17 Memorable Wedding Videos

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Relive some serious fun and wacky wedding fun in this video collection.

1. Wedding Party Falls In Lake

An absolutely awesome video of a wedding party falling into a lake an hour before the ceremony in Minnesota.

2. Ice Ice Baby Wedding Speech

Now this is how you give a wedding speech! Kudos to this maid of honor for making like Vanilla Ice.

3. Bride Answers Cell Phone During Wedding

Is this video real? Is a bride really answering her cell phone DURING her own wedding?!?

4. Little Girl Cries at Parents' Wedding Song

This little girl crying when her parents' wedding song plays? Just about the most adorable thing you'll ever see.

5. Bucket List Wedding

A terminally ill woman gets the church wedding she always wanted as part of her bucket list.

6. Bride Gets Sweet Surprise From Brother At Wedding Reception

A bride whose father passed away before her wedding day got a sweet surprise from her brother at her reception.

7. Severed Head Wedding Cake Served in Austin

Who wants a traditional wedding cake? Especially after seeing how this couple changed it up for their nuptials?!?

8. Little Girl Dances at Wedding

Check out this video of a little girl dancing up a storm at a wedding. It's awesome!

9. Wedding Harlem Shake

This wedding party breaks out into the Harlem Shake right after vows are exchanged. Watch now!

10. Wedding Vows Fail So Hard

This wedding vow slip of the tongue is rather amazing. Watch what the officiant says the bride found out about the groom early on in their courtship.

11. T-Mobile Royal Wedding Dance

Watch the wedding entrance dance to top all wedding entrance dances. T-Mobile's Royal Wedding Dance celebrates the marriage of William and Kate in a unique way.

12. Maid of Honor Raps Amazing Toast

Well... this is awesome. Watch as a Maid of Honor toasts to her sister and her new brother-in-law, Eminem style.

13. Dancing Down the Aisle Wedding Entrance Video

This Minnesota wedding party really outdid themselves with this effort. Holy cow.

14. Ring Bearer-ing Dog Ruins Wedding Photos

This dog does NOT want to be in this wedding photo. This is what happens when you ask a dog to be your ring bearer.

15. Wasted Groom Tries, Fails to Remove Wife's Garter

Ready to meet the most drunk groom ever? Watch this guy try and fail to dance all sexy with his wife on their big day.

16. Father Steps in as Flower Girl After Daughter Buckles Under Pressure

This is what parenting is all about, folks. Watch to see a flower girl totally lose it, only for her dad to swoop in and save the day.

17. Maids of Honor Sing Epic Wedding Toast: Watch, Laugh Now!

Well done, Kelsey and Maddie! Watch these maids of honor deliver an epic wedding toast in this amazing video.

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