Kailyn Lowry Sticks it to Briana DeJesus: Javi Tries to Bone Me All the Time Since You Split!!

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The feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus is unlike most reality TV beefs, as it's played out mostly as a kind of cold war.

Kail and Bri only come face-to-face at the annual Teen Mom 2 reunion show, and as a result, their shots at one another are mostly passive aggressive.

And the main weapon in this ongoing conflict is the affection of their mutual ex, Javi Marroquin.

These days, Javi is expecting a child with Lauren Comeau, but at the time that last night's TM2 was filmed, it was anyone's guess as to who he would wind up with.

Kail and Bri both still had Javi on their minds -- but is it because they had feelings for him, or because they each hoped to score points against their biggest rival?

You be the judge:

1. Off and On

Off and On
Kail and Javi ended their marriage back in 2016, but they've been open about the fact that they've both felt strong attractions to one another in the years since.

2. Tell Us Something We DON'T Know

Tell Us Something We DON'T Know
Fans weren't exactly stunned by the revelation on last night's Teen Mom 2 that Javi and Kailyn hooked -- but they may have been surprised by the timeline.

3. Dropping a Bombshell

Dropping a Bombshell
Kailyn met up with her longtime friend Leah Messer in Atlanta in order to record an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast. But the most interesting part of the conversation took place before the official interview began.

4. A Common Bond

A Common Bond
"I think my relationship with Javi is very similar to your relationship with Jeremy, where it's very different than people ever imagine it to be," Lowry told Leah, referring to Messer's complex relationship with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

5. Secret's Out

Secret's Out
Kailyn went on to reveal that Javi has made several attempts to rekindle their romance -- but remains strangely hesitant to admit on camera that he wants to get back together.

6. Calling Him Out

Calling Him Out
"Javi won't ever admit it on camera, but just know that man tries to get back with me on a regular basis,” she told Leah.

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