Jenelle Evans Tries to Pretend She's Super Rich and Important, Gets Savagely Roasted

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In most cases where someone becomes a parent while they're still in their teens, they grow up very quickly in response to the challenges of their situation.

We don't need to tell you that hasn't been the case with Jenelle Evans,

Not only did Jenelle fail to grow up quickly, she never grew up at all!

She's still wildly irresponsible, moody, and self-obsessed, and she completely changes herself to fit the expectations of whatever man she's dating.

But these days, Jenelle wants desperately to be taken seriously as a grownup.

However, it looks like the internet is gonna force her to earn that title.

Take a look:

1. Adulting

Jenelle recently posted this photo to Instagram, along with a caption reading, "Business per usual #Meetings".

2. Roasted

As you can see, fans weren't buying Evans' claims that she's a super responsible adult all of a sudden.

3. Get Her!

Get Her!
"Ah, yes. Meeting with her lawyers per usual because she and/or her swamp monster huzzbin have broken the law yet again," commented one fan.

4. She Had to See This Coming

She Had to See This Coming
"Yeah because normal working folks need to post a picture of themselves to prove they're 'working.' What a joke," another wrote.

5. Too Easy

Too Easy
"Are you writing a letter to your dog?!!" a third asked in response to Jenelle and her husband's documented history of animal abuse.

6. Why So Furious?

Why So Furious?
Obviously, Jenelle has never been well-liked, and she has absolutely no one to blame for this but herself. But the antipathy has reached a fever pitch in recent months.

7. The Nugget Affair

The Nugget Affair
Of course, the latest PR nightmare for Jenelle has centered around David Eason's brutal murder of her dog, Nugget -- and her adamant defense of his actions.

8. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
People love dogs, and David's decision to blow one's head off in front of his kids didn't sit well with fans ... or authorities.

9. Crashing Down

Crashing Down
Within weeks, Jenelle and David's kids were removed from their home after a CPS investigation determined it wasn't safe for them to live there.

10. An Attempted Comeback

An Attempted Comeback
Jenelle and David have now regained custody of MOST of their kids, but instead of rebuilding those fractured relationships, they're focused on cashing in on what remains of their fame.

11. Losing Everything

Losing Everything
You see, David's violent insanity cost Jenelle not only her children, but also her job.

12. The End of an Era

The End of an Era
Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2, which is not only the gig that made her famous, it's also the only real job she's ever had.

13. Getting Desperate

Getting Desperate
And so, long-dead projects like Jenelle's cosmetics line have been resurrected, as the Carolina Hurricane does her best to avoid getting a real job.

14. So Many Problems

So Many Problems
The makeup brand is set to launch next week, but as with everything involving Jenelle, it's been an absolute disaster.

15. One Thing After Another

One Thing After Another
Last week, the venue where she was supposed to hold her launch party abruptly canceled after being informed of Jenelle's past.

16. Awesomeness

And the site through which Jenelle is trying to sell her wares has been bought up by an animal rights group seeking justice for Nugget. Hilariously, she still links to the site on her personal page.

17. Not Stable

Not Stable
Of course, every time something like this happens, Jenelle has a meltdown, which led one fan to offer some sage advice on her recent "business transactions" pic.

18. We Couldn't Have Said It Better

We Couldn't Have Said It Better
"Stay off social media!!! Between the contradictions, hypocrisy, and flat out lies I'm embarrassed for you," the follower wrote. "I don't believe 99.9% of what you say, but if you truly are happy, booked, and busy then enjoy that and stop making a fool of yourself on here."

19. Wise Words

Wise Words
"You constantly get mostly negative comments, due solely to your actions, so why keep adding fuel to the fire?? Are you truly that desperate for attention??" the commenter continued.

20. Spiking the Football

Spiking the Football
"Are you trying to make yourself believe everything is okay?? Are you trying to stay relevant?? I seriously don’t get it!! Go be a mom and spend every day making up for past actions and what you've put those babies through," the commenter concluded.

21. All Quiet

All Quiet
Naturally, Evans had nothing to say in response. But you can expect her to disable comments on that pic any moment now.

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