and it's never a good idea to take internet criticism to heart -- but here's hoping she's engaging in regular self-reflection and doing what's right for herself and her family.

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