Bridesmaids Flash Their Butts: See the Photos!

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Bridesmaids often flash their butts in wedding photos these days. See what we mean here.

1. Flashing Bridal Party

Flashing Bridal Party
This bride and her friends are saying cheese in this cheeky wedding pics. We're saying: PUT IT AWAY!

2. Butt Flashers

Butt Flashers
This photo isn't exactly safe for work. But it is, apparently, safe for friends and family.

3. Naughty Bridesmaids

Naughty Bridesmaids
These naugthy bridesmaids are flashing their underwear for the camera. For whatever reason, this sort of thing has become a trend,

4. Wedding Photo Flashing

Wedding Photo Flashing
At least they're wearing underwear, right? This bridal party has joined the rising trend of flashing for their official wedding photos.

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