Briana & Brittany DeJesus on Javi Marroquin Cheating Scandal: Bruh, You're Trash. Stop Lying.

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It's been over a week since the world learned that Lauren Comeau and Javi Marroquin have called it quits.

During that time, a whole lot of new information has been revealed -- and it's pretty much all damaging to Javi.

We now know that Marroquin was caught cheating while Lauren slept upstairs in the home that they share.

In the manner of guilty douches everywhere, Javi attempted to make things right with an emotional public apology.

Fortunately, it seems like Lauren's not buying it.

And then there's the DeJesus sisters, Briana and Brittany, who have never been ones to mince words.

And they're certainly not letting Javi off the hook on this one.

Take a look:

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
Javi once enjoyed a close friendship with both of the DeJesus sisters.

2. The Next Level

The Next Level
And his relationship with Bri eventually developed into something more, as the two of them dated for several months.

3. In Any Event ....

In Any Event ....
Sure, it now looks as though they were only hooking up to make Kailyn Lowry jealous, but the fact is, they dated.

4. Not the Greatest

Not the Greatest
A less than ideal boyfriend, Javi was, at one point, hooking up with Bri, Kail, and Lauren Comeau.

5. That Settles It

That Settles It
He got Lauren pregnant, and the rest, as they say, is history.

6. A Promising Start

A Promising Start
At first, Javi seemed dedicated to the domestic life.

7. Taking the Right Steps

Taking the Right Steps
He proposed to Lauren, and they bought a house together. When she welcomed her first son, it looked as though years of domestic bliss lay ahead of them.

8. As Usual

As Usual
But then, in keeping with his M.O., Javi messed things up in spectacular fashion.

9. The Cops Got Involved and Everything!

On August 17, Javi called the cops to his house in Dover, Delaware, asking that they remove his sister from the residence.

10. Reason For the Beef?

Reason For the Beef?
It seems Lidia was hoping to remove Javi's infant son from the home due to an intense fight he was having with Lauren.

11. What Sparked It All

What Sparked It All
And the cause for the altercation was that Lauren woke up, walked downstairs in her own home, and found Javi alone in a room with a naked woman.

12. That Didn't Go Over Well

That Didn't Go Over Well
Needless to say, Comeau was less than thrilled with this development, and she and Marroquin are officially dunz-o.

13. Last Ditch Effort

Last Ditch Effort
Javi has since attempted to make things right by posting this public apology to Lauren.

14. Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late
Fortunately, Lauren isn't buying it. And neither is anyone else.

15. Saying What We're All Thinking

Saying What We're All Thinking
Brittany DeJesus was particularly harsh in her assessment of her sister's ex.

16. Bad Blood

Bad Blood
Of course, as accurate as her assessment may have been, it was likely as partially inspired by past comments he made at her expense.

17. Holding On to a Grudge

Holding On to a Grudge
Clearly, Brittany is not one to let go of a beef, and we applaud her pettiness.

18. Not Messing Around

Not Messing Around
For her part, Bri tweeted a screenshot of a Hollywood Gossip article with the headline, "Javi Marroquin: Caught Banging One of His Crossfit Students While Lauren Comeau Slept Upstairs". She captioned the pic, Really man?! #ThankGodIGotOut".

19. She's Not Messing Around

She's Not Messing Around
Briana made her feelings on her sister's tweets abundantly clear with this response.

20. Making Herself Clear

Making Herself Clear
“Javi is old news to me, and I’m not breaking up with John with the hopes of getting back with him," Bri later said in response to the situation.

21. Telling Her Side of the Story

Telling Her Side of the Story
"That’s just ridiculous. Even if Javi did want me back — which I’m certain he doesn’t — it’s a solid no from my point. We will never, ever be back together," she added.

22. All On His Own

All On His Own
It sounds like Javi doesn't have a friend in the world these days. But to be fair, he doesn't deserve one.

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